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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.

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Game Name : Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:37:14
Views : 13732

Cheat :
Bonus teams:
Highlight the "Exhibition" option and repeatedly tap C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select the "All-Star teams" option to access the Nintendo and Angel Studios teams. Alternatively, win the World Series after playing a full season with all the teams.

View ending sequence:
Select exhibition mode, and choose the same team as home and visitor. Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Left(2), C-Right, C-Down, C-Up, Z at the stadium selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Dancing batter:
Press Up(2), Down, Left(2), Right(2), Left(2), Down, Up(2) while batting.

Dancing pitcher:
Press Up(2), Down, Left(2), Right(2), Left(2), Down, Up(2) while pitching.

Flying outfielder:
Wait until a pop fly to the outfield is hit by your opponent. Allow the ball to drop, then pick it up. Hold Z and press C-Up to run into the infield with the ball. Then, press C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down to throw the ball to various bases. The crowd will boo to confirm correct code entry. Intentionally ignore the next ball that is hit into the outfield, and repeatedly tap A or B to fly.

Exploding batter:
Quickly press Right, Left, Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down while batting. The batter will reappear with the next pitch.

Fight on the bench:
Press L, R, L(2),R while batting. The view should go towards the bench, then the players will get up and start fighting.

View fireworks:
Press Z at the stadium selection screen to enter "View Stadium" mode. Then, press R + Z to shoot fireworks near the home plate section of the stadium.

To view fireworks, go to exhibition mode and select your teams. When the stadium selection screen appears, select "View stadium". Move around and press C-Up + R to see fireworks.

Control title screen:
Hold Z at the title screen to stop the spinning baseball. Press the Analog-stick while holding Z to control the baseball's movement.

No-hit pitch:
Position the crosshair anywhere outside the yellow batting circle and hold it there. Hold Z and press C-Up, C-Left, or C-Right to look at one of the bases. Release Z, then release the other button. The crosshair will disappear from the pitching screen. Select and throw any pitch, which will always be a strike or a ball.

Easy hits:
Hold B while batting to move the cursor to where the ball will be pitched. Release B as soon as the ball is thrown and swing.

Easy pick off at first base:
After the pitcher throws the ball, have the catcher throw the ball to first base. Then, repeatedly press A. If done correctly, the runner will step off the base and the first basemen will tag his feet. However, the game will not count it as an out, even though the base runner is removed.

When pitching, hold Z + C-Right, then release C-Right. Then, immediately release Z and press C-Right. The runner on first should be out. Note: this only works once per game

View CPU pitcher status:
Press R on controller two while the CPU is pitching.

View opposing team's line-up:
Press C-Down at the line-up screen if your team is scheduled to play the following day.

Instantly rested pitchers:
Turn an uninjured pitcher into a free agent, then immediately re-sign him.

Automatic home run:
Wait until you are controlling Ken Griffey Jr. at bat. Press Left(2), Right(3), Left(2). Ken Griffey Jr. will point his bat in the direction where the ball will be hit to confirm correct code entry. Successfully connect on a pitch to automatically hit a home run.

Alternate uniform color:
Select exhibition mode and choose to be the home team. Repeatedly tap C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down at the black screen, after "Play Ball" has been selected. Keep pressing those buttons until the screen that shows the players running onto the field appears. If done correctly, your team will be wearing their alternate uniform. For example, the Mets normally wear white uniforms when playing at home. After the code has been enabled, their shirts will be black.

Get hit by a pitch:
The following trick works best when the opposing pitcher is tired. Enable the "Dancing batter code", followed by the "Exploding batter" code. If the pitcher throws a ball off the inside corner of the strike zone, your batter will be hit by the pitch. Note: This does not work with the low-crouch batters.

Free bean ball:
When you are pitching throw the ball normally. If the batter tries to bunt, try to hit him while he has his bat over the plate. If you hit him, the umpire will call it a strike and the ball will roll in front of the pitcher's mound. You can even strike someone out using this method. Note: The batter has to be trying to bunt. This also works in two player mode.

Start a fight:
Hold C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down and press Z after your batter is hit by a pitch.

Disappearing runner:
Wait until the CPU has a man on first base. After pitching, and the batter either misses or if it is a ball, throw the ball from the catcher throw to the first baseman. After he catches the ball, tap A as fast as possible until the view focuses back on the pitcher. The runner on first base should be gone after the pitcher gets the ball back.

Faster draft:
When the screen that are shows which teams picked which player appears, press Analog-stick Down.

Hint :
Hint: Good hit:
Begin game play with the pitching style set to "Classic". Wait until the opposing pitcher is tired and wipes his forehead or holds his knees. Then when he places his hands together, quickly swing the bat to view the position of the green cross-hair.

Hint: Comment after catch:
When catching a fly ball, get in to the circle, wait until the last second, then press A or B. If timed correctly, your player will jump/dive after catching the ball, which not only looks funny but will get a compliment from Ken Griffey Jr.

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