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Game Name : Vietcong
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-10-18 22:11:07

Written By : jgh50

Vietcong is the latest game based around the Vietnam War. It’s a shoot em up and it’s easily the best Vietnam game out. The game is mainly a shoot em up but a few of the levels make you use your mind and figure out..say how to infiltrate a commy base camp (note: For those who don’t know what a commy is it’s the people you fight in the game, they are Vietnamese communists I think or cambodians…..im not really sure)

Vietcong is based around the new comer to the War Zone of ‘Nam Sergeant First Class Steve Hawkins. He is shipped off to ‘Nam and arrives at his new home Base Camp Nui Pek. Nui Pek lies a few miles from the Cambodian border. In Nui Pek is your bunker, the firing range, the central hub, the infirmatory and a hall. All in which you can interact with. Your team includes of a pointman, a medic, a engineer, a radioman and a weapons specialist/machine gunner. To start off you are just go on a training mission with your base leader to a nearby village to make sure everything is ok but when you are fired upon from the mountains you have to seek out the threat and that’s when the game really begins!

Vietcong’s gameplay is quite a good one. With over 20 levels that take you around 40 minutes each to complete to explore it’s definatly a game that requires a lot of persistence. I know what some of you are thinking. 40 minutes for one level! It seems a lot but the thing is your original objective in the level maybe changed because you have received information that one of your team is being held hostage or that a village is being attacked. And your not just doing the same thing over and over again for 20 levels. In one mission you have to blow up the commy tunnels and in another you have to travel through swamp to rescue a American soldier being held captive!

The weapons in this game are very realistic. Yo can only carry one handgun, 1 machine gun and some explosives at one time and if you wish to get another weapon you have to drop one of your weapons. Also a great feature of this game is obviously the Multi-player mode. But one thing that makes Vietcong that extra bit special is the ability to set traps. One trap for example is a grenade in a beer can with some trip wire attached to the pin in the grenade. It’s a great way to surprise your enemies. The enemies in single player mode are obviously the Vietnam soldiers but they all carry different types of weapons and have ingenious ways of surprising you. For instance one of the surprise moves they pull is hiding in dug out holes in the mountain covered in folage then opening fire on you. So you have to be alert while you play Vietcong so it’s not really a game you can play when your tired.

The graphics are simply amazing, I was reading a PC magazine the other day and it has this description for Vietcong “We can almost hear flies buzzing around our head and feel beads of sweat forming from the sticky jungle heat” This is from a PC Mag called PC Gamezone. The environments in Vietcong are some of the most detailed around. Every tree looks different and put it all together and you get a completely amazing looking jungle!

This game is a pretty good shoot em up. I wouldn’t call it fun for the whole family though as every 5th or 6th commy you killed you will hear and cuss from one of your men. But this game is a whole lot of fun for any one who isn’t offended by it! I personally love the game and think every one should give it a go!

-The visuals in Vietcong are simply amazing
-Great Gameplay
- Interesting Enviroments
-Complex, Challenging Levels
-It really gives you the feel that your fighting In the Vietnam war!

- Some of the levels are a bit too long
- Some of the levels are a bit hard
- A bit too much swearing (this doesn’t bother me but can get a bit annoying)

Title: Vietcong
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Players: 1
Content: Rating R from Restricted – Due to Medium Level Violence And High Coarse Language
Developer: Gathering/ Take Two
Publisher: Illusion

If you like this game tries: Soldier of Fortune 2, Battlefield or any Tom Clancy game.

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