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Game Name : True Crime Streets Of LA
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2004-03-30 10:01:58

Written By : Probed Out

Today I shall answer the question that has plagued our minds for the last couple of months. Is it a True Crime to get, or not to get this game. True Crime: Streets of LA is an action crime style game similar to that of Grand Theft Auto 3. Instead of just telling you about this game, I shall compare it to GTA3, as pretty much everybody has played that, unless that have been living under a RockstaÖuh, rock all their life. So letís start the comparision shall we?

Characters and Story

In Grand Theft Auto 3, Tommy Vercetti, a criminal put in jail for robbery breaks lose with another prisoner named 8-Ball. Tommy then rides the streets working for local mobs to get back at the woman who shot him and left him to either die or get arrested by the police. You play the criminal constantly on the run from the law.

In True Crime: Streets of LA, you play as Nicholas Kang, a retired cop kicked out of the force for just that, force. The only thing stronger than his mouth is his driving abilities, and the only thing stronger than his driving abilities is his ability in various styles of martial arts, and the only thing stronger than his fighting abilities is his ability to use firearms, and the only thing stronger than his weapon abilities is his knack for getting into trouble, and the only thing stronger than his knack for getting into trouble, and the only thing stronger than that is his ability to get results. The crime rate in Los Angeles is too high for normal police work to solve, so LA starts up an EOD program (Elite Operations Department). It is there that the orphan Nick Kang is partnered with a woman named Rosie, who may be just as deadly as Kang, and is even more deadly against the partnership than Kang , who prefers working alone. The EOD are like regular crime fighting services, other than the fact that they have full permission to use whatever force necessary. Right up Kangís isle. We learn more about Kangís past as his family deteriated and his life in China, his name change and his parents. Kang and True Crime is in the lead, so far. And yes, the story is set in the real LA. I'm not sure if the shops are based on real places, but it is Los Angeles.

Better Main Character: True Crime: Streets of LA
Better Storyline: True Crime: Streets of LA


In Grand Theft Auto, the game is pretty much in two forms. In a vehicle or on foot. In a vehicle you basically break the law and try to get away with hit & run or a drive-by without getting busted or wasted. You seem to spend most of the game in a vehicle. You also have the ability to walk around, and although it isnít much fun, stronger weapons become available to you in this form of transport. It is another big part of the game. You cannot save the game during a mission, and have to return to a save point to do so out of a mission. You have complete freedom when outside of missions.

In True Crime: Streets of LA, the gameplay is divided into four parts. Driving, in which you get a car and stalk an enemy, or drive around solving street crimes. You get points for each crime you solve. After you knock a criminal unconscious, you can slap handcuffs on them and hope the cops come later and pick Ďem up, while you resume what mission you where doing. In True Crime you always have a mission on the ball, you just have more freedom during driving missions to complete street crimes, Every 100 points you get, you receive a badge. A badge grants you access to things called 24/7 Facilities in which you can train in one of the three aspects of the game. Driving, fighting or shooting. You lose a badge everytime you attempt one. If you complete a fighting facility you get a new combo or something. If you complete a shooting one you get improved targeting system, etc. Some missions require fighting, in which you have to knock heads with Triad members, Russian mobsters with crowbars or professional wrestlers that have one million different ways to break your spine. Others require shooting in which entire disco rooms turn around with M-16s and Sniper Rifles trying to splatter your blood around the already red lit room. Others require driving in which you need to stop a car-jacker, street racers, hit & run suspects, stalk someone from the mob or just race to your brotherís dojo where he is getting the snot beaten out of him. Others require stealth in which you need to hide behind barrels until a guard has turned his back and you can pounce on him with either a stun move, a deadly one or a shot to the neck with a tranquilizer gun. During the game you have a Good Cop/Bad Cop thing going. Especially while in driving and stealth missions. This will change the endings between three entirely different ones. A Good Cop would not cause casualties while driving to get a guy running on the sidewalk, or deliver a deadly move to a person from behind (or in front for that matter). A Bad Cop will run down civilians and deliver deadly moves to scantly clad woman taking drinks to mob bosses. These sort of things change the outcome of the story. Being a martial arts master, Kang also has some neat moves like Matrix style combos and the ability to dodge bullets to a certain degree. You can also use people as human shields and use there gun to fire your bullets (a little bit of cop/action hero talk there). He also has some sweet moves with knives, and has some nice throws that leave people so twisted that even those people who can twist there bodies like human pretzels will squirm. And unlike the people of Liberty City in GTA3, the kind people of True Crime will not be in a hurry to stop for an ex-cop running across the street. True Crime seems to take a lot on plate though, and its eyes seem to be bigger than its stomache. It gets a C for the quality of all four styles of gameplay, although they have original and creative ideas in there. I will look forward to seeing future True Crime games. One thing about True Crime, is you only really ever work for two people. The Lieutenant and yourself. In GTA3 you have far more choice, and that keeps you interested.

Better Gameplay Style: True Crime: Streets of LA
Better Gameplay Quality: Grand Theft Auto 3


In GTA3, you have a realistic surrounding with characters that look the same yet different, and always seem to look original. The graphics are smooth yet the driving system looks square when you are playing it, if you know what I mean.

In True Crime, the graphics are on par with GTA3, yet the driving system seems more oval, or diamond shape. I really donít know how to explain it, but each action crime game has different handling to the driving system. The cars in True Crime are much more limited on the outside in driving missions, but in all the other three and in the movie scenes, True Crime: Streets of LA gets the cake. If youíve played The Simpsons: Hit & Run, combine it with a PS2 GTAís driving system graphics and you sort of have True Crimeís. Some of the people in True Crime hardly look like people though. Some look so much like really people you donít know if theyíre based on one or not. Others youíre not sure if youíre supposed to recognize them or not.

Better Driving Graphics: Grand Theft Auto 3
Better Inside Graphics: True Crime: Streets of LA


In GTA3 you have the famous (or infamous) radio stations. With such gags as ďpetsovernight.comĒand such. The music is far from sung by a famous artist, but hey, itís entertaining. The sound of gunfire almost echoes and the screech of brakes makes driving seem more realistic. The sound the vehicles make seems extremely realistic. Tommy Vercetti plays the role of a mute in this game, so you donít hear him talk.

In True Crime, the music is better. If you like rap, youíre in heaven, if not, maybe you should mute the game, save for the occasional rock song. The sound cars make seem a bit below GTAís level. Same thing with the weapons. In GTA3 you have a mute, in True Crime you have an ex-copís who just says the most annoying things. Sometimes I wish they made Nick Kang a mute. A good thing about the sound of True Crime is the voice of Christopher Walken.

Better Music: True Crime: Streets of LA
Better Sounds: Grand Theft Auto 3

Replay Value

Grand Theft Auto 3 can be played again and again, but eventually it gets boring, as does True Crime. There are hidden packages to find, but they donít really keep you interested.

True Crime would probably have the better replay value as you have the Dogg Bones/Dogg Patrol. You have the alternative endings, plus you donít even have to do a mission twice, unless you want to, as the story branches onward even if you fail a mission. It gives you the choice to replay it you want though. So failing a mission might change the ending or missions or both so it becomes interesting to play again. The story forks, there are special movies, at here are alternative missions in episodes. I would definitely give the edge to True Crime here.

Better Re-Play Through: True Crime: Streets of LA
More to do: Grand Theft Auto 3 (longer, more missions, keeps you interested even if you donít like something in the game)


Winner via Quantity: True Crime: Streets of LA
Winner via Quality: Grand Theft Auto 3

My Opinions

I think the action crime games have been done to death now. I donít hate them or anything, but Activision took an idea and basically duplicated it except for an advanced storyline, and a few celebrities thrown on there. True Crime has got four different slices of the pizza, but each piece only gets C in my book. Three Cs donít make an A. True Crime isnít a bad game, but it isnít the best and certainly doesnít make the Top 10. The game gets a bit annoying at times, although generally fun to play. True Crime to get or True Crime to leave? Itís a True Crime to sit here listening to me any longer and not go rent the game and find out for yourself. Definitely a rent first. I could make this review more positive by giving you more information on the storyline, but that would probably destroy the saving feature of this game for you.

My Opinion Better Game: It really doesn't matter, you decide which one you like better.

Title: True Crime: Streets of LA
Players: 1
Genre: Action
Developer: Luxoflux
Publisher: Activision

Storyline: 9/10 (It seemed unrealistic, yet it did give you a good game)
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value: 7/0
Rating: 7/10

-Good game
-Good storyline
-Fun to play
-Street crimes and special features
-Lots of styles of gameplay
-If a mission is to hard you don't need to worry
-Good action scenes/movies
-Based on the real LA

-Seems a bit repetitive
-Didn't really master any style of gameplay
-Seems overdone
-Storyline seems a bit unrealistic
-The things Kang says
-Seems so complicated it's simple and vice versa
-Seems a bit overworked
-Limited characters

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