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Game Name : Splinter Cell
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-10-18 22:08:07

Written By : jgh50

Splinter Cell is one of the best Tom Clancy games out at the moment. Tom Clancy being famous for the Rainbow 6 series has broken away from the “move around in teams” idea and moved onto stealth. This in my view is an excellent decision. The result of this decision is Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell revolves around one man named Sam Fisher. The story starts after a suicide bombing in Georgia kills the current prime minister. After his death a new minister must be appointed. So a charismatic billionaire Combad Nikoladze becomes Georgia’s new prime minister. Nikoladze is suspected of many crimes but there is no proof against him. So who is hired? Sam Fisher. A top agent who puts the meaning in the rhyme “If he can’t do it no-one can”. After some quick training Fisher is sent into a burning Police building to rescue a fellow agent. The agent dies but not before he passes on some valuable information to Fisher. It seems Nikoladze is holding CIA agents Blaustein & Madison captive. Fisher uncovers some startling evidence whilst searching for the missing agents and Nikoladze is forced to go into hiding…The hunt is on!

Splinter Cell isn’t your traditional shoot em up. For one shooting people may not be the best choice in this game. Knocking them out proves less messy if they are found. Another interesting feature is the “cover your tracks” part. Where if you knock out an enemy you must hide them in a dark corner so they aren’t discovered and the alarm isn’t raised. Splinter Cell doesn’t come with a large array of guns, you have your standard spy silenced pistol and a silenced sniper. But that’s not all you get! Have you ever wanted to be James Bond well your array of spy gadgets is enough to even make Mr Bond green with envy. You have smoke grenades, sticky camera’s, door shockers, your trusty lock pick just to name a few.

The stealth idea was a bold move by Ubi Soft and Tom Clancy but has paid off big time. Sneaking around the top secret CIA compound wouldn’t be the same without sneaking around on tip toes and having some night vision goggles on your head. The gameplay is excellent, there is so many ways to get past an enemy. You can throw a can and make a diversion, jump in the air to make a noise and get his attention, hang outside his window until he leaves his post, the list goes on. This game here is a real piece of work not only is it great to play but it has a gripping story line which is so real you think you could turn on your TV tomorrow and this would be the headline story. The game is so good to play you don’t really want to stop no matter how hard it gets!

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning! The FMV’s are good enough to be real and the in-game graphics are nearly just as good. Now you would think for a spy game that uses the dark and night vision goggles a lot would be quite dull and boring but you couldn’t be further from the truth when you’re talking about Splinter Cell. The level designs are great, with pipes, vents, light switches and other helpful things all located around the building for all your needs. The level design employs a certain amount of difficulty as climbing through vents, hanging from window sills and crawling along balconies are all in a days work for Sam Fisher!

This is defiantly my favourite Tom Clancy game out (Ghost Recon is pretty good aswell) and I am still working my way through all the levels. But the thing is I haven’t lost interest in the game over the 3 months I’ve owned it. It seems every time I play it I learn something new about the story of the Nikoladze scandal and become glued to the screen again!

- Excellent Gameplay
-Stunning Realistic Storyline
-Superb FMV’s
-The Music Fits In Perfectly
-Great In-Game graphics
-Different ways to beat up enemies is really cool
-All the gadgets are amazing

-Maybe a few more firearms (just being picky here)
-Levels sometimes are too long

Title: Splinter Cell
Game Stealth, Shoot Em Up
Players: 1
Content: Rating T for Teen
Developer: Ubi Soft
Publisher: Ubi Soft

If you like this game try: Any other Tom Clancy game, Golden eye 007, Perfect Dark

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