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Title : Spaced Out with Probed Out - Edition 1: Hello
Date Added : 2004-05-11 07:57:04

Hello all! For all of you that don뭪 know me, I뭢 Probed Out, one of the many active members of the Game Score community, which in my opinion, is the best out there, so if you want to share your opinions with some of the most educated people in the gaming community, I advise the GS forums where you can talk about games, movies, consoles, humour or anything else that tickles you뭨e fancy (within reason of course), with members like NeoGenIc, Dom, Joshua, IrishChic123, GeoCivics, MaxxRonin, matrix, many, many more and Daniel (Who is thy Game Score God). So without further ado, here is the first ever, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (no pun or copyright infringement intended)

This is a first for me (and GS, I think), in that it is a column of my thoughts and opinions that are relevant to life and the on goings of Game Score. That is all they are; opinions. If you disagree with anything I say here, that is fine and your opinion, I뭢 just here to write mine. I뭢 not a professional writer, nor am I an educated games designer, publisher or test player (It costs me money just like you), I뭢 just a person, which is all you will read here, personal opinions. Please don뭪 go buying something because of me, or believing something to be 100% true. I am human, just as you, so we all make mistakes. Anyway this first edition of Spaced Out is just an introduction to me, a g뭗ay and a how ya going before we get into gaming business. I can뭪 set a definite time for when I release new editions, but I can tell you I뭢 just as eager to write them as you hopefully are to read them. Feel free to drop me a line at probed_out@hotmail.com with comments, questions or requests; whether it be games you want me to talk about, movies, politics, animals, if you want to have you recognized on my official 밄irthday뭩 Since the Last Edition section (Yes, I am in a corny mood today), if you want me to pass on information or something, or want me to offer me a high paid job *cough* *cough*. And if you are with the Federal Investigation Bureau, please use this address, www.idonthavethedrugsorthemoneysoplease

You guys knew I was joking about the FBI thing didn뭪 you? I guess false criminal behavior is much harder easier to get in person than black text on the net.

A-n-way back to business. For all you Yanks and Brits out there, I have terrible news, I am Australian. I have Australian time (it is currently 5:40am when I am writing this), and I have Australian release dates. We still haven뭪 got games here that were released in the US, like .hack and Xenosaga. While over there you might be saving up for Halo 2, Doom 3 or Half-Life 2, I뭢 currently wetting myself on the pending release date of Ninja Gaiden. Oh well, that뭩 what we get for being a secondary country. We뭭e got the best sporting teams, though. So I뭠l try and keep the rest of the world in mind as I write SO뭗, but we are an unusually slow country.

As for the features of this site, I뭠l basically try and some up the current state of gaming, what뭩 new, what I뭭e (re)discovered. I won뭪 take news articles directly, nor will I give links, but will try to give complete un-pirated information. Anyway I뭠l blabbing so I뭠l move on. Every July 25th I뭠l release n exclusive list of award winning games, etc. that get the highest prestiege in my life, the Probie. The Probies will be a special edition in which I뭠l write about the best of the year and/or ever. I뭠l do a 밳ear in Review edition towards the end of the year, and with the release of many a world class game, this year is looking snazzy, and maybe be only topped by the release of the next gen consoles late next year (Gee, time flies). At the end of each edition I뭠l post 10 Trivia Challenge Questions. Email or PM (that only available if you sign up to the forums, registration is free and well worth it) the answers to me, and anyone that gets 10/10 will get a mention in the next edition. If you get 10/10 questions 10 times in a row, you also will be awarded a Probie (award not actually real or worth any amount of economic or prestigious value). I뭠l also include a super hard question called the 밣O뭩 Question to Make You PO뭗 and be honest No Ask Jeeves, Google or search engines. 10 of those correct in a row earn you a Probie place on the Trivia Hall of Fame. You might see more features pop up over time, I뭠l usually explain it in its debut edition. If not, feel free to remind me.

So until next time, keep occupied with the GS Reviews, Previews, News, Articles & Forums, and remember, when I뭢 the star of Terminator 7, my writings may be worth something. So Happy Birthday to anyone out there of that category. Happy Mother뭩 Day to all the mummies celebrating (and all the children and husbands, ect. that are buying presents and trying to keep them pleased), I뭢 not sure when exactly it is being celebrated if it is, but none-the-less, good to be safe. And have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

-Probed Out, Matt

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