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Latest News

Grand Theft Auto IV Official Site Update - 2008-03-12 13:51:32

General Gaming

Written By: Daniel Crabtree

The Official Grand Theft Auto 4 website has been updated. Additional information revealed includes details on two in-game radio stations, IF99 and Vladivostok FM. IF99 will feature international funk music and Vladivostok FM is post-communist community radio. Explore the new additions at the Official Site.

Don't forget, there are lots more GTA4 screenshots available too.

Major Gaming Championship Partners with ECA - 2008-03-12 13:04:36

General Gaming

The Major Gaming Championship, parent company of the Midnight Gaming Championship (MGC), had announced a partnership with the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) for the 2008 video gaming season. Read more on this News Item here.

Fight and WIN in the Army Gaming Championships! - 2007-06-26 12:32:17

General Gaming

Written By: Daniel Crabtree

You could be walking away with a share of $200,000 in cash and prizes. All you need to do is sign-up and beat out the competition at your favorite games in the Army Gaming Championships. The games include: America’s Army, Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Command & Conquer 3, Counter-Strike: Source, Gears of War, Halo 2, Resistance: Fall of Man, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas. Qualifiers begin July 4th, so start practicing now. Read more on this News Item here.

Mortal Kombat TV Game - 2005-08-16 16:27:20

General Gaming

Written By: Daniel Crabtree

The classic arcade fighting game Mortal Kombat is back, along with a bunch of other retro games. JAKKS TV Games has brought some of the old classics back in a range of simple devices that can plug straight into your TV. Read more on this News Item here.

Xploder Mega Cheats - 2005-02-23 12:03:46

Playstation 2

Xploder has recented launched a new cheating device for the playstation 2. Here is the information about it.

The Xploder V5 Mega Cheats is the latest PlayStation 2 cheat device from the makers of the UK’s No.1 selling cheat brand, Xploder. Read more on this News Item here.

Microsoft Announces Replacement Xbox Power Cord - 2005-02-19 11:58:42


Written By: Daniel Crabtree

Microsoft has chosen to replace the power cords on Xbox consoles manufactured before October 23, 2003 or before January 13th, 2004 in continental Europe. The power cords are being replaced due to component failure in a small number of consoles - fewer than 1 in 10,000 - has caused burning inside the console or melting of the power cord where it connects to the console. Microsoft has designed the replacement power cords to protect you and your Xbox from these component failures and a potential fire hazard.

Visit Xbox.com and follow the details on there, you'll require the manufacture date and serial number from the bottom of your console and will need to visit the appropriate section depending on the country of purchase. You will then be able to check if a replacement if needed and if one is, you'll be asked for shipping details for Microsoft to send a free replacement cord.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Xbox - 2005-02-11 06:05:44


On June 7th, 2005 in the U.S. (June 10th, 2005 in Europe), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released on Xbox.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC - 2005-02-11 06:05:34

PC - Windows

On June 7th, 2005 in the U.S. (June 10th, 2005 in Europe), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released on PC.

Imagine Cup Video Game Programming Competition - 2005-02-10 04:00:25

PC - Windows

Written By: Daniel Crabtree

The Imagine Cup is an international, student game design competition put on by Microsoft. Competitors are challenged to create a 3d video game using an SDK provided by Microsoft (teams of two allowed). All students who register to compete get a free copy of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The grand prize for the competition is $8000, and Microsoft will be flying the top 6 teams to the finals in Yokohama Japan! Read more on this News Item here.

Xploder V5 Avaliable Now - 2004-10-04 03:44:43

Playstation 2

The new Xploder V5 is now avaliable, the press release follows.
2 new versions of the UK’s favourite cheat system, Xploder®, are available in all good video game stores now, and are the most technologically advanced cheat systems available! The flagship Xploder V5 Professional including Media Centre Live, and the Xploder V5 including Media Centre are ready and waiting to blow your games wide open! Read more on this News Item here.

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