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Game Name : Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-10-18 22:14:48

Written By : jgh50

Jedi Knight 2 is the best Lucas Arts game out at the moment ( mind you Jedi Knight 3 is gonna be great). It surpasses all its predaccesors on any system and itís one of my personal favourites. It is a mix of shoot em up/ action/ adventure and a little bit of puzzle. With such a mix of genreís its hard not to like this game!

Jedi Knight 2 follows the life of one Kyle Katarn. A former Jedi who has abandoned the way of the Jedi and now is pretty much just a bounty hunter. He gets a call from the Republic asking them for his help, he agrees. Soon Kyle comes face to face with a dark Jedi named Dessann. After a short battle with dessann, Kyle loses. Dessan wins easily because he uses the force. Kyle is left helpless to watch as his girlfriend and partner is killed by one of dessanns henchmen. Thirsty for revenge on Dessann Kyle realises that to be able to avenge Jansís death he must, once again become a Jedi. Kyle sets off for the valley of the Jedi and regains his lightsaber (after a series of puzzles) from none other than Luke Skywalker. Now Kyle scowers the universe in search of Dessann. Watch out for the special guest voice of Lando Clarisson.

The gameplay in JK 2 is pretty awesome, for the first few levels you are in the first person shooter mode, but once you get you lightsaber it goes to 3rd person so itís easier to attack with your saber. The enemies in the game come from many different races. All each with a different weapon, Mowhonikís race (Mowhonikís is a pod racer) all have grenadesí. Then Reelo Barukís race (Reelo is a thug sort of like a mafia boss) all have Wookie Bowcasters. There are many different weapons to choose from including the Wookie Bowcaster, Grenades, Trip Mines, Laser Sniper, Machine Gun and many more. Whatís more is that most weapons have a second attack. With the machine gun use the secondary fire and you get rapid fire, the hand gun you get a charge up shot, the sniper you get a charge up shot that so powerful that if it hitís your enemy they are oblivinated.

One of the best parts of this games gameplay is the Lightsaber and Force Powers. With the lightsaber there are 3 different fighting styles to choose from. With each fighting style comes a unique combo. I still havenít figured out how all of them are used. Playing multiplayer on the net is a good way to find out some new ones though. The force powers are vital to the gameplay as some levels are impossible without the force. An example is in one level you must use your mind trick power to trick an old guard into opening a door for you. Other force powers include Push, Pull, Grip, Lightning, Speed and Saber Throw.

The graphics are very well done. The attention to detail is quite amazing for example the detail of dessann and Luke Skywalker is fantastic. As Dessann is a reptile like creature he has numerous lumps and bumps around his body all which look different. In the game I have counted about 5 or 6 gib points ( for those who donít know gib point are part of a player body which can be removed with a weapons) As a lightsaber can cut through most thing is easy chops of enemies arms, legs, head etc. Although this is nothing compared to Soldier of Fortune 2 with an amazing 4o something gib points, but thatís a different game.

Personally I think this is one of the best star wars games out and even though some people prefer the shoot em ups like RTCW or Battlefield I think this game has gotta be one of the top 20 games out. I really like the way when youíre playin JK 2 you donít really want to stop playing it until you progress in the story!

- Amazing Visuals, very smooth and well polished
-The single player mode is excelllent
-The storyline is superb
-Multiplayer is one of my personal favourites
-The music/sounds suit the game perfectly
-The wide array of enemies is pretty good
-The way you learn new force powers

-Sabers could have been better i.e. 2 saber, double edged (although Jedi Knight 3 has this function)
-Not enough FMVís
-After finishing it the only real challenge left is harder difficulties and multiplayer

Title: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Game Type: Action/Shoot Em Up/ Adventure
Players: 1
Content: Rating T for Teen
Developer: Lucas Arts
Publisher: Lucas Arts

If you like this game try: Soldier of Fortune 2, RTCW, Half Life and Alien Vs Predator 2.

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