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Game Name : Hitman 2
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-11-01 08:38:42

Written By : jgh50

Hitman 2 is a shoot em up/stealth game. It’s a bit like Splinter Cell, but personally I like Hitman 2 better. Hitman 2 is one of my favourite games and I think Hitman 3 will be great!

Hitman 2 begins with us seeing a young man, this young man is the gardener for the church. He seems content with his life but he has a secret hidden deep inside. He gets feed up with holding the guilt of his secret. He has to get it off his chest. He goes to the confession box to see the priest. He confesses that a long time ago he killed… not just one person but many people. There were a lot of lives lost…A lot of blood shed. The priest insists he has changed because he has seen how kind he is to the people who come to the church. Feeling a little better the man returns to his house. We then see the priest shutting the doors to the church when a car pulls up next to him…He is pulled into the car and one of the kidnappers throws a package into the church yard. The man knows something has happened, he here’s the priest scream. He can’t find the priest but what he does find is the package.

Enclosed in the packages is a note that reads “We know what you do, we are interested in hiring you for a mission.” The man throws the package aside and picks up his phone. He calls the old agency he used to work for. Turns out the man’s codename’s “47”. After getting the info from Diana (an old agency friend) where the kidnapper’s may be heading. He pulls out his guns and puts on his suit. The hunt for the kidnappers is on!

The game play in Hitman 2 is sensational. Apart from the just plain fun of shooting people, there’s is so much to do in this game. Once you kill an enemy you can take their clothes so you aren’t recognised. The mission’s are mostly things like assignations and rescuing agency prisoners. The missions are so much fun! In one of the levels you have to kill the son of a Japanese crime boss and plant a tracking device on him so once the dead body is brought to his father. We know where to find him so we can take him out! There is a wide array of weapons in Hitman 2. There are 9mm, Bullers, Crossbows, Katana’s (Samurai Swords), SMG’s, AK’s and many many more. There aren’t any super mutant bad guys in this but there are soldiers, ninja etc. Each type of soldier has their own weapons i.e. the police has SMG’s; the ninja’s have Katana’s.

The graphics in Hitman 2 are quite good and the FMV’s are great! They are really smooth and extremely well done. I really like the effort put into the level designs they are riddled with enemies, secret passages and item’s that will help you complete the levels. The sound is also really good as when you sneak around the music is really soft and adds that elements of tension to the game, but then when a gaurd cmes and alarms sound the chase music begins!

I really like the game. I own both Splinter Cell and Hitman 2 and I can safely say I like Hitman 2 much better. Splinter Cell may be better in the graphics depart but I like Hitman 2’s game play. Don’t get me wrong I really like Splinter Cell but Hitman 2 but Hitman 2 is just that little bit better.

- Great Graphics
- Good Game play
- Levels are Challenging
- Cool weapons
- Good variety of enemies
- Can’t wait for Hitman 3

- Can get really hard at times

Name: Hitman 2
Players: 1
Rating: M for Mature
Publisher: EIDOS
Developer: IO Interactive

If you like this game try: Splinter Cell, Jedi Knight 2, Red Faction, and Half Life

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