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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Diablo 2

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Game Name : Diablo 2
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-11 02:57:14
Views : 18524

Cheat :
Retrieving items after death:
Save and exit the game after dying. Restart the game, and your corpse will be in town, allowing you to retrieve your possessions.

If your corpse is close to a waypoint, cast a shielding spell, or equip any shield, then quickly run to your corpse and run back out. If any tough monsters are near the waypoint in BattleNet, ask another player that can defeat them to clear the way.

Gain money and items quickly:
Travel past the Blood Moor and look for a cave. The cave has two levels, with a golden chest somewhere at the second level. Inside are usually health potions, mana potions, scrolls of town portal or identify, unidentified weapons and armor, and sometimes even a rare item that can be sold for a great deal of money. If you identify the item and it is something that you do not want, sell it. Save and exit the game. The next time the game is loaded, the chest will still be there with different items. This can be done as many times as needed.

After completing the quest to save Cain, reload the game, then use the Stony Fields waypoint to do the quest again. There are always magic monsters here that will give you items.

More money for items:
Never sell or even pick up items that are low quality, cracked, etc. They give you less money and take up space. Only sell Enchanted bows because they cannot be repaired. Always repair items before selling to get more money. Armor in general gives you more money -- always pick up and sell it, especially Heavy Armor. Keep your inventory clean by having a row of potions along the bottom, a Tome of Identify and a Tome of Town Portal on the far left so they take up less space, and a key bunch. Keep as much space open as possible. You may feel very compelled to hoard potions, but it is more profitable to keep space open.

Easy experience:
Enter the real Tal Rasha's tomb, kill all the monsters, and save the game. Exit, then return to kill all the monsters again.

More space:
Acquire the Horadric Cube and keep it in your inventory. It only takes four spaces and gives you twelve spaces when it is open, allowing you to carry more items for your collection.

Safe gold storage:
If your stash is full of gold and you do not want to lose everything if you get killed, drop all your gold beside your stash or somewhere in town. You can go out and fight without worrying, but must pick up your gold again before you save and exit.

Quick restore:
When you are near death, save and exit the game -- make sure you are in Rouge's Encampment. Then, talk to Akara. She will give you full life and full mana.

Barabarian: Cow level:
Whirlwind is a necessity. Keep whirlwinding around the edges of the swarms of cows and always have a few rejuvenation potions in your belt in case you get stuck in the middle of them. Remember to kill the cow king because he will drop either a rare, set, or unique item.

Necromancer: Using items in Act 1:
Because gems in the beginning of the game are usually more precious than any unique/rare item you may find, get a socketed bardiche and fill it with chipped or flawed rubies or sapphires. For boots and gloves, try to go for + to gold from enemies because gold in Act 1 will allow you to buy useful items in Act 2. For rings and amulets, lean towards + to life Mana or Attack ratings. For armor and helm, try to get the best defense. However if you find something that has kicking abilities, do not hesitate to sacrifice the few defense points in difference. For belts, the more slots the better. In skills, + to strength. In abilities, +2 raise skeleton, +1 to amp damage, +2 to clay golem, + 1-2 to bone armor.

Necromancer: Stronger skeletons:
Summon your maximum number of skeletons, then find a skill shrine and click on it. Your maximum skeleton summoning ability should be doubled. Start summoning skeletons again. You should have double your number of skeletons and they will be twice as good in everything than your first skeletons. When your skill shrine power runs out, the weaker ones will die, leaving you with the strong ones.

Necromancer: Easy cow kill:
Use neckroman's corpse explosion on some of the cows in the cow level. You can kill over twenty cows with only four casts of this spell, in a hell difficulty. Note: Have the spell at a high level (at least 12).

Necromancer: Remove minions:
Use this trick when facing enemies that can resurrect other creatures, for example the Shaman. Cast the "Raise Skeleton", "Raise Skeleton Mage", or anything that will destroy the corpse, on the dead creature. His Shaman will not be able to bring him back to life.

Necromancer: Blood Golem/Iron Maiden combo:
Once you get the use of the Blood Golem, send it into battle and cast Iron Maiden on the monsters attacking it. This will give you great amounts of health instantly. Blood Golem gives you, and it, health for all damage it deals, and Iron Maiden causes monster who attack to deal themselves 200% damage back. Since the Blood Golem considers the 200% damage to be from it, this gives you lots of health. It works very well since all the monsters kill themselves.

Paladin: Increased damage:
Build up Charge to increase damage. All you need is a ring that has mana steel.

Protection from Diablo:
Place three perfect diamonds in a Gothic shield for maximum protection against all of Diablo's attacks. There are several levels of gems: chipped, flawed, gem type (diamond, sapphires, etc.), and perfect type. With the Horadric Cube you can make the next better classification by putting three gems of the same type and class in the cube and transmuting them. This results in one of a higher classification.

Better shield defense:
Put perfect amethysts in your shield to raise its defense. For example, getting an ancient shield with three perfect amethysts will add 86 to the defense.

Easier rare items:
Find and equip two Rings Of Fortune (increases the chance to get a better item), a socketed Helm, two gems of Topaz (best if they are perfect), Gloves Of Fortune, Boots Of Fortune and an Amulet Of Fortune and equip them. With all that equipped, the least amount you should have is 60%, but you may get higher.

Change enemies:
If enemies in a certain area, such as Hell, are too tough restart the game. Enemies such as Flesh Spawners, Stygian Hags, and the Hell beetles can spawn dozens of creatures in seconds. After restarting (exit, save, load, and play), check the area and repeat if needed. The Hell beetles are usually replaced by Doom Knights and Venom Lords, and the Hags are usually replaced by the same. This may also work with other areas.

No corpse monsters:
Every character has a ability than get rid of or prevent the creation of a corpse.

Barbarian: Use Item Find or Potion Find on a corpse.
Zons: Use Cold, Ice, or Freezing Arrow.
Paladin: Use Holy Freeze Aura.
Necromancer: Use Revive Skeleton.
Sorceress: Any Ice attack.
Unlimited one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not use it from town to return to where you were previously.

Unlimited imbued items:
After installing v1.00, play until Charsi offers to imbue something for you. Save and exit the game. Then download patch v1.03 and install it. Join a TCP/IP or open Battle.net game with the same character. Imbue something, then give it to a trusted player. After exiting, return as the same character, and you will be able to imbue again. Note: v1.00 save files cannot be overwritten by v1.03.

Cow level:
When you have the Horadaric Cube, obtain "Wert's Leg" in Tristram (where you go to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the northwest part of the town and search the boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level filled with axe carrying cows. Do not go through the portal until you are over level 35 because the cows are quite numerous and strong.

If you create a portal to the secret Cow level, do not kill the Cow King. If you do not, the same character will be able to create a portal there again repeatedly. However, if you or anyone else kills the Cow King, and you created the portal, you will not be able to do it again. Note: You can get another leg from Wirt as long as you do not have one in your possession (including stash).

Avoid death:
Press [Esc] when you are about to die, then save and exit the game. When you reload, your game you will be at the starting location.

Moving hand:
Press [Esc] during game play. Allow the game to idle at that screen and the hand will begin moving after a few seconds.

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