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Game Name : Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-05-17 14:30:56

Written By : Daniel Crabtree

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is the first game to give gamers the power to create and destroy their own Jurassic parks.

The mission mode gives players a dozen missions to work their way through, the missions include driving around in a little car photographing the dinosaurs, taking the chopper out for a flight around your island whilst taking out hostile dinosaurs with your rifle or herding the dinosaurs into a specific area using a type of sonic sound wave and the final type of mission requires you to rescuing various characters using the chopper in some cases and the car in others. The missions are quite fun and get progressively challenging, only the final mission caused any real problems. I wasnít actually able to pass the final mission, but Iíve heard that if you do you unlock the greyed out Site B park building mode option on the main menu where you can create a park with no money limits. The photographing missions tend to be the most challenging as you have to make good shots and get the right type of dinosaurs in the shots, this can get challenging if you need a T-Rex, as these tend to run after your car and try squashing you. If you get squashed you will be pleased to know you luckily escape alive and get a new car, at least you do if you donít get squashed more than a couple of times. The helicopter missions have you using the rifle to take out the usually raging carnivorous dinosaurs; your weapon comes with a scope but keeping the gun steady is quite difficult with the chopper bobbing up and down.

The main game is quite different to the mission mode; this is the mode where you will be creating your very own Jurassic park. Initially your teams need to find DNA to enable you to create dinosaurs for your park, once you have your first dinosaur you are able to open your park to visitors. But unlike most similar management games, youíre responsible not only for your park visitors but also for the dinosaurís well being. For example you will have to research vaccines to cure diseases that your dinosaurs may get and also the simple task of relocating a dinosaur will see your piloting the chopper again, as you take to the skies to tranquilize the dinosaur and then airlift it to its new destination. You may also want to keep the carnivorous dinosaurs separate from the rest or the other dinosaurs may soon become extinct from your park.

Building your park entails a number of separate tasks; you will need to provide spaces for your various dinosaurs and viewing platforms for your visitors to observe them. Your visitors will also get hungry and thirsty and you there is a store you can place to service those needs. There isnít a great deal of variety in what you can build however, there are only 5 different attractions that you can place in your park. There are three different viewing platforms and there is a balloon ride and a jeep ride. With the limited number of different structures that you can build your parks will all end up looking very similar, which is quite dull and boring. But there is quite a large variety of dinosaurs that you can have and they are really the main feature of the game, you can either send out teams to dig for the DNA to create new dinosaurs or you can purchase the DNA, it takes quite a long period of time to be able to get a large selection of dinosaurs, but having a good variety does generate greater interest, especially watching them interacting with each other. Also you feed goats and cows to the carnivorous dinosaurs which can be quite fun too.

One of the more exciting parts of the park building mode is dealing with the disasters that can occur. During the course of building your park there are a couple of different events that can cause havoc on your park and sometimes fun for you. You can end up with an aggressive T-Rex running wildly around your park seriously frightening or killing your visitors or an equally aggressive thunderstorm. To overcome these events you will need to put in safety related structures around your park. During a dinosaur rampage you will need to take to your friendly chopper once again and pull out your trusty rifle to put an end to the wild dinosaurs.

As far as park management is concerned the number of graphs and options for adjusting your park is quite limited and makes it appear as though the game has been aimed at the more casual gamer. Overall I think that Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is a fun game although a little lacking in depth and I would recommend the game to casual gamers, younger gamers and dinosaur fans.

Graphics: 8 / 10
This appears to be where the focus has been put with Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, the 3d engine allow the player to get up close and personal with the brilliantly animated and detailed dinosaurs and also lets players see their park from all angles. It comes together quite nicely and the water effects look fantastic if you have a graphics card that can provide them, but the limited number of structures limits what can be seen through the 3d engine.

Sound: 9 / 10
Great sound effects made the missions in the game more exciting, especially when trying to get close up photographs of the carnivorous dinosaurs.

Game Play: 4 / 10
The depth of the main park building part of the game is seriously hampered by the lack of structures.

Overall: 75%
The missions do provide some fun, but there just wasnít enough to keep players busy for too long and while building your own Jurassic Park is enjoyable, it quickly gets boring due to the lack of variety in building types and structures. I believe that younger gamers will especially like Jurassic Park, whilst older gamers may want to look at one of the more detailed park management type games.

Missions are fun the first time through.
Graphics are very detailed.

Not enough depth with the missions.
Too few building types for the park building part of the game.

Title: Jurassic Park Operation Genesis
Game Type: Park Simulator
Players: 1
Content Rating: Teen
Developer: Blue Tongue
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games

Demo Download - ftp://ftp.universalinteractive.com/pub/ui/jurassic_park/demos/ui_jpgenesis_demo.exe
Official Site - http://www.bluetongue.com/jurassicpark/

System Requirements

Pentium III, Celeron or AMD Athlon 400mhz or higher
128mb of Ram
700MB Hard Disk Space + 300MB for swap file
16MB 3D Graphics Card (TNT2 or Better)

Pentium III, Celeron or AMD Athlon 800mhz or higher
256mb of Ram
700MB Hard Disk Space + 300MB for swap file
64MB 3D Graphics Card (GeForce3 or Better)

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