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Game Name : Kohan Ahriman's Gift
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-07-09 01:07:31

Written By : Daniel Crabtree

Kohan Ahriman's Gift is not just another run of the mill game; it is the prequel to the original Kohan Immortal Sovereigns. Kohan Ahriman's Gift is addictive and intensely exciting, captivating all that made the original brilliant then pushing the boundaries of great gameplay mechanics to the limits.

Throughout Kohan Ahrimanís Gift you are greeted by beautifully detailed graphics and particularly good music, voice acting and sound effects. The units, buildings and surrounding scenery are highly detailed and with 6 different Climates there is sufficient diversity battlefield diversity to keep even the most avid gamers excited. Close attention has been paid to the voice acting which clearly sets the mood and era and helps give feedback about the game.

With 3 campaigns, 2 tutorial campaigns, 40 custom designed maps, random map generator, 7 game types and a fully featured map editor, Kohan Ahrimanís Gift is a game you will be playing for a long time.

Game Play is as with the original superb featuring a mix of elements from Role Playing and Real Time Strategy games. The options you have at your disposal are diverse with 90 units, 70 heroes, 100 magic spells, 75 technologies and 30 complex AI players. The method Kohan Ahriman's Gift takes to combat is a balanced mix involving many of the fundamentals of Real Time Strategy and Role Playing games, combat is influenced by many factors including troop formation, morale, defensive or offensive positioning and terrain. The number of things to consider when building up forces and attacking is quite daunting, archers are likely to fight better behind the lines while backed up by other support units possibly amongst a forest with an armada of swordsman in front. On the other hand a badly organised army, that trails in disorganised can be obliterated in seconds. This difficult balance between the genres has allowed Kohan Ahriman's Gift to become a truly marvellous game that really encourages good judgment, wits and strategy.

The 3 extensive campaigns and 2 tutorial campaigns provide a good introduction to the game mechanics and strategies that can latter be used in multiplayer and skirmish battles. They also provide a compelling story line those events prequels the events in the original Kohan Immortal Sovereigns.

Multiplayer is fully supported allowing up to 8 players to battle it out over LAN or the Internet. The diverse range of map sizes allows everything from very short engaging battles through to long drawn out strategic games.

Graphics: 8 / 10
Beautiful graphics and first-rate animations help provide a pleasant gaming experience.

Sound: 10 / 10
Astounding voice acting, music and sound effects lead to an engaging masterpiece.

Gameplay: 10 / 10
Kohan Ahriman's Gift offers some of the very best gameplay to be experienced from recent Real Time Strategy releases.

Multiplayer: 10 / 10
Engaging battles and variety lead to large quantities of fun.

Overall: 94%
A must have game for every dedicated real time strategy gamer.

Kohan Ahriman's Gift
Game Type: Fantasy Real Time Strategy
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Timegate Studios
Website: www.kohan.net

System Requirements
Windows 9x/ME/2000 (Tested and Worked Fine with Windows XP)
Pentium II (or equivalent) 233 MHz, 64MB RAM
600MB disk space, Mouse, Keyboard, 6x CD-ROM
DirectX 7.0 compatible Video Card with 4MB VRAM for 2D acceleration
Monitor and Video Card capable of 1024x768 resolution @ 16bits
Internet Connection (Min. 56K modem) or LAN for Multiplayer

Review Test Systems
Full Install of Game with 1.3.2 Patch
CPU: Dual Athlon MP 1.2Ghz
RAM: 768MB Ram
Graphics Card: Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti 500
Sound Card: SB Audigy Platinum.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional

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