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Game Name : Red Faction II
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2003-11-01 08:12:27

Written By : Probed Out

Q: What's red & has two eyes?
A: Red Faction II

Red Faction II is the second installment of the Red Faction series. The games aren't related other than by name and their chosen representitive from the spectrum (my hats off to you if you know what that means). When thinking of Red Faction II, don't think of the 2 as in 2nd place, think of it as in 20x better. I've played both games, but I have to say RF2 blos the first one out of the water (IMO). It's one of the actual FPS where you have to remember your characters, name and specialty. It's not just one man with a rocket launch blowing up genetic mutants. It's six people and a rebel group known as the Red Faction going around blowing rebel mutants. It's actually very in-depth. Here is a large part of the story (I don't want to give anything away):

Nano-technology. Technology that increases the speed, strength & natural abilities of a human being to their maximum potential. This technology was developed on the planet Mars, but when transferred back to Earth, the technology was stolen, and then stolen again, until one man, General Sopot of the Commonwealth got his hands on it. He created an army of indestructable soldiers to do his biding. But like all unstable men with an army, he got scared. He ordered the destruction of these soldiers. From hundreds down to 6, the nano-tehnology enhanced humans found themselves forming together and joined the Red Faction, a rebellion against the Commonwealth & Sopot (Yay!). You take the role of Alias, the demolitions expert, under the command of Molov, your headstrong leader. Your other team members include the Sharpshooter (Sniper) Quill; the stealth suit wearing technology/stealth expert, Tangier; the guy with the rocket launchers, grenades, multi-fire bazookas & machine guns that look like they belong on a helicopter, the heavy fire expert Repta; and the vehicle driven mad-man with a British accent, Shrike. Each one has been an lab-rat for the nano-treatment, so now they want out. With their hightened prowess, and above average intelligence (Repta actually got dumber with his nano-chip though), they plan on killing Sopot and destroying the Commonwealth. With twists and turns though, it isn't going to be easy (or will it?).

Like any FPS, the gameplay is just that. You look down your gun barrel aim and fire on your enemies. A good feature about this game, IMO, is that in a lot of other FPS you can kill someone with a single shot, yet you can take 10 and still not feel the burning fizzle of lead. Well I think this game pretty much gives that an allibi. I mean being super-human pretty much explains why everybody but you is dying, which I think is a good touch. The game has a good realistic speed and feels as if you really are on a mission to kill a insecure General.

The graphics are extremely detailed. Occasionally you can see the flashes of light coming through the veins of your nano-buddies arms, eyes, etc. This gives the realism that there are side effects from this "treatment". Sometimes the path in front of you is consealed, just like in real life. There isn't always going to be a laid out path on your radar to the end of the level.

The sound is great. In the background you can here a giant brainwashing message playing. "The Red Faction will enslave our sons, ********* (I don't want to break any rules here) our daughters, ruin our lives. They are our enemy!" It makes you want to burn that guy slower than it takes to cook the artic circle. The music feels super-soldier warish, and the guns/explosions are fitting.

The replay value is prety good. Apparently there are multiple endings. I think this has to do with your "Heroic Metre". Bascially it just measures how much of a good Samaritian you are. If you blow the brains out of a defenless scientist in the corner, it goes down, leave a bunch of innocent people to their lives, it goes up. I've only finished the game once, so I can only comment on mine (which was with a middle Heroic Metre). I won't ruin it for you, but it's quite interesting. However sometimes you just can't get into playing the same levels again (The endings are different, the levels are the same).

The multiplayer is the best I've ever seen in a game so far, IMHO. Basically you can choose seceral different match types to pit you and your friend(s) against each other. You an also have "Bots" running around. Basically computer controlled players. With special pick-ups like "Slow-Mo", "Damage Amplifyer" & "Super Health", it never really gets boring. The levels are simply fantastic and complex, but you eventually get the feel of them.

In conclusion, try this game out. Whether it be for PC, PS2, GCN, Xbox or Cardboard Cutoit, this game provided me with plenty of entertainment. I actually was going in for the PS2 game, but I found EB were having a sale. There was this game lying there for $40. I bout it thinking it was Red Faction, which my friend rented (and finished in a week, but you gotta love that "Shoot me and you're fired!" line). But as it turns out the sticker was covering the"II", which was even better. If you're lookin for a good FPS, Red Faction II is a safe bet, but just beware of a few swear words and the occasional sexual reference. OK, here's another riddle.

Q: What goes into a war with 2,000 legs and comes out with 2,000,000,000? A: Play Red Faction II through, and listen very carefully to every little thing said through the game and you tell me.

-Fantastic storyline
-Great graphics
-Excellent gameplay
-A good speed to walk about
-Fantastic weapons
-Great levels
-Multiple endings
-Best multiplayer I've seen
-Excellent characters
-A few good jokes and one liners here and there
-Feels like a real futuristic war
-The longest pro-list I have ever written
-Excellent levels
-Fantastic missions
-I've repeated the words "excellent", "fantastic" & "great" so many times I think there needs to be a new word for this game's quality, how about "exanteat?"

-The game may be hard to get into again
-It seems as if there may not be a sequel (although they didn'tcompletely shut out the idea)

Gameplay: 10/10
Storyline: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Rating: 10/10, but there is a tiny little spec of imrpoving that I think they could do if they remade the game.

Title: Red Faction II
Players: 2+
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Volition Inc.

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