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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Dark Forces 2 : Jedi Knight

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Game Name : Dark Forces 2 : Jedi Knight
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-08-18 14:41:54
Views : 26164

Multi-player game without being connected
Go to the multi-player option and configure your game. Click on "Host game". Use a serial connection for direct play. Select "Ok" in the boxes. The level will load -- you can wander around or kill yourself.

Floating Sequencer Charges
Note: To do this trick you need to be in a level where there is a force field that you can turn off. Have some Sequencer Charges on hand and save the game. Turn on the force field and set the Sequencer Charge on it using secondary fire. This will probably take some of your shields. When the charger is set, run over to the switch and turn it off. Move back and you will see that the Sequencer Charge is floating in mid air.

Multiple Force Lightning strike
If there are four people that are close together in front of you, aim at the person farthest away. If done correctly the Force Lightning should jump and hit all four people.

Better control
The keyboard gives you the most movements and actions in the total amount of controls. Gamepads, such as the Gravis Destroyer, are much better for the basic movements.

Barons Hed - The Fallen City: Hidden rabbit
Note: You need to be fast when you begin to enter the city for this trick to work. When you enter the city, run and open the door. Kill anyone who gets in your way (but not the townspeople). Turn right and go down the steps. Kill the two aliens and you should be near the bridge. Wait at the building for a woman to come out, then run inside. Go to the chair in the room and there should be a rabbit holding a gun. Do not get him angry, (or shoot it), as it will chase you around. Also, you cannot kill it.

Here are all the Level Secrets

Level 1

Secret 1 - After passing the first fan, go down the corridor noticing the platform to the right with the Gran on it. Go down to the platform and you'll notice the slanted ramp. Jump up onto the ram and climb up to the upper ledge. Fall through the hole, grab the items and continue past the fan. You'll go up a ramp then up and elevator.

Secret 2 - After reaching another fan later in the level, there is a door in front of you. Opening the door you will see 3 containers. From the bridge, look down to the right and you will see a ledge with 2 shields and a Gran on it. Make sure you have enough health, run (and jump if you need to) to the ledge. (Don't worry, there's health on the other side).

Secret 3 - You will then reach an area with the 45 degree lift. Take the left up, and before you reach the top, take the a hole in the wall on the right.

Secret 4 - After taking the large cargo lift to the upper level, you will go down a corridor that leads to a bridge. If you continue forward, you will see a tie bomber. Go back to the bridge and look to the right. You will see a 4 gaps. You can walk and jump across them or simply run to the other side.

Secret 5 - Above the room with all the boxes, position yourself so the ramp is to your left, while the room is below you. You will see a stack of boxes, with a lower level 3 boxes wide. Run and jump to this ledge. Jump up and continue forward to a hole in the boxes.

Secret 6 - From the room with all the boxes, there is one door that leads to the end of the level. Before going in the door, turn around and go around the boxes to your left. Take the ramp up to a small tunnel, leading to a room with 2 fans.

Level 2

Secret 1 - Go through all the ventilation shafts. Eventually you'll reach an area with a Rodian. Continue down the corridor then to the area with 2 Gran's. There will be a gap to the right where you'll see the 4 engines of a large ship. Look down, and you'll see a small ledge below your. Slowly and carefully step forward over the ledge and move backwards as you land on the lower ledge.

Secret 2 - After getting the red key, you'll come to an area with a ramp leading to a red room. Continue to the area with 2 boxes and the Grans. Go up the ramp and jump to the box with the red lines. If your turn your light on, you'll notice a ledge in the back corner. Jump to the ledge.

Secret 3 - You will reach an area with 2 forks sticking out into a large open area. Don't move any of them. Instead, take the fork on the right. Run to the edge and jump for the lower level, aim for the triangle in the corner. Make sure your healed up before you jump. Go back to the forks against the wall and take the left one to the room with the Gonk in it.

Secret 4 - A door will open to a room with boxes in it. Climb the stack of boxes on the left then run and jump to the stack on the right.

Secret 5 - You will reach an elevator going up to a cargo belt and a second elevator. From the first elevator, try to get onto the window ledge on the right which will lead to an area below the conveyor belt. You can also walk off the second elevator to reach this area.

Secret 6 - From the 2nd elevator jump onto the box, then jump to the area above the red room.

Secret 7 - Take the 2nd elevator, but before you reach the top you should notice a ledge to the left. Take this ledge to the ledge on the far side of the room.

Secret 8 - After going up the last ramp, turn around and take the ledge on the left to the back wall. Turning right you can jump to a small room.

Level 3

Secret 1 - From the from of Morgan's house. Turn 180 degrees around from the door. You'll see a Tusken and a dark wall behind him. Shoot the wall.

Secret 2 - Go up the hill to the left of the house, and in the back corner, you will again see a dark wall. Shoot it.

Secret 3 - Fall down along with the wooden plank and open the door. Move forward then right and shoot the Tusken. You'll see a crack in the wall on the right. Shoot the wall.

Secret 4 - Enter the green area where the door requires the red key. Turn around and go down the corridor to the dead end and shoot the crack in the wall on the left.

Secret 5 - Go up stairs and open the door to the hallway with the 2 Tuskens. The second cubby hole has a darker wall. Shoot it.

Secret 6 - Enter the tunnel to the right of the waterfall. About halfway up the ramp, if you turn your light on, you'll see a room on the right.

Secret 7 - You'll reach an area with water and electricity running through it. (Lava maybe?). Make sure your health is high. Move forward into the water and turn around 180 degrees, you'll see a room in the corner under the water. Get out as soon as you can.

Secret 8 - Hopefully you'll have some battery power left as you enter the mines. About halfway through, there's a little room on the right.

Level 4

Secret 1 - Reach the area with the water and follow the current to the grate. Use your lightsaber to cut it open.

Secret 2 - Take the waterfall down, cut open the grating, then try to get out of the water onto the platform as soon as possible. Take out the Tuskens and follow the platform to the right. If you look up you'll see a hole in the ceiling. If you were to fall off the waterfall here, you will die. Instead, use force speed to run and jump to the ledge on the other side of the gap. Turn around and you will see a slight elevation that you can climb as long as force speed is on.

Secret 3 - Take the water ducts down, and keep looking below to make sure there is ground below you. Don't take the water to the final pool or you'll miss the secret area. Before the main pool, make sure you've gotten off the water duct.

Secret 4 - From the area of secret 3, walk off to the ledge below and go straight across the ledge. If you happen to end up on the lower level, you can take the elevator back up to the ledge. If you happen to get to the pool where the water ends up, you can follow the duct and the ledge on the left to get to the same area.

Secret 5 - You will reach another duct with water. Following this you will complete the first objective. As soon as you can, jump out of the duct and take out the Tuskens. Follow the left edge of the duct and you will see a corner of the duct with a ramp leading down. Take the ramp.

Secret 6 - Eventually you'll come to a water area with 4 water cyc's. In the middle of this area, under the water, to the right is a tunnel leading to a secret room.

Level 5

Secret 1 - At the start of the level, go in the middle of the pool and go straight down the tunnel.

Secret 2 - Enter the first building on the left when you reach the city area. Go up the stairs, and to the left. You'll see a crack in the back corner. Use a thermal detonator to open the wall.

Secret 3 - Cross the bridge, and follow the path to the right through the tunnel to the right and up a small ramp. You'll see the courtyard below you. Jump down and head straight keeping the wall to your right. You'll see a building with an awning over the door in front of you. Enter the building and kill the 2 Grans inside. The corner on the left will have cracks in it. Use a thermal detonator.

Secret 4 - In the main round courtyard you'll see a board up against the wall. Walk up to it and move it.

Secret 5 - Go through the main building in the courtyard, get upstairs, and to the awning before the roof that goes around the courtyard. Go up the ramp to the bar, and enter the bar. In the left corner of the stage, you'll see the familiar cracks. Get the detonator out.

Secret 6 - After going onto the roof area around the circular courtyard, follow it to the other side. Go down the ramp and you will see two stone slabs making a ramp with a chair on it. Use force speed then jump over the slab to the upper room.

Level 6

Secret 1 - When you get to the area with the ramps leading down into the water, turn the light on. Use a detonator to get right of the sequence charge, then go down the ramp. Turn left. Go down the ramp under water. Do not go straight yet, instead, continue turning left and you will see another ramp going down. Follow this to a room with a shield and two health boxes. Look in the upper corners, you'll see a hole. Swim up and enjoy the rail gun, and the only secret in this level.

Level 7

(There are no secrets in this level)

Level 8

Secret 1 - Take the elevator down and finish off the two Stormtroopers. Go to the back of the room and go left, you'll see the small hallway to the hidden room.

Secret 2 - Enter the ventilation shaft, from one of the two openings in the green area to the left. Inside the metal air duct, in-between these two openings, shoot the floor.

Secret 3 - Continue down the ventilation shaft and you'll see a rusted section on the left before you reach the metal grate. Use the saber to cut it open.

Secret 4 - You will get to an area with a wind tunnel. Use force speed to get to the source of the tunnel. Looking up from the tunnel, you will see a small hole in the one of the sides. Wait for the air to build up a bit then use normal jump to get into the hole.

Secret 5 - Use the wind tunnel to get to the other side. If you turn away from the grate after getting over, come out and look to the left, you'll notice a ledge. Take this ledge around the entire building and you'll come to a ventilation shaft. Use the saber to get in. Make sure you have force speed, you'll need it to get back against the wind current.

Level 9

Secret 1 - Work your way through the beginning and you'll come across and area with a large pipe. You have to crouch under it to move on. On the right side you'll see a ledge, leading to the corner and a path taking you to a hidden room.

Secret 2 - After getting the yellow key. Open the locked door and take the left path to the little bunker. Jump on top of the bunker.

Secret 3 - Enter the bunker and take the elevator inside down. When you come out look up and to the left and notice the small hole. Jump inside.

Secret 4 - Find the elevator around the fuel tank that leads to a control room. The door to the side will take you to a crawl space with an ugnaught in it. Turn right into the first area, and turn on your light and look up. Jump into the little area above.

Secret 5 - After going through the fuel tank, you'll take an elevator down to a room with a Trandoshan. Take him out, then take the elevator back up to where the fuel tank is. Stay on the elevator and it will again go up to another level.

Secret 6 - From the Secret 4 room, there is another room full of fuel tanks. Climb the tanks to the top and you'll find a small hole in the wall.

Secret 7 - Move the ugnaught out of the way. (Push him or shoot him). Blow up the fuel tanks and you'll find another hole in the wall below the same area as the other one.

Secret 8 - After completing the second objective, you will come two an area with two HUGE pipes leading to an area with 6 cannons firing at you. Jump over to the pipe on the right and head towards the cannons. Keep going right when you hit the wall and you will see a small hole.

Secret 9 - Take out the six cannons and the wall opposite the door, slightly to the left can be blasted open.

Secret 10 - When you reach the 4th objective at the end of the tunnels, turn the light on. There's an area to the left hidden in the dark. (Before you hit the last fuel tank).

Level 10

Secret 1 - When you enter the first building to the right you will see a staircase going up to the second floor. Simply go behind the staircase.

Secret 2 - You will get to an area with an two elevators in a room. Take one of the elevators down and you'll get to a room with boxes. The box on the right has an opening above it. Jump onto the box, then into the hole above the box.

Secret 3 - Follow the ledge around the fan to the other side to a small hidden room.

Secret 4 - After entering the fan area, use force speed to run down the tunnel all the way to the end.

Secret 5 - After reaching the end of the tunnel in secret 4, turn around, and take the first tunnel on the left.

Secret 6 - After entering the bottom of the reactor, open the grate with your lightsaber. Use force speed to run into the tunnel on the left.

Level 11

(There are no secrets in this level)

Level 12

Secret 1 - After taking the elevator down to the area with the conveyor belt, you'll see two large boxes just to the right as you get off the elevator. Go behind these boxes and you'll find a room inside the wall.

Secret 2 - Enter the darkened area with all the large grey boxes, after shooting the ceiling cannon, you will go left. (Turn on the light so you can see a bit better). Look to the right and you will see a floor leading to an elevator. Go up the elevator. If you look at the box infront of you, there is a rusted area that can but cut open. Enter the box.

Secret 3 - From the top of the elevator described in Secret 2, head straight towards the grey boxes. Use force speed to run staight ahead across the boxes to a secret area. You can also use force jump to reach this area from the ground.

Secret 4 - After getting to the top of the boxes and entering the control room with the blue key, come out and follow the ledge so your facing the middle of the room. The next secret area is straight ahead of you. Jump across the boxes, or again use force jump to get there. Its to the side of where Secret 2 is found.

Level 13

Secret 1 - If you enter the river, and swim along, eventually you'll see a bridge overhead. If you look up under the bridge, you'll see a hole that you can jump into to get to a small ledge.

Secret 2 - You'll come to an area with a gun turrent to your left and right. The cave holding the turrent on the left goes further back into a secret area.

Secret 3 - In the main part of the base where you have to cut open the grating to find the last circuit board, you'll see water around the floor. After entering hole you'll fall to a lower level, head straight to the other side, but before going on the elevator, go right to the side room. You will see fuel tanks at the back wall. Blow them up to find the broken grate underneath.

Secret 4 - After getting past the first force field, you will reach a pool, swim down and take the first tunnel on the right then swim up. Follow the path and you'll enter an area with a large ramp to your left. Get to this area, and use force jump or force speed and jump to get to the small alcove slightly up the ramp to the left.

Secret 5 - Continue to the large water area with the Drugons. Swim left till you hit the water fall. Turn around and swim underwater looking for a cave along the left wall leading to a hidden area.

Secret 6 - You will get to the other end of the river and have to swim underwater into another cave on the right. In this area you will find 2 Drugons, and a lot of Cannons. A ramp leads to the elevator that takes you to the second force field. When you first enter this pool, you will see a Mailoc in a cave off to the right above the water level. Use Force Jump to get in the cave.

Secret 7 - After coming down the elevator leading to the bridge with the At-St and the second force field, you will notice 2 stacked boxes infront of you. Get on top of them and you will see a small area to the side.

Level 14

(There are no secrets in this level)

Level 15

Secret 1 - From the start, head towards the door, look up a bit to the left and you'll see a small hole leading to a tunnel. Use force speed to jump into it.

Level 16

(There are no secrets in this level)

Level 17

Secret 1 - Enter the main building and take the elevator up. The room ahead on the upper floor contains two fuel tanks. Shoot them and enter the room behind.

Secret 2 - From the top floor enter the yellow area where the conveyor belt takes you. The gravity in this room will let you jump higher and ensure you don't hurt from landing. Use force jump to get to a ledge to the right of the tunnel. Turn around and force jump to another ledge on the other side. If you've turned the boxes on, you'll be able to ride them to the top as well.

Secret 3 - When you reach the wind tunnel use force speed to run to the base of the tunnel.

Secret 4 - After the wind tunnel, you'll go across a lift and enter a large canyon. A room to the left is full of fuel tanks. Shoot the tanks to find the small hole in the ground and enter it.

Secret 5 - You will reach a wind tunnel that lifts you to the last objective. You have to open both doors in order for the wind to raise you. As you go up, attempt to move forward as you hit the ceiling and you will see a cave area to the side.

Secret 6 - The same as area 5, simply walk around the side avoiding the wind to get to the other side.

Level 18

Secret 1 - Take the first mini elevator down and drop to the area below the cargo box where the switch is. Face the switch then turn right and take the elevator up. You will see an armor vest in a hole on the other side. Jump in.

Secret 2 - From the area in secret 1 you will go down a tunnel to an area with a ramp going up on the left, and a door on the right. If you enter the room and look up, you will notice a triangular ledge above you. Use force jump to get into this area.

Secret 3 - Eventually you will probably work your way down a ramp to an area with the floor cut away in the center of the area with yellow and black constuctions lines around the area. When you reach the bottom of the ramp, turn left and head forward. Look up to the area above and use force jump to get there.

Secret 4 - The ramp you just came down has 2 rail charges underneath it. The wall under there also has a crack in it. Get out the detonator.

Secret 5 - When you get near the bottom, you will go through a bunch of tunnels and see three green switches. You will then go down and elevator, and down another hall. When you reach the rocky area, look left and you will see cracks in the wall. Use a detonator to open the wall.

Secret 6 - After taking the rocky hallway, you will come to an area, and you will have to drop down to a ramp. Run across the ramp past the room, and you will see a ramp on your left leading up. (Not the first flat one, the slanted one). When you enter this room, you will see cracks in the wall. Blow it open and enter.

Secret 7 - You will reach an area with a single contruction ledge with yellow and black lines marking it. Follow the ledge all the way to the end to reach the hidden room.

Level 19

Secret 1 - Take the first elevator you reach down one level. Take out the Stormtroopers and jump from the box to the ledge, over the box in the dark.

Secret 2 - When you reach the bottom floor, jump onto the the large box in the center of the room. Follow the only ledge to the window and jump out to grab the items on the railing. You can reach the top of the box using the saber to cut through the grate later in the level as well.

Secret 3 - From the ledge from secret 2, look up to the right to a ledge within the rocks. Use force jump to reach the ledge.

Secret 4 - When you first come down the elevator, you may notice a shield on the window ledge. The best way to get this seems to be to go outside and use force jump to reach the ledge.

Secret 5 - Take the elevator within the large box down. Hit the switch to send the elevator back up and get off on the bottom floor. Grab the items underneath the lift.

Secret 6 - After you get to the bottom where the drill is, continue going down and circling right. When you reach the part where you have to go left, turn right and notice the cracks in the wall first. Blow it open to get inside.

Secret 7 - Continue working your way down and eventually you'll reach a grey ramp. The wall on the left has cracks on it, again get out the detonator.

Secret 8 - In the area with the rope blocks, don't cut the first rope, instead continue across to the next area. Turn right then turn on your light. The wall on the side has cracks on it. Blow it open and go inside.

View Cutscenes
Edit the file yourname.plr and look for the line "end." (no quotes) After this line type the following in exactly as it appears:

numCutscenes 25
01-02a.smk 1
03-04a.smk 1
06a.smk 1
08-10a.smk 1
12a.smk 1
16a.smk 1
18-19a.smk 1
21a.smk 1
23a.smk 2
25a.smk 2
27a.smk 2
33-34a.smk 2
36a.smk 2
38a.smk 2
39a.smk 2
41da.smk 2
54a.smk 2
41-42a.smk 2
41dsa.smk 2
44a.smk 2
46a.smk 2
48a.smk 2
50a.smk 2
52-53a.smk 2
57a.smk 2

Easter Eggs
On level 5, navigate the canal until you reach the city. Enter the first building and go upstairs. Go back down the back stairwell and quickly run (Jedi Speed helps) around the corner towards the bridge. Right after you turn the corner, a woman will open a door which is normally locked for just a second. Quickly slip inside and you'll find the coffee achiever himself looking about, pistol in hand, ready to kick stormtrooper butt!

Go all the way to the end, to where you have to jump off the moving gantry onto the ledge on the ship. When you complete the jump successfully, you have a split second to do something. Turn 180 degrees and fall off the ledge. There, on the end of the receeding platform, is Max's face, three times.

Cheat Codes
To activate these cheatcodes, you have to be in Talk mode: press T. For some codes to get them work, you have to type 'on' or 'off'.

God Mode: JEDIWAANABE[on/off]
Skip level: DEEZNUTS
End of level: THEREISNOTRY
Light Jedi Master: IAMAYODA
Dark Jedi Master: SITHLORD
Full mana/Force: YODAJAMMIES
Full health: BACTAME
All items: WAMPRAT
All weapons: RED5
AI opponent off/on: WHITEFLAG[on/off]
Show the map: 5858VR
Slow motion off/on: SLOWMO[on/off]
Fly mode off/on: ERIAMJH[on/off]

When you fall, press F9: Quick save game. Load the old game and if you have timed well, you get alive on the ground and you are not dead.

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