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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000

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Game Name : Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
System : Dreamcast
Date Added : 2002-06-18 00:21:07
Views : 17695

Cheat :
Unlock all secrets (Japanese version):
Select "Network" from the main menu. Then, choose "Homepage". Once you have entered the official Japanese home page for the game you have to click on "Download". However, the word is written in Japanese. You have to move the pointer on the symbols and check the respective link, on the bottom of the screen. After finding the correct link, you have to download the patch on the VMU that also contains your save game file for the game. Restart the game and all 77 secrets will be unlocked. The patch will disappear and will not affect your high scores.

Fight as "Evil" Ryu and "Evil" Iori:
Successfully complete both the Capcom and SNK Grooves in arcade mode with "Normal" Ryu and "Normal" Iori. Secrets 34 ("Evil" Ryu) and 49 ("Evil" Iori) will now be available for purchase in the Secret Shop. They will cost 7,000 vs. points each. Note: The other character unlock secrets (costing 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000) only unlock the "EX" (Extra) form of that particular character. The "EX" form is the exact same character with new, different, or slightly altered moves. To use a characters "EX" form (after purchasing it in the Secret Shop) go to the character selection screen. When choosing your characters, hold Start to switch from the "normal" to the "EX" character. While still holding Start choose that character as done normally.

Fight as Morrigan:
Defeat Morrigan in arcade mode and purchase all the Capcom EX characters.

Fight as Nakoruru:
Defeat Nakoruru in arcade mode and purchase all the SNK EX characters.

Fight against Morrigan and Nakoruru:
To fight Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade and pair match mode, unlock and buy their "shadows" in secret mode. Morrigan's "shadow" is secret 63 and Nakoruru's is secret 64. They will cost 700 vs. points each. To get them to appear you must have GPS: 60 (groove points) by the end of the third match (the third team you face).You also cannot continue. To fight Morrigan, choose the Capcom groove. To fight Nakoruru, choose the SNK groove. Note: The easiest way to fight them is to go to the game options and set the difficulty to the lowest (easiest) setting, time to infinite, damage to the lowest (minimum) setting, and change gauge to max.

Fight against Gouki:
Unlock and purchase Gouki's "shadow" (secret 62). It will cost 500 vs. points. After having bought the "shadow", Gouki will now be available as an opponent in arcade and pair match mode. You must have at least GPS: 85,000 (groove points) to get him to appear before the start of the final match.

Fight as Gouki:
Defeat Gouki in arcade or pair match mode and buy Morrigan and Nakoruru.

Morrigan's stage:
To unlock Morrigan's stage (secret 67) just defeat her in arcade mode. Her stage will now be available for purchase in the Secret Shop for 1,200 vs. points.

Nakoruru's stage:
To unlock Nakoruru's stage (secret 68) just defeat her in arcade mode. Her stage will now be available for purchase in the Secret Shop for 1,200 vs. points.

Gouki's Stage:
To unlock Gouki's stage (secret 69), defeat Gouki in arcade mode on the SNK groove. It will cost 1,500 vs. points.

Pair match mode:
To unlock pair match mode (secret 71), defeat Morrigan and Nakoruru in arcade mode. After both of them have been defeated, pair match mode will be available for purchase in the Secret Shop for 1,800 vs. points.

Adjustable Ratios in vs. mode:
To unlock Adjustable Ratios in vs. mode (secret 72) defeat Gouki in arcade mode on the Capcom groove. It will cost 1,500 vs. points.

Original Themes:
Successfully complete pair match mode to unlock original themes. This allows you to change the music during a match.

Hint :
Hint: Free vs. points:
To get free vs. points for the Secret Shop, enter training mode. Select a couple of characters, get to the battle screen, and do nothing -- just let the characters stand there for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. After that time you will have earned about 999 vs. points. Note: 999 is the maximum number of vs. points that can be earned in one training match. To earn more points, simply exit training mode, enter again and repeat the process.

On training and versus modes, you will get 10 vs. points for every minute of game time. This does not include being on character selection or pause screens.

Hint: Easy groove points:
Use the "Defeating Geese" trick on everyone and finish them off with a Hyper Combo. You should get anywhere from 40 to 60 groove points if you do not get hit.
Select one of your fighters as EX Benimaru. do the Benimaru Corridor Crunch as much as possible. Every time you use it you will get at least 10 groove points.
Use Yamazaki's Taunt and Counter as a finishing move. You should get anywhere from 30 to 75 groove points.
Use Vice in SNK Groove. When your life bar flashes red, use the Withering Surface super attack. When your opponent flies away, charge up and do a level 3 version. This can add up to 30 groove points to your final score.
Hint: Easy Hyper Combos:
Some fighters such as Yamazaki have hard to do supers like the Drill that requires a full 360 and then one of the Punch buttons to be pressed. Roll (X + A) and do the 360 motion while in the roll. As soon as you get up, press a Punch button. This makes hard to do Hyper Combos easy.

Hint: Get an S from the enemy:
If your opponent uses a move that would normally get an S, cancel it out with your attack to get an S, even if your move would not normally score an S.
Hint: Defeating Geese:
Choose Dhalsim as one of your characters (groove does not matter). Only use HP and HK. Every time Geese tries to jump into the air use HK and when he is on the ground use HP. If he becomes dizzy, use a Yoga Stream Hyper Combo.

Hint: Defeating M. Bison:
Choose Terry as one of your characters (groove does not matter). Whenever M. Bison jumps, use a Hard Kick Crack Shot. He should be hit almost every time.

Hint: Scoring high GPS (groove points):
Block your opponent's attack at the last instant.
Knock your opponent out of their attack.
Projectile attacks score fairly well when they connect.
Finish your opponent with a super special (the attacks that drain your power meter).
Hint: More vs. points:
Go to training mode and leave the game on for a long period of time (preferably overnight.)

Hint: Different encounters:
If two fighters know each other, or match characteristics, they might do a different encounter. Some include:

Ryu vs. Ryo: They jump away from each other.
Kyo vs. Iori: Their flames appear and they talk for a few seconds.
Sakura vs. Yuri: Sakura is startled by Yuri and...apologizes?.
Benimaru vs. any girl: He blows the girl a kiss.
Rugal vs. Vice: Another girl is next to Vice.
Geese vs. Bison: Geese uses a Double Wind Slash on Bison.
Bison vs. Iori: Iori uses a Dark Thrust on Bison but misses.
Bison vs. Rugal: Rugal's panther growls at Bison.
Ryu vs. Ken: They hit their fists together.
Ken vs. Terry: Ken tosses Terry his hat.
Ryu vs. Kyo: Kyo shoots fire at Ryu to get his attention.
Chun Li vs. Mai: Mai is dressed as Chun Li.
Geese vs. Terry: Geese taunts Terry.
Terry vs. Yamazaki: Terry smashes a knife Yamazaki throws to him, then they flex their muscles.
Zangief vs. Raiden: They are in a hold, then they jump back,

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