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Game Name : Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2003-10-10 13:08:30

Written By : Probed Out

NOTE: I am aware that MKDA is a multi-system game, but this one is based on the PS2 version, which some may argue is the worst of the three. Just keep that in mind while reading my review. Enjoy!

Mortal Kombat is disputedly the best fighting game in the entire history of the genre. Deadly Alliance is the fifth game in the series, and is the only one with proper influence on the story to not be recognized by it's numerological placing in the series (there's a big sentence). Although it is the 5th chronological game in the series, Midway have actually made 7 Mortal Kombat games. One is a built on version of the third (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) and the other was entitled Mortal Kombat Trilogy, which featured every fighter from all three previous games as well as a few new characters.

Basically, Mortal Kombat is a story in which involves different realms. A realm is practically another universe, to which the portals leading to other realms, is only known by the most influencial figures in these realms. However, a long, long time ago, the realm of Edenia was overthrown by a tyrant named Shao Kahn. He wanted to control the Earth realm as well (the happy little place we live in). Kahn took control of a tournament named Mortal Kombat, and it was announced that the first realm to win 10 tournaments in a row would win the rights to enter the other realm. Since then the rules have been kept, bent, broken and now they don't even seem to exist, but the general outline stays the same, lose and your entire realm is doomed.

The gameplay in this game is surprisingly good for a fighting game. Basically there are a wide variety of characters to choose from to master (each with there own fighting styles, weapons, special moves and fatalities). Each character has three fighting styles, two hand-to-handand one a weapon style (or three hand-to-hand in some cases). You can change styles mid-fight too, and can even go through different styles during a combo. A large part of Mortal Kombat are the fatalities. After all the rounds have been fought, the loser will stand there dazed and the computer (whose voice is Shao Kahn's) will yell "Finish Him/Her!" at this time you can simply hit or opponent with a forearm or a kick to the shin, or you can enter a complicated button combination to see some of the most brutal images in the gaming industry. Basically your character will do a move unique to them, that they can only do at this time when your opponent is dazed. It might be throwing them on the ground and crushing their head with your foot, or it might be ripping their skeleton out of their backs while there still alive or even letting them bleed slowly to death in a pool of their own blood. If you like blood, guts & gore, than Mortal Kombat is definately your game.

Another major part of the gameplay is the special attacks. Each character has their own special attacks, some might freeze you to get a button combo in on you, or some might shoot lasers out of their eye. You also can't forget about the combos in MK. Combos allow you to juggle the opponent in an unblockable flurry of punches, kicks, knees, weapons, you name it. A new feature to the game is the weapon system, the weapon system is probably the most predictable aspect of the game. A lot of the characters share the same weapon moves, but it is a new feature, and it's a little picky on my part. A handy trick with weapons is impaling. Impaling allows you to thrust & lodge your weapon(s) into an opponent and watch their health drain away slowly. I'll give you a nice little/cheap hint. If you play as Sub-Zero, impale your opponant with his weapon, the Kori Blade, and then freeze them. Keep freezing them and see how decisively you win the fight (I'm not sure how many times this works though, but in multiplayer I find it works for (and against) me when someone uses that trick).

The graphics are fantastic for a fighting game and the sound is very classic Mortal Kombat (Gongs, etc.). The replay value is great, because you don't want to master just one character, each one is so different, that you want to master it with every character. Plus, like all fighting games, you can always just put it in your PS2 when your friends come over for the versus mode. With interesting features such as the Krypt (a mode that allows you to find special Koins which are obtainable through the game to purchase secret characters, videos, imagines, stories, etc.), Konquest (which follows the story of a character leading up to and through the game), the original and creative storylines/characters, and the repetitive use of the letter "K", Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance offers fun for the whole family, NOTE: Game for persons 15 years and over as it contains extreme animated violence.

I don't think there is a better fighter on the shelves right now, and this was the prototype model for the next gen. consoles. Definately a game/series to put on top of your tryout list. The game also explains pretty much what's going on and gives you an introduction to the characters. Playing the previous installments of the Mortal Kombat sries is not an essential.

-Great graphics
-Awesome gameplay
-Awesome storyline
-Great replay value
-Great sound/music
-Fantastic, original & creative characters
-Fun to look for secrets and unlock things

-Doesn't have as many fatalities or types of fatalities as previous installments
-The start could have probably been done to look even more better (but that's being really picky)
-After you've done it all, only multiplayer seems to be the only fun left in the end
-Not as many secrets/cheats as the other MK games (None of these really bring down the game as such, but it just might be a different experience from the other MK games, as fighting styles and the actual characters are the main focus here)

Title: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Game Type: Fighting
Players: 2
Content Rating: M for Mature
Developer: Midway
Publisher: Midway

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