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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

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Game Name : Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2002-06-17 21:26:12
Views : 21710

Cheat :
CPU characters in battle mode:
Hold Z and press A at the battle mode character selection screen to use the CPU characters. Note: Challenge level 5 in every mode may first need to be completed.

Music option:
Successfully complete story mode to unlock the music option.

Battle Royal mode:
Win the gold cup in Survival mode.

King and Knights mode:
Win the gold cup in Battle Royal mode.

Key Trial mode:
Win the gold cup in King and Knights mode.

Score Attack mode:
Win the gold cup in Key Trial mode.

Alternate title screen:
Successfully complete the game to change the title screen to display one of Pommy''s different levels with a blue background with clouds.

Hint :
Hint: Getting the Guardian Boots:
In Starlight, after you get the lightning bombs, return to the start. Enter the next area. Push on the middle left, where a golden statue used to be. You should enter a room. Lightning bomb the platform to get the Guardian Boots. You can now permanently kick bombs.

Hint: Getting the Guardian Gloves:
Note: Lightning bombs are required for this trick. On Planet Horizon, after the area where you defeat Ashtarth, go down the stairs, get the bomb throw, and go to the door in the "up" area (not the one you came from). Get the Remote Control (bomb the statue and collect it) and step on the two buttons. Go back. Enter the door on the right. Move right, then put the statues on the buttons as was done during the first time in Horizon. Wind bomb to the elevator platform. Throw a bomb downwards and press Z at the top of its arc. It should take away a small pillar object. Return to the beginning of the room. Go up the stairs. Wind bomb yourself across. In the next room, lightning bomb the platform and grab the part to get the Guardian Gloves.

Hint: Getting the Guardian Vest:
Note: Earth bombs and lightning bombs are required for this trick. On Aquanet, just at the beginning on your right are three pillars. Use an earth bomb here. Enter the hidden doorway on the left. Lightning bomb the platform to get the Guardian Vest.

Hint: Getting the Guardian Helmet:
Note: Dark bombs are required for this trick.. In Neverland, go to the point with the lava strip in the middle and two knights on the sides. Use a dark bomb at the end of the strip, which resembles a small door, and it will open. Use an ice bomb to freeze the lava in front of it, then walk through. Lightning bomb the platform to get the Guardian Helmet.

Glitch: Silent bombs:
Lay a bomb, then quickly pause game play as soon as you see it explode (before the bomb blast disappears). Wait until the explosion sound stops. Resume the game. The bomb should explode again, but with no sound.

Glitch: Two Pommeys:
Use the "Silent bombs" glitch. Select the dark bomb. Pommey will get sucked into the blast and it will appear as if there are two Pommeys.

Glitch: Use any stones in demo mode:
For this trick to work, you need to have a saved game with at least more that one elemental stone. Any other stone will work -- just not the fire stone. To start, make sure your game is reset. When the title screen appears, go into your saved game. You can choose any planet, but the easiest one to do this trick on is the entertainment planet. Once the level starts, choose which stone you would like with the C buttons. Start the level and let yourself die with the stone still selected. You must not kill yourself, or this trick will not work. Allow the enemies kill to you. Once they do, the hard part is over. Put the controller down. At the "Game Over/Restart" screen, do nothing. Let the countdown exit you to the main screen. The stone is now registered into memory. Wait for the demonstration to automatically start, with the elemental stone you have chosen. Try choosing the Wind stone to see people get blown off the world a lot and Pommy even defying gravity. Choose the Lava stone and Bomberman will not get hurt. Note: This will freeze the game part way through. Reset the game to start over. Try your own stones for more effects. If you want to see it again, you must reset the console. This also will not work for demo part two.

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