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Game Name : Return to Castle Wolfenstein
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-10-24 12:18:12

Written By : Probed Out

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the newest game in the Gray Matter & Activision's Wolfenstein series.

Basically the story is taking place in World War II. You and your partner are captured by the nazis for experiments and torture. Agents #1 & #2 aren't backed by back-up as the American government doesn't want to risk the shutdown of the paranormal projects and archeological digs taking place in the area. They hope that you will escape andfind out everything that the nazis are planning for the rest of the world. Well it all starts witha knife in the back, then it goes to being a fight for your life with a rocket launcher against an entity completely made up of fire. You start of as a soldier in a war, the you turn into a hero fighting off supernatural mutants. With your main enemy characters' plots helping to keep your interested. Warning! You might not want to stop playing.

The gameplay is much the same as any other PC FPS around. But it also seems to have mastered everything about the genre. The levels are immense and also require you to have your mind about you. It's not just follow the bad guys. You have to find your own way around the place. You go in with an objective, but you have to find all the switches and hidden passageways to finish the level.

The graphics are fantastic. The facial expressions on your enemies are fantastic. There isn't really that much more to say, other than watch the into to see how great the graphics are.

The replay value of the game is another good factor of the game. Multiplayer is always fresh, and teaming with people around the world is a plus. The game also has many different difficulties. It's hard enough to get through on easy. Imagine ot on hard! In multiplayer you basically a part of a team and give orders and do a special job. After all there's no "I" in team. BTW it gets really annoying when people use cheats in multiplayer.

The sound in the game is very realistic. Its very fitting to the game. It makes you feel like you're there in the action. The sound the guns make is also fantastic.

My personal feelings of the game is that it's probably the best FPS out now. The levels are complex, the gameplay is fantastic and with supernatural beings after you, it has the best storyline in a shooting game IMO.

To tell you the truth there isn't much to say other than, rent it and see if you like it. The PS2 version has more levels (I think they're at the start of the game in Egypt). The Xbox version has a better multiplayer so I've heard. So while you look into finding out if you like RTCW, while I go play it some more.

-Fantastic and original storyline
-Fantastic multiplayer
-Great graphics
-Great weapons
-Argueably the best FPS out now

-There's no sequel out! I'm getting anxious!
-Maybe a bit too much puzzle work in some places (But that's really picky)

Gameplay: 10/10
Storyline: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value: 9/10
Rating: 9/10 (Very close to a 10)

Title: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Player: Single & Multiplayer
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Developer: Gray Matter
Publisher: Activision

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