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Game Name : Final Fantasy 9
System : Playstation
Date Added : 2003-11-01 08:50:47

Written By : jgh50

Final Fantasy 9 as it says in the name is the 9th Final Fantasy game in the series. Final Fantasy 9 was the last of the 3 (4 if you include anthology) Final Fantasy games on the PSX. It is one of the best RPG games out and will be for quite a long time.

The story begins with a gang of thugs. They are planning to stage a show, once the show is under-way they want to kidnap princess Garnet. Back on the ground we see a young black mage named Vivi. Vivi is seen as a bit of an outcast and he looks like. He’s trying to get to make his way to the theatre. Once he’s in the play and it begins, the kidnap begins. The thugs capture the princess with the only resistance coming from her guard Steiner. We then see that Vivi is aboard the ship as well! It turns out that one of the thugs named Zidane seems to have more than a kidnapper-kidnappee feeling towards Garnet. As it turns out Garnet actually wanted to be kidnapped! As the game progresses you learn that Kuja the most evil being on Gaia (the world they live on) wants to destroy it!

Throughout the game you will meet many characters all unique in their own way. A few of them will join you on your quest to save Gaia i.e. Armarant, Quina, Steiner, Eiko. There are something like 500 different enemies which are all located around Gaia. There are also around 50 bosses to face as well! This is the only Playstation 1 game with 4 discs so it’s obviously a nice, long game.

The gameplay in Final Fantasy 9 is the best of any PSX game. With obviously being an RPG this game has the traditional “battle to get levels up”. But the game is much more in-depth than that. For every enemy you kill you get EXP. EXP are experience points. If you select a move to learn each EXP you get gets you closer to learning that move. You also get Gil (money) for each enemy you kill. With that money you can but potions, remedies, of course weapons and much much more. Each character that joins your party uses a different type of weapon. For example, Vivi uses staff’s, Armarant uses claws, and Zidane uses daggers and double edged swords. Whilst exploring Gaia you will find many cities, to name a few Burmecia, Lindblum, and Cleyra. Each city with is own unique shops, citizens and design. There is so much to explore in this game it’s just simply amazing. There are also apart from the main story, side quests. Each side quest brings a new challenge and helps you learn more about the world of Gaia. With each side quest also brings at least another 4 hours of gameplay. Adding to this already superb game is the card game. The cards are of characters, enemies, ships, cities and the 5 super rare cards! You get cards from people, enemies and any other place that hidden!

The graphics are like no other Playstation 1 game. The FMV’s are so amazingly real. They have really raised the bar in gaming graphics and computer generational graphics. They are so good that some of them look like they are filmed not computer generated. The in-game graphics are also really good. From the first moment of the game where you control Zidane inside the theatre ship, you think to yourself “Is this a movie or a game?” With over an hour of FMV’s this game could easily be made into a blockbuster movie. With a game that take about 50 hours to finish first time round the graphics have to be good other wise people will get bored. FF9 has no problems with this as the graphics are smooth and well…simply amazing!

Final Fantasy 9 is one of my all time favorite RPG’s. It’s fun, challenging and intriguing all in one game. I can easily sit down and play it for 2 or 3 hours and feel like I’ve only been playing for 5 or 10 minutes! I could easily sit here and write a novel the size of a dictionary about this game…In fact the storyline itself would make a fantastic novel.

- Great Graphics
- Intriguing Characters
- Excellent battle system
- One of the best storyline I’ve ever seen
- Tough Enemies

- Once you finish it you might lose interest

Title: Final Fantasy 9
Players: 1
Rating: M for Mature
Publisher: Squaresoft
Developer: Squaresoft

If you like this game try: Any Final Fantasy game, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun and possibly Diablo 2

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