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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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Game Name : Return To Castle Wolfenstein
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:44:56
Views : 81520

Cheat :
Cheat mode:
Hold [Shift] while the game is starting. Then, type +set sv_cheats 1 at the dialog . Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Alternately, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter /killserver to restart the game in cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
God mode /god
Disable enemy AI /notarget
No clipping mode /noclip
All weapons and ammunition /give all
100 armor /give armor
Set armor amount /give armor
Full ammunition for current weapons /give ammo
100 health /give health
Set health amount /give health
Stamina /give stamina
Spawn indicated item /give
Never get tired /nofatigue
Display current map name /mapname
List maps /dir maps
Advance to indicated map /spdevmap or /devmap
Show all commands /cmdlist
Reconnect to last server /reconnect
Suicide /kill
Exit game /quit
Show current server settings /serverinfo
Toggle between windowed and full screen; Restart game when changed /toggle r_fullscreen
Toggle compass display /toggle cg_drawcompass
Toggle HUD display /toggle cg_draw2d
Toggle frame rate display /toggle cg_drawfps
Change field of view /cg_FOV
Toggle old Wolfenstein HUD /cg_uselessnostalgia <0 or 1>
Third person view /cg_thirdperson 1
Show time left /toggle cg_drawtimer
Toggle gibs /toggle cg_gibs
Toggle team overlays /toggle cg_drawteamoverlay

Cheat mode (server):
Press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Reset map /map restart
Set maximum players that can connect /sv_maxclients
Set time limit /timelimit
Kick player from the server /kick
Toggle friendly fire /g_friendlyFire <0 or 1>
Force even teams /g_forcebalance
Set warm up time in seconds /g_warmup
Set gravity; lower is less gravity /g_gravity #
Set movement; lower is slower /g_speed #

Change name:
Press ~ to display the console window. Enter /name to change the player's name and color. To change colors, include one of the following entries.
^1: Red
^2: Green
^3: Yellow
^4: Blue
^5: Light Blue
^6: Pink
^7: White
^8: Black
^9: Red
For example, to change your name to "AmericaTheBeautiful" in red, white, and blue, enter /name ^1America^7The^4Beautiful.

Map names:
Use one of the following entries with the /spdevmap or /devmap codes.

Area Map name
Mission 1: Ominous Rumors
Part 1: Escape! escape1
Part 2: Castle Keep escape2
Part 3: Tram Ride tram

Mission 2: Dark Secrets
Part 1: Village village1
Part 2: Catacombs crypt1
Part 3: Crypt crypt2
Part 4: The Defiled Church church
Part 4: The Defiled Church Boss boss1

Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance
Part 1: Forest Compound forest
Part 2: Rocket Base rocket
Part 3: Radar Installation baseout
Part 4: Air Base Assault assault

Mission 4: Deadly Design
Part 1: Kugelstadt smf
Part 2: The Bombed Factory factory
Part 3: The Trainyards trainyards
Part 4: Secret Weapons Facility swf

Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground
Part 1: Ice Station Norway norway
Part 2: X-Labs x-labs
Part 3: Super Soldier boss2

Mission 6: Return Engagement
Part 1: Bramburg Dam dam
Part 2: Paderborn Village village2
Part 3: Chateau Schuftaffel chateau
Part 4: Unhallowed Ground dark

Mission 7: Operation Resurrection
Part 1: The Dig dig
Part 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein castle
Part 3: Heinrich end

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the /give code.

.30 cal
.30 cal box
.45 cal
.45 cal box
7.92mm rounds
9mm box
9mm rounds
colt 45
dual colts
dr. zemph's journal
fg42 paratroop rifle
large health
mauser rifle
medium health
panzerfaust rockets
project book
sniper scope
snooper rifle
tesla gun
venom tech manual

Hint :
Hint: Forest level: First tower guard:
Ignore him and the two guards at the bridge. You cannot kill them without setting off the alarm.

Hint: Forest level: Getting past the concrete tunnel:
As soon as you enter the tunnel, you will hear a guard ask if this is the only shipment. Do a full sprint towards the guard and the truck that is leaving. Duck into the doorway on the right side and quietly open the door. If you do not do this at a full sprint, a second guard near the truck will see you as the truck pulls off and set off the alarm.

The guards at the bridge and the tower can be taken out. You have to kill the tower guard first, then spy on the guards on the bridge until both of them are looking away from you. Then, run up and backstab each of them.

Hint: The Last Mission Set: Stopping Heinrich's resurrection:
There is no time limit to finishing this set of missions. You cannot stop the ceremony, so take your time.

Hint: Defeating: Heinrich I:
He harder to contend with, given those zombie warriors surrounding him firing life-sucking demons at you. Use the Tesla gun to hit several of the monsters at once, including Heinrich, while circling him. However, this will not be enough to kill him. Once it runs out, use the Venom gun to finish him off.

Hint: Defeating Lopers:
These monsters easily outrun you, but do have a major weak point--and it is not their heads. Aim your gun at their telsa-like apparatus. If you score some direct hits they will explode into bloody chunks.

Hint: Defeating Possessed Hegla:
As soon as you emerge from the basement with the ammo stash, the Boss battle will begin. Quickly rush to the gate on the other side of the cathedral's courtyard and plant some dynamite. Take out the other zombies around and go back for the hole. Hegla for some reason will not go in the hole after you. Thus, you can rush over and lob grenades potshot style under where she goes down.

Hint: Defeating Proto-Super Soldiers:
Beware of the rockets they fires and the venom gun they carry. The best way to kill them is to catch them around corners with planted dynamite, toss grenades, or use rockets. Be sure to get out of the way after taking the shot.

Hint: Defeating Super Soldier (first meeting):
The Tesla weapon will take you out quickly if you do not get out of its line of fire. Jump the railing to the right and get behind the window. He cannot seem to see you at that location. Blast it with whatever rockets you have left, then try luring him behind the window so you can move around the rest of the room to get the armor and med kits, as well as kill the enemies on the catwalk. You will have to take potshots at the Super Soldier until it starts limping for a better chance at hitting him with grenades and machine guns.

When fighting the Super Soldier with the Telsa Gun, while he is in the computer room under Deathshead, run up the stairs to the catwalk. Stop directly next to the door where Deathshead is talking in that room and get the Super Soldier's attention. When he walks under you, fill his head full of bullets. A few bullets should kill him. This is much easier then continually shooting him in the armor.

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