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Game Name : Final Fantasy X
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2003-10-03 11:45:09

Written By : Probed Out

Final Fantasy is the ongoing role-playing series developed and published by Square. The stories aren't usually related, in fact one of the most recent Final Fantasy projects, Final Fantasy X-2, is the only sequel game to a previous Final Fantasy (that being Final Fantasy X, the game I am doing this review on). The Final Fantasy series started out on Super Nintendo, went to PlayStation, and has now wound up on PS2, with branch offs on GameBoy Advance & GameCube.

Final Fantasy X follows the main character, Tidus (or whatever name you choose to call him), on a mystical adventure into the world of Spira, a strange continent that has a lot of undead mutants running around. However he did not get there by choice. The city he lives in is attacked by a huge monster named Sin that destroys everything in it's path. It so happens that Sin is the same creature that is destroying Spira when Tidus arrives there. Tidus sets off with a young summoner (in FFX a person with the ability to summon mythical creatures to aid them in battle), named Yuna, and her guardians (basically bodyguards) to destroy Sin and get Tidus back home. However the path won't be easy as there are twists, turns, discoveries, and tons of sidequests to complete before you complete your two main objectives. This game has everything from romance, action, twists, turns, spills, thrills to that little ingredient that keeps everone on the edge of their seat, suspense.

A large part of Final Fantasy (and not just 10) is the Aeons (the beasts a summoner summons). The idea has been passed on through pretty much all of the FF games, just under different names. Even some of the Aeons are the same as previous games. The plot of the game follows that of Yuna obtaining most, if not all of the Aeons, and then finally the Final Aeon (the only thing that can defeat Sin). They add a lot of interest to the game and add to a large part of the gameplay. The basic combat system revolves around physical and magin attacks. White magic allows for healing, increasing your speed, defending and occasionly damaging the enemy. Black magic revolves around elemental damage (fire, ice, water, electricity) and just damage. There are a few occasion curse like spells. Physical attacks revolve around using a spear, sword, ball, staff, doll or bare hands to attack the enemy. There is even a character that can throw grenades at people.

Another huge part of the gameplay is the overdrive system. Occassionly after attacking the foe rapidly, taking a lot of blow, etc. your character gets a full overdrive system. These moves are extremely handy. Every character you control (even Aeons) have an overdrive. Some overdrives attack a particular enemy, every enemy on screen or a randomly chosen enemy(ies). The overdrives of some characters require some kind of special button combination or timing or rapid pressing of buttons, etc.

The graphics are extremely detailed for such a huge game. There are even mini-video that you watch in which it's sort of like watching a 3D movie. The sound is very fitting for the game. With fairy-taleish and up-beat music. The game has a feel to it where you feel everyone is trying to be optimistic, and you feel happy, but then you remember that the game you're playing is a very sad one, and then you feel sad. The music captivates this extremely well. For such a Fantastic game (as the name suggests), it feels so realistic. It kind of feels like you're in that dream, expreiencing what they experience. The Final Fantasy series is a classic thing, that I don't think will ever be accomplished again. The experiences you feel playing this video game are some you may not have ever again in a video game. This game has actually captured human emotion quite perfectly.

That brings me onto the replay value of FFX. Just like a dream, Final Fantasy is something that you may not experience the same way again. Once you've played FFX through, it's very hard to get into it again. You want to, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I think once the surprise of the storyline and emotion the game have been experienced, you never have that experience while playing the game again. The only thing I can say is hurry up Square and work that magic again!

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Storyline: 10/10
Replay Value: 4/10
Rating: 9/10 (Almost a perfect 10)

-Great gameplay
-Great storyline
-Great graphics
-Great sound/music
-Great emotion put into the game
-It's a Final Fantasy game

-Once played through, the game loses it's impact on a player

Title: Final Fantasy X
Game Type: Role-Playing
Players: 1
Content Rating: T for Teen
Developer: Square Soft
Publisher: Square Soft

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