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Game Name : Seasons
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-06-03 23:25:39

Written By : Matt (Probed Out)

A Game For All Seasons
No it’s not Halo. No it’s not KOTOR. Not Final Fantasy X. Guessed it yet? No? It’s Seasons. Never heard of it you say? Well it is easy to miss, but it is easy to love.
Seasons is a puzzle based thrill ride, letting you choose between two different gameplay modes. The aim of the game is to first memorize the sequence of the seasons (Spring changes into Summer, Summer into Autumn, Autumn into Winter, and Winter into…yeah). The game pretty much reminds me of the game “Bejeweled”, in which Seasons demands you click on one of the season representative icons, changing it into the season that follows, completing a line of three or more. So basically, clicking on Autumn’s leaf icon, changes it into Winter’s snowflake, which needs to make three in a row for them to disappear allowing more possibilities to show. Yu get points or everytime you succeed and lose them if you fail. So mindless clicking is eliminated. You also have the option for hints, which often are more effective than the most accurate gameplay strategy.
But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Seasons contains two different gameplay modes. Action allows you to be put in the hot seat as you have a limited amount of time before you lose. You regain a little time if you make a line. I find you get much higher scores in this game, and is as action packed as puzzle games get. The second is Puzzle Mode, which is limitless play.

The graphics in the game are very colourful, enough to either cheer you up from you darkest moods. Not really a game that runs off a graphics engine though, this game does incorporate pretty pictures.

The sound in this game is a mixture of these two things:
1) Cheerful music to make you happy.
2) Cheerful music to make you feel like it’s laughing at you!
The music is a great asset to this game, as it can sometimes feel like the world is laughing at you for not being able to do it. I’d definitely give that little tune a ten out of ten.

The replay value of this game is something quite extraordinary. Simply because the whole game is replay value. Definitely a fun game to pick up anytime you wanna have fun, or have a challenge.

This game’s best feature is that it contains an original idea that could be structured to make bigger games. I wouldn’t mind seeing a platform or RPG style game following this rule of the seasons. It contains a great idea, which I don’t think many will be able to top in the puzzle genre.

Originality: 10/10
Storyline: N/A
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Best Feature: Either the music or the originality of the game.
Room for Improvement?: Most definitely. The thing about puzzle games is that they always have MAJOR room for improvement, even if they capture what they were trying to do perfectly. The games can always be expanded, simply as there is no storyline to follow, just gameplay. They keep a good structure to it and it never can be complained about.
Worth Playing: Yes.
Best Word to Describe Seasons: Educational

Name: Seasons
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC
Publisher: N/A
Developer: Sugar Games
No. of Players: 1

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