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Game Name : The Sims
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-11-01 23:40:53

Written By : jgh50

The Sims. Over the past 3 years these two words have become a household name. For those people who have been living under a rock for the last three years, The Sims is the best Life simulation game there is. Sure there was SimCity, SimAnt, and SimSafari the list goes on for about another 3 pages! But The Sims is the one that made it big. This piece of gaming goodness has revolutionized the way we play games.

As soon as you begin the Sims you are greeted with a short movie. This movie (if you watched it) it basically how your life in the Sims can progress over time. The movie starts of with this little 2 bedroom shack then slowly renovation are done to the shack. More rooms are added, a pool is built and even another story on the house! That little 1 minute movie is just the tiniest taste of what you can really do in the Sims. Once you begin the real game you can either choose to play as a family already made with a nice 3 bedroom house or if youíre feeling adventurous you can create your own family and move into an already existing house or build a new on from scratch. The function of creating a sim is a really good part of this game. You can make your sim. Male or female, black or white (or olive) Child or adult, Bald or Mullet, Pony Tails or hot pink beehive. The mixtures are endless. Once youíve created a family. For beginners I recommend a family of 1 or 2 because they are less demanding. Once you move into your house the real fun begins!

Once youíre warm and cozy in your house you relies thereís something missingÖ Furniture! Once you go into Buy mode you can buy a whole lot of stuff for your house (providing you have the right amount of cash). Hereís just a sneak peak of what you can buy Computer, Flat Screen TVís, Picture, Statues, Bedís (the vibrating bed is also available for the couples), Plants, Toy Chests, Fireworks, Stoves, Fridges, Ovens, Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals. They sell everything except the kitchen sink! Oh wait they do sell sinks and tapes, showers, baths, spas and water features. There are some 200+ items to buy and thatís not where the fun stops. Not by a long shot

Ok so youíve got your house and your furniture. Letís think what can we do nextÖOh yeah get a job. Thatís right people your Sims can get the dream careers you have or have always wanted. You apply for jobs on the PC (providing your Sims bought one) or the daily paper. A job example is say test subject. Sure itís a crummy job but at least you get paid, but if you go to work in a good mood you may just get promoted to Desk Clerk. Then if your good enough the final promotion you get (about 8-9 promotions after test subject) you become a Mad Scientist. Itís a ripper of a job and it pays like a dream. In the original Sims there are like 10 possible careers to choose from and each with about 8 or nine or ten positions in each!

So youíve got your house, your furniture and a job. Youíre getting a bit bored of your house? What are you gonna do with all the extra cash from your job? One simple wordÖ RENOVATE! You can add a room, add an outdoor entertainment area or even add another story to your Sims house. You can customize your house how ever you please. From wallpaper to carpet to stairs to windows to everything! There is so much to do in this game it would take me at least a year to explain it all! So you think thatís all there is to do in the game? Nope not even close. You have to keep your Sims healthy and happy. This doesnít mean letting them sit on the couch and never shower. You have to feed them, take care of their hygiene, and organize their social life and a lot more. But itís far from boring. Its quite fun watching your little Sims pump iron, play video games, meet friends, fight friends, fall in love, eat food etc. If youíre Sims and another Sims become good enough friends that Sims might decide to move in! Then if things keep improving you might just get married. Whatís after marriage you ask? Kids, yep if you have a good enough relationship with a sim you can have children! Just a little tip: Your Sims wonít get much sleep once you get a little baby

Everything doesnít always go right in the world of the Sims. There are often things that go wrong, very wrong. A little word of advice, if youíre Sims doesnít know how to cook donít make them cook. Unless of course you want to call the fire department to your house to put out the burning stove. Another word of advice; donít let fireworks of in the house, unless of course you want the fire department at your house again. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in the Sims and itís a lot of fun dealing with them. Sometimes your house may be burgled and unless you have a security system be prepared to loose something from your beautiful house. Also if your Sims need to goto the toilet, you should let them. If you donít youíll have to clean up the pee all over the carpet! If your thinking once you get a job you canít get fired your wrong. If you send your sim to work depressed everyday they arenít going to make a good impression. Also if you have too many ďsickiesĒ your sim is gonna get sacked!

The graphics in the Sims are like no other. They are smooth, detailed and just plain fun to watch. When im bored I can just sit down and watch my Sims live out there lives. The graphics in the designing is great. When your building a house it actually looks like it could be real! The music is very catchy and will have you humming the tune all day. The Sims provides a lot of pure eye candy for those who enjoy a good game. I think the Sims has some of the best graphics around on PC today!

Then there are all the expansion packs for the Sims. The current available expansion pack include Livin Large, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, Super Star and Online. All the expansion packs are all different from one another and when are all combined create one heck of a game! Livin Large is the first expansion pack which came out. It pretty much provides you with more careers objects and neighbors. House Party was the 2nd released and is a lot of fun to have. In house party you apart from getting a lot of new object you can now, as the name says, Throw Parties! Invite all the neighbors and have a rowdy time! If your party is good enough Drew Carrey himself might make an appearance! Hot Date is third released and provides a whole new area to visit, Downtown. In down town you can explore all the cafťís and shops with your date! Vacation was next released and as it say in the name, allows your Sims to visit Vacation Island. They can have a full filled time at the beach, the snow, the mountains and much more! Unleashed was 5th out and yep you guessed it allows your Sims to get pets! Now not only will you have humans to take care of youíve got your four legged friends to looks after azwell. Superstar was 6th out and it basically provides you with the Rock And Roll career you always wanted. In this game you can meet superstars such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. But watch out their body guards are pretty rough. And last but defiantly not least is Online. Online is the Sims Online. It hasnít been as popular as It could have maybe thatís because you have to pay and subscribe to use it.

I never really got into the SimCity series. But when I heard about the Sims I thought to myself ďThis might be worth a try.Ē And im glad I did try it. Maxis have really made a beauty here. Not only does the Sims have great graphics, fun gameplay and endless possibilities but itís actually like your control a family. You decide how financially stable they are, you decide what jobs they get. You decide pretty much every aspect of their lives. Another thing that makes this game so good is if you have the PC version the ability to add new items and skins for the game from the net. So literally the stuff you can do in this game is endless and with a sequel on the horizons the future of The Sims is looking brightÖvery bright indeed.

Name: The Sims
Players: 1
Rating: T for Teen
Publisher: Ea Games
Developer: Maxis

If you like this game try: This game is in a class of its own!

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