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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Conflict: Desert Storm

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Game Name : Conflict: Desert Storm
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2002-11-09 00:16:51
Views : 52958


Cheats are available in the front end through the Options menu or in game through the Options menu.
When the game has booted, in the initial front-end menu screen perform the following sequence of button presses.

2x X Button, 2x Y Button, 2x Left Thumbstick Click, 2x Right Thumbstick Click, 2x Left Trigger, 2x Right Trigger

Cheats Available:
Enemy AI: The enemy AI option allows you to turn off the enemy's ability to detect the player characters.
Trooper Level: This cheat allows you to inflate the experience level of your team, making them faster and more accurate with weapons.
Mission List: Selecting the Mission List produces a full list of missions from which the player can select to play.

Hints and Tips

Level 1 Strategy:

1. Go to the edge of the first cliff in a few seconds the truck should be bombed and a guy will be outside of the little house shoot him and another will come out after you shoot him go into the house go by the desk and pick up the health then cross the bridge there will be a guy crossing it so watch out.

2. Keep going until you can snipe either the guy in the little dug-out to your right or the guy in the tower to your left i would take the guy on the left then go into the dug-out and from there snipe the guy in the tower use you pistol for more accurate shots since you don't have a sniper rifle. after this go through to the house that has an on-ramp going up to the door get inside and there will be tons of weopons to your left pick all of them up and wait in there several guys will come in shoot them all untill it starts to clear up then exit and run straight across the path to the building inside you can make sure the coast is clear

3. As soon as it is you may continue along the path eventually there will be a truck don't worry about it just follow it when you get to the building were foley is being held shoot every one there (don't hide behind the truck or anything explosive in the game when it blows up it will kill you) when everyone is cleared out go into the building and take all the weapons inside you won't be able to pick up the ak-47 it's for foley to the right of the weapons there is a desk with a key on it take it and open the cell.

4. Go back to the bridge (have foley follow you if you don't know how go to single player basic training and find out) go to the center strut (the bigest one) plant a c-4 and get off the bridge and head back towards where you started now blow the bridge and head back there will be a couple guys but it's easy keep going until you see a red flare or check you map (hit back button) the helicopter will extract you there.

Spreading out munitions
Do not give too much of the powerful items such as tank mines, C4, anti-tank guns, etc. to a single person. If you have this person advance and he gets taken down by a tank, your other teammates might not have the firepower needed to even get close to the downed person, let alone heal him. It is always a good idea to have each teammate equipped with at the least one high powered explosive in case you need to take something out.

Weak spots on tanks
All tanks have very heavy front and side armor. However, the tank's rear is lightly armored. Smaller tanks can be hit with a rocket almost anywhere and will usually explode. However, larger tanks must be attacked with an explosive from behind. If you shoot it from the front or side, chances are you will not even make a dent.

Last resort attack on tanks
If you need to take out a tank but have no more long range rockets, it is possible to get close to it without getting hit. First, you will need to have a sniper rifle to zoom in on the top of the tank to take out the gunner, if there is one. After he is down, throw a smoke bomb in the direction of the tank. Try to get the smoke bomb in as close to it as possible. While the smoke is in the air, you can run up to the tank without being hit. The smoke will make it impossible for the tank to see you. Get directly next to the tank and plant a C4 next to it. After it is planted, throw another smoke bomb slightly further away from the tank. Make a mad dash for the smoke. If you are fast enough, you will get behind the wall of smoke and can then make your way to safety. Then, detonate the C4. If you have C4 with a detonator, run to the tank, crouch, plant the C4, then quickly run away. When you get about 10 feet away, use the detonator to explode the C4.

Last resort attack on SCUDs
SCUDs can be blown up with the sniper rifle if they are in the launch position. Shoot the rocket a few times with it.

Charge the enemy
The game sends an infinite amount of troops after the alarm has been set. The best way to defend yourself is to charge ahead as fast, but also as safely, as possible. In some levels you can cut down the number of men by almost fifty. If you are low on ammunition, health, etc., this is a good way to cut down on the amount of men you have to deal with. It also works sometimes if you send a man far ahead and hold him there, then do your objectives for your mission.

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