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Game Name : Dead or Alive 2
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2003-10-03 11:46:43

Written By : Probed Out

Dead or Alive 2 is the sequel to Tecmo's Dead or Alive fighting game. However it isn't just the button masher like a lot of your other fighting games. Pressing kick, kick, kick, kick will only work against novice players. The game incorporates strategy into its fighting styles. Nothing in the game is unblockable or uncounterable.

The single player is probably the biggest let down of this game, if any. It is extremely short, and can be completed with every character before a day is over, but most people buy fighting games for the multiplayer (what's more fun than bashing up someone controlled by a friend or family member?). Single player is only a warm up for the amazing multiplayer system, although the hard levels get pretty tricky. Time Trial is probably the best single player option in the game. This option allows you to race against a friend and try to beat single player as quickly as possible. The computer takes down and records your time. Let a friend go and record their time and compare.

Team Ninja did really well with the multiplayer. Although it's not as good as some of the fighting games out now's multiplayer system, it sure is fun to just get down and verse your friends in a 4 on 4 match, or a tag team match. With double team and single person special moves, Dead or Alive's multiplayer will only get boring after you've worn the disk down to ashes. OK that might be an exaggeration, but it's very good. This is a game that you can just whip out when someone comes over and have a friendly one on one match with.

The detail on this game is fantastic. The storylines cross over, and with combo and wall moves, accessable areas, falling of stages, who can go wrong? I give it a 8 out of 10. That may be a bit high, but even when the game has run it's course as your favourite game, it's extremely easy to get back into it. The replay value, graphics and fighting system are top notch. The single player may be short, but in the end it's quite handy as a lot of secret options require the finishing of single player over and over again. Multiplayer is entertaining. All in all an excellent game. It may not compare to all the new fighting games, but since it is so cheap right now, I would definately recommend it as a candidate for your next fighting game. The only real bad thing about this game is that the sequel is on Xbox and not available to PS2 owners.

The characters on DOA2 vary from super ninjas to cowboy wrestlers, each having their own story and purpose for entering the Dead or Alive tournament. With twists, drama, suspense and action, the stroy of DOA2 is extremely entertaining.

DOA2 is easily one of my favourite games on PS2. It doesn't really matter that there are only a few characters, each one has their own moves which makes each one individually different. With great graphics & sound, Dead or Alive brings great entertainment to the table. And don't think this game is just for guys, the girls whoop as much as the guys in DOA.

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Storyline: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Rating: 8/10

-Dramatic single player storyline
-Great character stories
-Fighting styles
-Great sound and graphics
-Interesting multiplayer
-Unlockable content
-Interesting modes

-Less than 20 characters
-Short single player

Title: Dead or Alive 2
Game Type: Fighting
Players: 2
Content Rating: T for Teen
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Tecmo

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