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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Escape from Horrorland

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Game Name : Escape from Horrorland
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-21 07:15:16
Views : 22303

Cheat :
Goosebumps : Escape from Horrorland

Bonus Game
When at Horrorland Plaza, look in all the trash cans until you get a hammer. When you return to Werewolf Village, go to the wheels that can turn off the fire. Use the hammer on the "worm" and you will play a game like Gopher-pop. Good luck!

Getting the Missing Eye
First you need to go to the Guillotine Museum. Once inside you need to find a mop. After you have found the mop you need must click on it. Then go to the place in the museum that has a bucket, a hole in some wood, and a blade ontop of it and left click on the hole. The mop will only be a stick. After the mop is in two pieces go to the area with the sunglasses and click on the glass. Then you should click on the bottom two sunglasses. Next go to an area where there are two "statues" and a wooden plank with an eye on it. Go to your pouch and click on one on the sunglasses and click on one of the "statues" eyes. Last, you do the same thing as you just did, but to the other "statue".

Secret Tunnels
There are three secret tunnels in the game.

The first one is in the Gulliotine Museum in Horrorland Plaza. When you pick up the mop, you should see 2 buckets. The small one contains one of the 777 coins. The big one leads to a coin tunnel. Beware- this is the biggest tunnel in the game, with tons of grates, coins, and, you guest it- tons of beasts. Many traps lurk here, and they are traps to trap the beasts- they trap you!

Secret Tunnel 2: Probably the game's largest coin deposit. In the doom slide area in Horrorland Plaza, #9 takes you to a coin tunnel. This is part sinch part impossible! This is just one huge arena with a few beasts in it. Beware, the beasts are very fast, and many coins make it tough but rich. Rumor has it that there is an eneterance to Dracula's Castle here. When you are in the castle, you can't find any trash cans. You will find out when you get all the coins in this tunnel.

Secret Tunnel 3: This is the exact same tunnel as in Horrorland Plaza for some reason. When you get inside the pyramid and get past the cloumns puzzle, look right. You will see a small door. Open it, and there is a bucket with a card next to it. The bucket is the enterance.

Snow Man Rain
To make it rain snowmen in the Horrorland Plaza, first click on the moon, then the brown patch to the right of a tree, and it will rain snowmen.

Tank Game
To play a tank game at the Vampire Village, enter the pin number next to the castle gate, go left down the street where the bug eating guy is, and enter the pin number on the bank (it's at the start of the game). The pin number is 1313.

Write On the Chalkboard in the Cafe
In the Fullmoon Cafe, go to the chalkboard that says nasty food (like Scrambled Brains or Tounge Sandwich) and click on the bottom of it. Chalk appears, and you can write on the board.

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