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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Prince Of Persia 2

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Game Name : Prince Of Persia 2
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:42:26
Views : 28540

Cheat :
Cheat mode:
Hold 1 + 2 + 3 while the game loads to enable cheat mode. The phrase "You are worthy of the powers of Jaffar!" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Level 15 can not be played if cheat mode is enabled.

Effect Key
Extra time [Keypad Plus]
Less time [Keypad Minus]
Toggle background B
Display guard tension level d
Show animation frame number display1 F
Give life potion to opponent g
Invert screen I
Kill opponent k
Remove one life K
Advance level N
Display room number R
Add one life potion t
Weightless, no falling W
Frame mode, with no information display [F1]
Set guard tension level from 1 to 99 [Command] + D
Level select [Command] + G
Kill all opponents on screen [Command] + K
Level skip [Command] + L
Toggle sound and extra strength potion [Command] + T
Display version [Command] + V
Reset music [Command] + A

1. Press [Space] to advance the display. Press F followed by [Space] to exit this mode.

Walkthrough :
Prince or Persia II walk thru...

Erratum in the manual:

The way to fire a fireball is to fire!
i.e., press 0, NOT 2!!!

General hints:

1. You can drop loose tiles by jumping up
and down near them. If you must be under
them when then fall, you can avoid losing
strength by crouching so that it breaks on
your back.

2. Killing heads: They pause (usually)
directly in front of you for just about half
a second. Hit them during this pause - and
repeat. Several times. It gets easy with

3. Killing snakes: strike before you would
think. You have quite a reach...

4. Killing shadows...to fight a shadow, you
need to be a shadow.

5. Killing fighters of any sort: The best
strategy seems to be to get to a point where
your swords are just touching, then do
'block-strike' without pause. It protects
you from his blow and seems to make you do
an overhand swipe that's virtually
impossible for him to deflect.

6. And don't forget...if the odds are
impossible...you can always put your sword
away and run!

There are several types of potions.
There are Major health potions (blue;
restore all of your strength bottles and
give you another); Minor health potions
(also blue; just fill one of your bottles,
or do nothing if you're at full strength
already); poisons (magenta; empty one of
your strength bottles) and weird potions
(green; will do very unexpected things...)

Level 1: No major potions

Kill the two men, go left to the next
screen, kill 2 more guards, go to the next
screen (left) and take a running jump to the
next building, keep running and jump again
to the next builing. Turn quickly, draw your
sword, and dispatch the next three men that
come from the right. Turn, and, keeping your
sword drawn, advance left to the next
screen. Kill two more men, put your sword
away, climb a level, and go left. Take a
running jump to the next building and climb
down (hanging drop) the left side.
Jump off the ledge (1 level) and run to your
left - down the pier. Just as you get to the
end, jump/press shift. You'll just make the
departing ship...

Level 2: No major potions
Go left -- just to the edge of the
quicksand.Floating bits will appear, then
sink when you step on them. One has a
pattern that matches the pattern on the
wall on the far side will open...

Level 3: 2 major potions

There are a couple ways to go through this.
The way to get the potions is as follows:
Go right, drop three levels. To get first
potion, go left, jump across the pit with
the spikes, go through the door and get the
potion. Trip the switch on the far side
again to get back out the way you came, jump
back over the spike pit. Now go right again
(jump over the two arrow traps), trip the
floor switch, drop down 1 level and
immediately jump left when the door opens.
Go right again, hitting another floor switch
and dropping down another level. At this
point, you can go two ways.
A. To get the second potion, go left to the
edge. Hanging-drop down (keep shift down as
you fall). Get the Major potion on the
ledge. Drop down again. Fight the skeleton
till he lies down, then trip the floor
switch and run left through the door. Keep
going up and to the left. Eventually you'll
come to another stone door. Go to the ledge
across the gap from it, jump so that you
land on the switch, and move as close as you
can to the door. When it's up at about neck
level, jump through and run run run to the
next gap. Jump the gap with shift held down,
pull yourself up and jump to get through the
door before it closes... Then go through the
main door out.

B. To avoid the second potion: Go right till
you get to the edge. You'll trip two floor
tiles in the process, and one wil fall on a
switch, keeping a door open that you want
open permanently. Hanging drop down, go
right to the end, up a level, left till you
trip the main door switch, then back the way
you came. Go through the door.

Level 4:

There's a very easy way to do this, but you
get no potions. Run right to the edge.
Hanging drop of of it; drink the green
potion and immediately jump off the ledge --
the green potion will make you float down to
the bottom. Run all the way to the right, go
up a level and trip the main door switch (on
the right side, hard to see) then RUN RUN
RUN to the left -- the skeletons will wake
but don't stay to fight them. Run to the
main door and go out.

To get the potion, however...

From the beginning, go right and take a
running jump off the edge. Hold shift down,
but DON'T pull yourself up -- drop down
three levels to the next ledge. You'll lose
strength, but that's ok. Go right, up 1
level, and right again. Jump right at the
edge to avoid the spikes. Drink the minor
potion, then hanging drop off the edge 2
levels. Go right again, jump right and down
to avoid the spikes. To get the potion: from
here, go right. Trip the floor switch and
get as close as you can to the door. When
it's at neck level, jump forward, take one
running step, drink the potion and hit turn
as your drinking, then jump left immediately
before the door shuts. If you get stuck,
you're done for! Go left and hanging drop 2
levels, then walk left off the edge while
holding shift -- thus you'll trip the arrow
trap without getting hit. Pull yourself up,
got left to the edge, and hanging drop two
levels. You can fight the skeleton, or you
can just drop another 3 levels to the main
door. Run right to the end, up one level to
trip the main door switch (hidden, on the
right side), jump down and RUNRUNRUN left.
The skeletons will wake, but just keep
running. Go through the main door.

Level 5: Several save areas.

Go right, up and over the hump (avoid the
spikes) and fight the skeleton until you
either push him into the lava or else he
goes back to sleep.Jump right over the lava,
go up one level when you can, and run right.
You'll hit an arrow trap, but oh well. Some
things can't be helped. Actually, I haven't
tried this, but you may be able to avoid
getting hit by crouching and jumping forward
(hit 2 and 6) -- the arrow will probably
whizz over your head. Jump over the gap and
through the two doors. Run right -- don't
stop, or if you must, stop on the loose
tiles so that you drop and the arrows fly
over your head. Drop one level to the magic
carpet. Do NOT sit on it yet. The grating
above must be opened first! Instead, go
right, up one level, and right again to the
edge. Drop down one level, go to the edge
and jump right with shift on, get the minor
potion. Go to the left edge and jump left
and down (two levels); Go to the right edge
and jump right and down 1 level (get another
minor potion); go to the left edge and jump
left and down 1 level.Hanging drop 2 levels,
jump right. Go right (tripping floor switch)
and through the door, jump over the ditch
running as you land to avoid the arrow (if
you need the minor potion, jump down into
the ditch, get it, and walk CAREFULLY up to
the spikes. Climb up the left side and jump
right over the ditch) up and over the lava
bed (still going right) to the end.

5.2 (save here)

Go up four levels, jump to the right side of
the crevice and knock down the loose tile.
It will land on a switch that opens the door
on the left side. From here, you can just go
up four levels (6 levels, if you need more
minor potions -- there are two up there,
once you knock down a loose tile) then go
left to get to the skeleton on the bridge.
See 5.3, below...You won't get the major
potion this way, though. To get the major
potion, jump to the left side of the
crevice, walk left to a bit before the edge
of the screen, and jump. There are three
floor switches. The two on your level are
irrelevant; but the one under the loose
floor tile must not be tripped, so DON'T
KNOCK DOWN THAT TILE! Go to the left edge,
jump left with shift held down, and pull
yourself up the other side.

5.3 The skeleton...save here!
If you need strength, release the loose
ceiling tile above by jumping up and down a
few times and go up. There are two potions
up there. Now, go left, tripping the floor
switch. You'll end up on a shaky bridge with
a nasty skeleton. There's know way to kill
him, and he won't go to sleep, so you have
to keep him occupied until the bridge
collapses. This is tricky. The way to do it
is fight your way past him, then turn around
and keep him occupied - don't just run away,
or he'll run back to the floor switch and
close the door in front of you! So, with
your foot just at the edge of the second
bridge panel (looks like the 4th piece of
wood), just do the block/slash move
described above in the general hints. The
big advantage to doing block-slashes (no
delay) instead of block...slash....(delay
between) is that ...your feet don't move.
The bridge seems to fall sooner, however, if
you move just slightly back and forth over
the crack between the 2nd and 3rd
tile...When it does finally go, as SOON AS
the rightmost tiles start to fall, press
shift and turn left - don't bother to put
your swrod away. You WILL drop it. Them's
the breaks. Pull yourself up, go left, and
get the minor potion. Jump over arrow trap,
jump over gap, and go up one level. Now.
You've lost your sword, so you don't want to
mess with the skeleton on the next screen,
so as SOON as you've pulled youself up,
start running left. Jump over the gap --
you'll get hit by an arrow, but so what.
Once you're on the other side, STOP RUNNING.
advance SLOWLY to the next screen...trip the
switch (leaving the ceiling screen OPEN),
hanging drop down two level, and go sit on
the carpet.

Level 6: One major potion

Go left, avoiding the switch. Go to the
second tile from the edge, and jump over the
last tile. You need that loose tile
later...Crawl left through the tunnel, and
pick up the sword on the far side. Go left
to the wall, up one level, knock down the
ceiling tiles and go up one more level. Kill
the flying head, knock down two more ceiling
tiles, and climb up 4 levels. Jump right
over the gap, and carefully go right to the
next screen. Now that you know where the
edge is, get a running start and jump the
gap. Drink the major potion, then hanging
drop down...if you've left the first loose
tile in place, this fall won't kill you.
You're now back at the tunnel again, Crawl
through it (left), go up about ten stories.
At the top, go left to the edge, drop down
till you can jump to the left side, then go
left. Hanging drop down, go right (avoid the
slicer), go right and kill the flying head,
then go through one of the two doors. The
next level will look a little different
depending on which door you go through...

Level 7: one major potion for each path.

Right door path: Go left until you get to
the tunnel. To get the major potion, go
through the tunnel. Jump up and down to
knock the floor tiles loose, then drop down
one level. Kill the flying head, and proceed
left until you get the potion. Then come
back the way you came, up to the tunnel
again, and back through it. Now, go up a
level and through the gate (going left). Go
under slicer, down 1 level and kill the
head. **** Go left, up 1 level, drink minor
potion, up two more levels. Run right and
jump just at the edge (push shift!). Pull
yourself up, get minor potion, loosen tiles
and go up one more level. Go right, killing
2 snakes and going under slicer. Go down two
levels, kill 2 snakes, and get minor potion
if you need to; otherwise just go up one
level, kill head (another minor potion
there), and go up four more levels. Go left,
kill the head, left again, and up and over
the gate you can't open. Kill snake and take
a running jump left over the gap. (It's
actually easier two floors up...). Run left,
go through the tunnel and back if you need a
minor potion, go down two levels; take a
running jump right; go right until you get
to the slicer, and CRAWL UNDER IT (don't
even try to go over...). Hit switch, then
head left and blow this joint...

Left door path:

Drop down through loose panel; Go right,
down, kill snake, left, and down, kill head,
down two levels, R, up one level and drink
minor potion. Loosen ceiling tile and go up
one more level. Kill flying head, drink
major potion, then go back down two levels.
Go right, and from here the level is like
the right door path as of ****.

Level 8: one major potion

8.1 Kill snake. Go left, down two levels,
and carefully drop down one more (hanging
drop) and jump left over the loose tile --
DO NOT drop the loose floor tile on the 3rd
ledge down! Hanging drop down two levels,
missing floor switch, and jump left and
down. Go left through gate, drop down one
level and kill the head. Go left, up one
level, and jump once up and down to dislodge
two loose floor tiles. Now, to get the major
potion: Go down 3 levels. Head right, till
you get to the closed gate. Go up 1 level
and knock the panel down onto the gate
switch. Do NOT go hold onto the second ledge
up -- it's another switch that will close
the gate again! Now, go down and right
through the gate; under the slicer, crawl
through the tunnel, kill the head, jump over
the switch, and get the major potion. Go
back the way you came, until you get through
the gate. NOW go up two levels. Go to column
next to the switch, and get to the right
edge of it. Jump LEFT holding shift, and
pull yourself up ont the second column.
Climb back up to where you were...and jump
to left side of gap.

8.2 (SAVE)
Go left, drop one level, kill two snakes and
get minor potion. Go left, kill head BEFORE
going under slicer, go up one level, kill
another head, then go left to the end and up
into the ruins. Get sword (your father's

8.3 (SAVE)
Jump left over puddle; Go left through three
screens of three flying heads and head out
the main door!

Level 9: No major potions

Go left, kill head, jump left and go 1 level
down. Kill snake, go left through two
screens (1 head each); Go under slicer, go
to next screen, kill two heads. Now, go one
screen left. Note the horse statue. You need
to land on it. So, go all the way back to
the right to where you killed the snake. Go
up two levels and run left over the loose
tiles. When you get to the next screen, stop
and collect yourself! Now, run and jump, run
and shift-jump over the next two sections.
Pull yourself up. Shift-jump left again.
Pull yourself up. Get to the left edge, and
jump. STOP. Now, running jump left one last
time to land on the horse's back!

Level 10: 1 major potion

Run right; kill two birdmen, go up one
level, and get minor potion. Jump across gap
to statues and dislodge the loose tile to
kill the guard below. Drop down to his level
and go left. Now, to get the major potion
(if you want to avoid this, just hanging
drop 3 levels and go to the section marked
****) Take a running shift-jump left and
pull yourself up. Walk two steps left, jump
over spikes, and kill the two birdmen. Run
left. A birdman will appear from the right
(behind you), but will stop and stay put if
you just turn to face him and draw your
sword. With your sword drawn, advance left
to the next screen. Kill the birdman there,
then crawl under the slicer and drop down
one level, and jump right over the spikes.
Now. To the left, up one level (behind the
statues) note that there is a closed gate.
The switch is on the next screen to the
right. So, kill TWO of the birdmen, but get
to the right side of the third and quickly
backpedal until you're backed up against the
wall on the next screen. NOW kill the
birdman, so that he dies on the switch. Go
left, step CAREFULLY up to the spikes and go
up one level, then go left to claim the
major potion. Go right, back to where you
killed the last birdman. Go up, right, and
hanging drop down 2 levels. Kill the
birdman, go right, crawl under the slicer,
and go up 1 level.Jump through the gate and
over the spikes. **** Kill the birdman, go
right 1 screen, get potion, go right again
and under slicer. Don't worry about the
birdman who comes running up behind you --
he'll stop before the slicer! Go right to
the end, kill the birdman, and drink the
minor potion. Go up two levels, and head
left. The first gap is tricky because
there's a slicer on the far side. So,
standing shift-jump from a little ways
BEFORE the edge; pull yourself up, take one
small step forward and crawl under the
slicer. Keep heading left until you get to
the gate. Go under it, crawl under the
slicer, and up one level. You will trip the
switch for the main door. Walk carefully
left up to the spikes. Climb up one floor,
and now you're back to where you dropped the
tile on the guard. So, go left, drop 3
levels, and go right, killing the birdman
and heading under the slicer. Now, when you
get to the end, go up four levels, draw your
sword and advance left. Dispatch the three
birdmen and run/jump left over 2 gaps until
you get to the main door.

Level 11 One major potion

11.1 Go left, then up three levels. Left
again, up one level, TWO STEPS left (to
avoid the spikes), up one level. Dislodge
ceiling tile by jumping 3 times, and go up
one more time. Jump to the left side, then
trip the switch and jump right. Go right
through the gate before it close. Take a
running shift-jump to the right, and climb
to the higest accesible level. Go right.
Now...to get major potion. Dislodge ceiling
tile, quickly climb up 1 level to the gate.
Jump TWICE to dislodge the ceiling tile and
will land on a switch that will close the
gate you're standing under!) Take ONE step
right, jump right, and get major potion. Go
up to the left one level, jump left, and go
up and back through the gate. Jump to the
left side of the crevice and go up three
levels. The timing on this next part is
tricky. See the switch just before the
slicer? Trip it and run-jump-run-run-shift-
jump left over the next gap and yourself up
before the gate closes! (whew!)

11.2 (SAVE)

Go up 4 levels, (dislodge the floor tile 3
floors up) and go right to 1 tile before the
edge. Now. Timing is agin critical. Without
any delays between, take 2 steps forward,
turn and hanging drop to the statues below.
Jump left, take 1 step forward, jump again,
and either jump or press left repeatedly to
get out from under the gate as it closes.
There's a minor potion here, but if you have
all of your strength, save it...

Run left to the next screen, kill four
birdmen (you can actually avoid killing two
of the by luring the first birdman that
appears into the screen to the right. Kill
him and his buddy, who will soon follow, and
then go left and up before the other two
arrive) and go up 3 levels. Get minor
potion. Go right to the end, up one level,
dislodge the ceiling tile, and go up one
more level. Now, run right, trip the floor
switch, run left and jump the gap. Pull
yourself up one level, draw your sword, and
advance to the next screen and under the
gate before it closes. Kill the birdman.
Avoid the trap door (locate by jumping up
and down) and jump to the other side. Go up
one level and dislodge ONLY THE LEFTMOST
ceiling tile. (If you drop the right one,
it'll land on the switch for the gate and
you won't be able to trip it again...) Go up
one level, jump left over the loose tile and
crawl under the slicer. Go right, then up
three levels (dislodge ceiling tile to get
through ceiling), go right and jump first
gap, then go down second. Jump up and down
to dislodge the tile on the other side of
the screen, then go up two floors, right,
and hanging drop. IMMEDIATELY run right and
fall through the gap in the floor before the
big squisher gets you!
Run left, jump the gap, go under the slicer,
take one step forward and jump to the gap --
missing the loose tile. Then go down two
levels, jump right, and run through the gate
(jump over the switch in front of it). Go
out the door!

Level 12: 1 major potion

There are a myriad of ways to do this level.
It's one of the best levels of the game.

First, go right to trip the switch, jump
left and go under the first gate. From here,
the paths diverge...

12.1A If you wish to get the major potion,
go up 2 levels and head the the left. When
you get to the gap across from the birdman,
go up one level and jump down to him. Knock
him off the ledge. He'll die on an important
switch down there. Jump to the right side,
and jump up and down three times to knock
down some tiles on the other side (where the
birdman was). Those will trip another
important switch. Go up a level. Jump up and
down three times to shake loose another
tile. Another tile, another switch. Notice
that to your upper left, there are four
gates in a row. Three should now be open. To
trip the fourth, go up two levels and shake
one last tile loose. Now, go down one level
and take a running jump left across to the
other side. Go under the four gates.

12.2 (SAVE)
Take a running jump left. Jump left again --
don't trip the loose tile because you'll
need that in a second. Drink the major
potion. Take a running jump-shift right,
then drop down two levels and head right. Go
up two levels where you killed the birdman,
and head right till you get to the gap.
Knock down the loose ceiling tile, then go
up. Run right and, when you get to the end
turn IMMEDIATELY while pressing shift and
pull yourself up. Or, just jump up and down
to shake the floor tile down. Go back left
and down. Head left to the edge, climb up 2
levels, and go right...carefully. Jump the
trap door, got under the gates, and head
right. The next bit's a little tricky. You
have to jump exactly right. Do NOT jump to
soon. Running jump across the gap but DO NOT
hold shift; if you jump from the edge, you
should land right under the gate on the far
side. Immediately run once forward before
the gate comes crashing down...

Get all the way to the left, then running
jump left. When the disembodied flaming
sword attacks, get to the right side of him,
put away your sword and run like hell right.
Jump the gap. Again, the path diverges.


Immediately take a running jump-shift left
from about 1 tile BEFORE the edge. Pull
yourself up and under the gate before it
closes. Go forward and down, tripping the
main door switch, and hanging drop two
levels. **** Now head right, going through
several screens of birdmen and slicers until
you reach the end. Go up three levels, knock
the ceiling tile loose, go up one level,
head right to where you killed the first
birdman, up two levels, right again, down
two levels at the first gap and right
through the gate. Run one more screen right
and go out the main door.


Go right. Jump the gap and knock the birdman
off the right edge. He'll fall on a door
switch and fix it open. Drop down two levels
and jump right, through the gate and over
spikes you can't see from this screen. Now.
The third tile from the left shuts that
gate. Don't step on it. The fourth tile
opens the main door gate. Step on it. Now,
go to the crack between the fourth and fifth
tiles and jump left. Carefully walk up to
the spikes, go up 1 level and through the
gate. Go up another level, left, drop down 2
levels, head left and follow 12.3.1 from


Follow 12.3.2, but if you don't manage to
knock the birdman off the ledge, all is not
lost. Go down to the switch he would have
tripped. Trip it, jump right through the
gate, and note the floor switches. Trip the
second one (4th tile from the left; opens
the main door). Now, go one screen right.
Drink the green potion. A little man will
appear and run through the locked gate to
the right, tripping a switch on the far side
which will...temporarily...open the gate
behind you. So, run run run to the left,
stopping JUST SHY of the fourth tile. jump
over it, take two steps up to the spikes,
and climb up and past the gate before it

Now, go left, up, left down 2 levels, left
again and follow 12.3.1 from ****.

Plan 12.B

If you don't care about the potion, After
you go through the first gate, jump left and
go down one level. Take a running shift-jump
right, catch the far panel and drop down.
Head through the gate, and go right until
the end. Now you can either go up three
levels and follow plan 12.3.2, or go up two
levels, right, and down two, trip the
switch, go up one level and jump right, and
follow plan 12.3.3!

Level 13 One major potions

The studly way: Go left, under the slicer,
left and jump across the gap. Kill birdmen,
keep going left, keep killing birdmen until
you get to the next gap. *** Jump the gap,
then run left to the next screen. A birdman
will appear from the right. If you can, lure
him to the right and kill him right on the
egde of the gap, so that he dies on the
switch. If you can't do this, itÕs not
hopeless, just difficult. Trip the switch
and run run run left, go up, run left and
leap across the gap (holding shift) and pull
yourslef up and through the gate before it
closes...hint: jumping forward is faster
than running forward...
13.1 the wimpy way
Go left, down under the slicer, left again,
and hanging drop down the gap. Jump right,
dropping through the gap 2 floors, then head
left until you can go up. Go up to rejoin
the studly way at **** (There are several
minor potions down here that you can get...)

13.2 (SAVE)
Go left, kill kill kill, go left again, kill
kill kill (you can also put your sword away
and run once you've only got guys to the
right of you), run left, jump the gap, and
drink the major potion. Now...go left to the
flame. LET THE BIRDMAN KILL YOU. Then, when
the screen says 'push space bar to
continue'....don't. Wait and watch...

Level 14: no potions, short and quick...

Go to the right side of the tower, hanging
drop (hold shift as you fall), grab the
ledge and pull yourself up.

Level 15: As many potions as you like...

YouÕre on a chess board. If you need potions
(you must have 11 to complete this level!)
Go left and hanging drop down one left, then
go right and down 2 levels. Kill the men.
When they die, they often turn into
potions..sometimes minor, sometimes major.
Drink until you have 11!

From the chessboard, go right, jumping the 2
gaps. You should be in the crystal room with
4 shadows...turn yourself into a shadow to
kill them (turn left then right then left
then right....over and over till your shadow
separates. This will kill off strength
potions, so you SHOULD have 3 left over. If
you had enough potions, you should be
glowing with blue flame now.) Kill three of
the shadows. The fourth will disappear. Go
to the top platform and pull yourself up to
the next level ****, a weird level full
optical illusions. Take a little time to
aquaint yourself with this level....The
perspective is all wrong. Now, go kill
Jaffar...from where you started, go right a
step, pull yourself up, go right one running
step, pull yourself up, then run right,
jumping the gap and jumping down one level
at the end, Run left, down one level, left
again (you should be chasing Jaffar by now),
jump the gap. Take a walking step left. You
should be where you started. Repeat the
process once more. Now, you should be RIGHT
BEHIND Jaffar. When he pulls himself up
(where you were at point ****, above) pull
yourself up right with him and press 0. This
fires the fireball and torches him.

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