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Game Name : Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-11-04 10:45:27

Written By : jgh50

Jedi Academy is the sequel to the extremely popular Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. There are heaps of star was game out at the moment but this is by far my favorite. Obviously being a star wars game it’s done by Lucas Arts and I think they have made a superb game out of Jedi Academy.

Jedi Academy begins with the classic star wars scrolling writing that fades off into the stars. The storyline picks up where Jedi Knight 2 left of. The sith seem to have been defeated when Kyle Katarn defeated Dessann. The new republic is driving back the last remaining sith they can find throughout the galaxy. Meanwhile on Yavin 4, Master Luke Skywalker is taking in a lot more padawan’s so he can restore the Jedi to their former place of peace keepers of the galaxy. Luke has heard word of a young person named Jaden. Jaden has done the impossible; he has made a lightsaber without any Jedi training at all!

As the young padawan’s prepare to land on Yavin 4. Their ship mysteriously crashes and they are forced to make an emergency landing in the forest of Yavin 4. Jaden makes his way to an old temple but once he’s there he encounters something strange. He witnesses a group of people holding a strange scepter which is emitting a strange beam. Then Jaden is knocked unconscious. He is revived and explains everything to Luke and Kyle Katarn. He is brought back to the temple so he can continue his Jedi training. Once back at the temple Jaden and another young Padawan named Rosh Pennin are now students under none other than…Kyle Katarn!

Jedi Academy has adopted quite a nice little feature which allows players to choose the level they wish to play. To put it simply you have the choice of 5 different missions, you can pick any one you want to complete. Once you complete at least for of them you progress in the story. For example after beating the first set of missions you complete, you are sent to hoth (the place were Luke say the vision of obi wan). You have to search the old rebel base on hoth (the one that got blown up in Empire Strikes Back) and investigate why sith are popping up all over the galaxy!

Another feature that Jedi Academy has adopted is the ability to create your character. You do this when you start a new game. You can pick from 6 species. They are Human Male, Human Female, Twi’lek Female (looks a bit like Jabba The Hutt’s female adviser in Return Of The Jedi), Rodian Male, Zabrak Female and Keldor Male (Plu Koon’s species.) Each species has their own unique head, torso and leg designs. This is a very cool feature but what would have been even cooler is that every species had their own unique storyline, instead of all following the same one. But oh well, Jedi Academy is still a great game!

You think that’s all of the game features explained? Nope not yet. Another one of the good features of Jedi Academy is the ability to create your lightsaber. At the start you can only get the single saber, and you can customize the handle and colour but as you progress through the game you can choose either Duel Sabers (one in each hand) or Double Edged Lightsaber (The one made famous by Darth Maul).

Another thing I like about the game is as you’re playing it you learn more force powers. There are like 9 different force powers to learn all with different effects. But something really cool about Jedi Academy is while your playing it you actually learn a whole lot more about the Star Wars universe. Throughout the game you will see or hear about heaps of famous star wars characters. For example in one of the missions on Tatooine you fight along side none other than…Chewbacca! Princess Leia gets a mention in their too and you even get to travel to Darth Vader’s former castle (his lesser known one on the ground, not the death star obviously as it was blown up). Not long after you get your new saber (Duel, Double Edged) you will have to make the decision whether you fall to the dark side or continue along the path of light.

Online gaming in this game is so much fun. There are a fair few types of online matches and they are

Free For All: This is the match mostly played online. Its every man for themselves. It’s a great way to practice and get better at the games aswell.

Team Free For All: Your on a team and whoever’s team ha s the most frags (kills) at the end of the set time wins.

Capture The Flag: You have to capture you opponents flag and return to your base with it to score a points.

There are a few more but these are the main one’s.

The graphics are smooth and really well done. The way the sabers slice through through the air looks really cool. The map designs are extremely well done and look superb. The character look amazing especially on the Keldor species. Its just pure eye candy to watch this game. The music is great and suits the game perfectly and yes they have included the old star wars theme music. The sound effects sounds awesome aswell, the fire of blaster rifles, the cries from the wookies, the roars of the tusken raiders, the Va-wing of a light saber. It all sounds excellent.

Personally this is one of my favourite games of all time. When I got Jedi Outcast I thought this was the best and it wouldn’t easily be topped. But then I bought Jedi Academy and its now my favourite game. The storyline is one of the best ive seen and the game has superb visuals. The characters are well-done and designing your own saber is a really cool feature. Another thing that I like about this game is fighting with duel sabers and double edged saber. Both have their own unique moves and advantages and disadvantages. I also play this game online as I do with lots of my games. But IMO this is one of the best game to play online as its challenging, addictive and most importantly…FUN!

- Great Visuals
- Superb Storyline
- Cool Saber Making
- Great Sound
- Character Selection
- Online Gaming
- Good Map Design
- Fun Combat
- Can’t Wait For Jedi Knight 4!

- A little to short ( I’m just being picky because I cant find anything wrong with the game!)

Name: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Rating: M for Mature
Players: 1
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: Activision, Raven

If you like this game try: Jedi Knight 2, Soldier Of Fortune 2, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Alien Vs Predator 2.

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