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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers Of Darkness

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Game Name : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers Of Darkness
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2008-07-01 15:18:43
Views : 11230

Special Missions and bonuses
Enter the following Wonder Mail codes after completing Chapter 10 to unlock the corresponding special mission.
12=W P@TJ K@H1 4++- HMK7 8K3=Aerial Ace TM Mt. Horn 11F
15+0 6-6Q K2CN KR+# %9K@ %WY9Ampharos Drenched Bluff 5F
NK99 1452 905& 67N5 7679 @c+@Beauty Scarf
Y#ST 42FM C4H+ NM@M =T99 9#PRBlizzard
1RC-M9+90S#T XKQMJH@N34-MBlue Gummi
6M=7 0HM% -9=X R%C6 NM1# 7F1JBlue Gummi
YTY3 HP5X YHC= 49PM 8NHF 9&YCBlue Gummi Drenched Bluff B6F
YTY3 HP5X YHC= 49PM 8NHF 9&YCBlue Gummi Drenched Bluff B6F
TCM0 #TX2 K-J& X997 %-J2 6@@RBlue Gummi Mt. Bristle 9F
2J@7 PHST F2PX F=@9 @&22 N#X2Bonsly Mt. Bristle
FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3Bottomless Sea Boss Kyogre Water Harmonica reward (increases Water-type Pokemon recruitment)
H+5M 8JPY SKY+ %43M SJ&Q Y#+2Buneary (Explorers Of Darkness only)
XR2Y #==@ JYX% 3@2F Q8FQ R@M#Burmy (Explorers Of Darkness only)
962& 5@91 Y-8H 212X FC@5 WK9-Combee (Explorers Of Darkness only)
N54= MK=F SH1F CR8= R@HN 14#YDawn Stone
PJ-F 44%K 9++Q Y0KJ 9KKX R=%%Dewgong Steam Cave 7F
s4nk tf8t 387p -H%X 0M=3 =80%Donphan
JF7X QC92 K0WM 8KM& &7JN H558Dubious Disc
10S0-J#@1-N+ =+38-PM%J289Electivire recruitment
PXJ6 34F4 4Q3F QW&K YRX5 38+=Enigma Part
Y2YS W595 T=XJ 39Y0 TWW2 +RY0Evee recruitment
1R3C C@%9 2QT4 T1%N 9=P% @=H5Farfetch'd Northern Desert 8F
P+WY W&KF JM4C JC85 H=K% QFM0Frozen Rock (Eevee to Glaceon)
K%M1 W=69 5Q0= JCF0 53RH S90RGarchomp recruitment
W=1+7@242W9N -KP4TW58@NX1Gastrodon (blue)
FH0T HYNH R0QF 86N8 +SY@ &%YNGiant Volcano Boss Heatran Fire Drum reward (increases Fire-type Pokemon recruitment)
@q8ST1MF#YRP 6-32MPKY9#&&Glailie recruitment
H7H0 H==@ JF4% 3+Q% +C0T JQSWGold Ribbon
1PH1 TKH7 =9MJ NY2T 58-3 3Y90Golden Apple
@XY7 ST62 98XM 39P7 C3M4 7XM=Happiny
+9RK 4X-& 0YFR P51H X3Y7 H+P&Happy Outlook
Q9T3 2F98 =%Y+ F8&4 TX# TPJ-=Hidden Power
7==C C3H8 Y+4P 429M Q@CF %7FMHyper Beam
S45X HW6W J1JT 7MNT 1==5 FN@#Iron
&+PS P28R XJ7X MCKP =3S2 %3KPJoy Ribbon
@470 #%7H H05M =+K2 FJ=J 9T2RJoy Ribbon Foggy Forest
#&#H QTX= KW8& X%MK CRJR 7@89Joy Seed
+7TM 43-= CT4R 44P5 9M06 =M&2Joy Seed Zero Isle East B31F
23+H F199 J1J+ FR0S 5X20 &JPJKings Rock
3PNY =#87 NC45 @CW- S7%H J6T5Lake Afar
%H#N 33@F 66#5 6%CT 2H9W =4QFLandslide Cave
F=4X T7SH M8+3 #C62 Q37H 3JJ3Leafeon recruitment Serenity River B4F
=J+7 M199 JRJ+ F-H& M6Y5 &J7MLink Cable
KCT@ C&51 &2S& 6%%W 0WYW #H0-Linoone
YNP5 Q&%9 HP5+ SWK5 60P0 W1%WLost Wilderness
+C5P J0R4 PYFN CC4K &51 0KRYLunar Ribbon
J445 H1NT 051@ J++3 30#7 8Q&PLuxray recruitment
HP4W -@TF N7T7 5F#6 6H=7 #7R=Magmorter recruitment Apple Woods
78SR -H2MP 0+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9SMaze Cave Boss Gabite Gabite's Scale reward
20SR T5+- X&QC P9@2 ==X9 P#NHMidnight Forest
HF4C J4&X =@16 56YJ C%5M +PRTMiltank
&&HJ QM40 S2SM OM52 RCHK MFJ@Mobile Scarf Crevice Cave 9F
&+8+ =QX= -6M% 7M4+ +-PS QP%KMoon Stone
5KTH TPTJ PF6T &0S9 Y45H PQ8KMossy Rock
4MP= K98# CT%Y R@-- &P7% %K86Mt. Avalanche Cave Boss Articuno Ice Flute reward (increases Ice-type Pokemon recruitment)
Q&+2 %1CS S1XM WY-4 8T0T C20YMt. Mistral
X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8KMysterious Jungle Boss Mew Grass Trumpet reward (increases Grass-type Pokmon recruitment)
R#F& =7R3 R37X +Q+& 6FWK YJN5Oran Forest
X&=5 -Q&X 2W=K R97X N6CP T=5+Oval Stone
#S%K +NS8 =3=F 89@Q 3C%5 56&4Pachirisu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
N@34 8SM9 6-R6 2Q2K #MJ% -6+YPiplup (female)
49W= #-MK 3=NH Y378 P444 6M#QPsych Up
@T1K JYJ4 R4K+ NN@- RKKK JH34Rampardos Drenched Bluff B5F
0&%9 =Q&X 2H4K RCT6 XJ9& 5=83Reviver Seed
6@YW ST%H +TN& C0K7 Y7#& SQ-7Riolu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
C=RS QTC- 3S%T M#QQ 8&FW CJ40Riolu (Explorers Of Darkness only)
MX81 6@-W 74&R PMN- X@K- H0H4Roost
0K3% 1Y&W H3M4 4P6R &RW0 +-PWRotom (Explorers Of Darkness only)
'@Q-# -RPY S4H+ %SQM #4PQ N0X0Safeguard
PQ1R -KQ@ CFXC WF55 0XN1 6H0CSerenity River
S6P& 198+ -5QY R&22 FJMK W1XFSerenity River X-Scissor reward
33SC 7WNH &P8F 8QFX %0#- 43R4Shiftry
8#QX 4Q&X WWFK R17% -#9F 5=C9Shimmer Hill
#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7YShimmering Desert Boss Groudon Earth Cymbal reward (increases Ground-type Pokemon recruitment)
HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-Sky Stairs Boss Rayquaza Flying Pianaca reward (increases Flying-type Pokemon recruitment)
PMJ- &T@9 =5H3 H4H0 +&X0 =@%JSmeargle
6YMY 27FM FRW2 MKTP T9J4 NRM0Stamina Band
S=W7 3&8S 2CSQ 0-7Y HP3+ H260Stone Plate
%1T7 #TWY J+96 0-47 &W@= J+Q@Sun Ribbon
0T&Y FQ7C JHH8 M7W# MKK1 -M1%Swords Dance
WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&CThe Great Hole Boss Giratina Rock Megaphone reward (increases Rock-type Pokemon recruitment)
#PS9 QK50 3PPN F@+Q TX#-HQ7TTiny Meadow
FCCS #09= 5T+6 Y#03 3P@Y PQ#@Tiny Meadow
SNYK F+3- ##R& &X5T RM6J 9-RFTiny Meadow
7P5J -12X TKXQ 9C=X TPHW F1FRTM Blizzard
4-13 P@1X S%45 H5WS 084& P+-R6TM Dig
6S+& 2YNC 655F 8JF4 CF27 P%Q@TM Flamethrower
QM5= @J4J #+8= &H48 Q2%4 J1K3TM Grass Knot
P%#F RRFX P2@0 6Y31 PCQ8 K@7@TM Overheat
%Y-7 J2H8 3HWH @=1P P6YM 9S7JTM Poison Jab
HXK8 8-NS -XJ5 X0W@ W8NS S#HTTM Psychic
9%Y7&695TYHJ 34XYTR4J=RJ3TM Recycle
TKTW W=TK 5WJ# 3WFR 0C10 K01XTyranitar recruitment
M-@J HFCC CMR8 &WS# 1=01 =TW&Vacuum-Cut
4N%Q 8M64 M3XQ 8P03 70XW -XM3Weavile (female) recruitment
%1K4 W36M H3KP WS0R S&PJ 8QJPX-ray Specs
WTN1 XQ9C Q8#4 QR%J N468 F8F#Yanmega Crystal Cave B8F
@WWH K8X1 8@C+ C8KT N51H #213Zinc Band

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