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Game Name : Dungeon Siege
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-07-09 01:04:54

Written By : Daniel Crabtree

Dungeon Siege is no ordinary game; it is one of the most anticipated releases in the past year and is undoubtedly one of the best releases in the past year.

The unrelenting fast paced action and slick game play combined with the state of the art 3d graphics engine and seamless level design allow for on unforgettable experience. When you first enter the game world you are surrounded by what is possibly some of the most detailed graphics seen in a real-time game to date. The trees are truly amazing and the entire atmosphere is mind boggling.

The interface design it to be commended, true free form 3d designed games have usually failed in the past due to clumsy interfaces that are difficult to use. But Dungeon Siege is the exception to the rule and allows the player to zoom and rotate the 3d world in what seems like a natural way and helps build the atmosphere of the game. The entire interface is well designed with little more than a few clicks here and there to get what you want accomplished. To exchange an item between two of your characters and return to the game required 3 or 4 clicks at most and the drag and click method adopted from the real time strategy games allows for control of what can become a large party of 8 adventurers with ease.

The game employs a unique skill system, unlike other role playing games where you are forced into playing a single style throughout in Dungeon Siege you are encouraged to swap and change between different styles as you see fit. By just putting a sword or close combat based weapon in the hands of one of your characters, he or she will get better at hand to hand combat and will slowly advance in this area and will also advance in the associated attribute strength. If you give a character a bow then likewise they will learn to hit more accurately increasing in archery skill and in dexterity. The other 2 types of skills to master are the two types of magic, nature and combat magic your intelligence attribute will go up quickest with the magicís. With up to 8 adventurers you can have characters in your party that cover all skills at any one type so you can come to battle well equipped. Another type of character that you can have that is different to the normal ones is the pack mule, which you can buy from vendors in towns. They are basically characters that can carry a large amount of your battle treasures and basically act as a porter. With 8 characters itís less likely you will need to reload a saved game due to death as when one character dies another can resurrect him/her, if they do die that is. As before a character dies they sometimes become unconscious and will recover automatically after some time.

Throughout Dungeon Siege you will be pleased to know that the battles are constant, no sooner than you vanquish one large pack of fantasy type evils than you are onto battling an even larger and more powerful pack of evils and big monsters that look like bosses are also frequented and add even more fun and diversity to the game.

I must again congratulate the developers on the excellent graphics in Dungeon Siege, they really are awe inspiring the first time you load the game up. Dungeon Siege really pushes graphics cards to their limits as was demonstrated by the frame rate that sat around 30 frames per second most of the time. But the game is adaptive reducing detail and allowing full configuration of resolution and shadow detail etc, so that slower computer can still cope and render some still impressive visuals at playable speeds.

The scenery is also diverse, with the landscapes changing drastically as you move from area to area, from woody grass land with occasional rain, to snowy covered slippery slopes, fog and snow to icicle type structures.

You start off as a single cowboy or cowgirl seeking vengeance and set out to complete your mission. The story overall is quite bland and does not have too much depth to it, there are a lot of quests that can be completed along the way and a lot of little stories that can add to the excitement but none are really essential and never seem to pan out to too much reward for your trouble. But can provide a distraction and a good time to save so you can get some much needed rest, as this game is addictive and youíll find it hard to drag yourself away until you at least have finished it the first time through. You can expect to play for between 30 and 50 hours depending on how many of the quests you do and whether you read all the little story pieces or not. But there is still a totally new online world to play through at this point, higher difficulty levels, the siege editor and more to keep you playing for many months to come.

There is little time to organise your inventory amongst the battles which are intense and frequent so for those of you who need a little time out to organise your inventory or just take a break, there is a handy pause feature included.

Throughout the game you will experience superb sound effects, everything from the clanging and whooshing of your weapon through the air to doors slamming shut and creaking open have been recorded and sound authentic and realistic. The voice acting when do talk to some of the friendlier folk is well done and the accents add diversity and can be fun to listen to. The music is again great and sets the almost continually combat ready mood of the game.

Multiplayer is very similar to Diablo 2, you control just a single character and can party with up to 7 others to battle through either the Kingdom of Ehb which is the single player story and world or across the Utraean Peninsula which is a completely different multiplayer only story and world.
Graphics: 10 / 10

I have one word Outstanding. Dungeon Siege sets a new standard of excellence for role playing games and games in general.

Sound: 10 / 10

Excellent all round, with interesting accents in the voice acting and well selected sound effects

Game Play: 10 / 10

Combat driven game play. With an excellent user interface that allows the player quick and versatile control, allowing intense and exciting battles time and time again.

Multiplayer: 9 / 10

Gives a whole new world to explore and adds the depth of greater control than available in single player as each character manages a single character.

Overall: 98%

An excellent game overall, with the graphics set new standards of excellence.

Title: Dungeon Siege

Game Type: Role Playing (RPG)
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Gas Powered Games

Minimum System Requirements
Memory: 64MB Ram for Windows 98 / Me 128MB Ram for Windows 2000 / XP
Hard Drive Space: 1 GB
Processor: 333Mhz
Optical Drives: 4x CD-ROM Drive
Graphics Card: 3D Video Card with 8 MB Ram
Operating System: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP
Online Requirements: 56 kbs Modem for 1 Ė 4 Players, Broadband or LAN for 5+ Players
Peripheral: Compatible sound card with speakers or headphones required for sound. Windows compatible mouse required.

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Full Install of Game

CPU: Dual Athlon MP 1.2Ghz (Running in Single Processor Mode)

RAM: 768MB Ram

Graphics Card: Leadtek GeForce 3 Ti 500

Sound Card: SB Audigy Platinum.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional

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