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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Elder Scrolls 4, The : Oblivion

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Game Name : Elder Scrolls 4, The : Oblivion
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-07-24 06:22:31
Views : 17036

Sigil Stone Picker
The gates generate a random plane of oblivion along with a random sigil stone. Go through the tower all the way to the top, till you reach the sigil stone. Simply save the game before the stone spawns and you can re-randomize the stone by re-loading the game, if it's not to your liking.

Free Iorn Arrows
Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.

Infinite Money
First, goto the Imperial City Talos Plaza District. Then, open your map (the one that shows the names of all the buildings in your current location), and find Dorian's house. Go inside his house and bribe him all the money you can, then make him upset by making disposition going down by playing the disposition mini game, and repeat the bribing process. Once you've bribed him a good amount of money, such as 1000 Gold, kill him as fast as you can.

A good way to kill him without allowing him to run away is to push him in the other room and stand in the doorway while attacking him. After he's dead, goto his body and keep clicking on his gold. DO NOT select "Take All" as it will ruin the glitch, just keep clicking his gold. You'll get the amount of gold he has on his body every time you click it, and he will never run out of it.

Unlock Print Screen (PRTSCN) button
There is a setting in the INI file: bAllowScreenShot=0

change to: bAllowScreenShot=1

Also, two related items for the screenshots:

There are two INIs, one in the game folder called "Oblivion_default.ini", this is the one it uses to generate the REAL one....
My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\Oblivion.ini

Edit the first one if you want to default to having screenshots on by default for all users. The settings it uses at runtime are the ones from My Documents folder.

After you mod the INI file, you can press PRTSCN button and Oblivion will write a BMP file to your game folder.

Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Rufio)
The Inn of Ill Omen is located Northwest of Bravil along the road. In the basement of it is a guy named Rufio. As long as you are reasonably quiet he will sleep forever allowing you to sneak around the room increasing the skill easily. Just put your guy facing a corner and rig the stick to keep walking and you gain a new level roughly every minute (early on). Note that if you killed Rufio as part of the Dark Brotherhood's quest, you won't be able to use this exploit.

Mercantile Increase
You can raise most other skills without trouble, except perhaps, for Mercantile. Go to the tents in Kvatch. Equip any weapon and get on horseback. Once this is done, talk to the Orc woman with corn rows and sell the weapon to her. Your weapon will not be sold but you will get 200 gold every time you attempt this. It raises the mercantile skill while you make money. Win-win.

Cheat mode
Press ~ during game play to display the console window:

Result - Code:

Spawn indicated item - additem [item number]
Get indicated spell - addspell [spell number]
Force a level up - advlevel
Force skill level up - advskill [skill]
Complete all quest stages- caqs
Teleport3 - coc [destination name]
Set all quest stages - completeallqueststages
Set hair color - hairtint [red] [green] [blue]
List console commands - help
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted - kill
Moves to current quest target - movetoquesttarget
Spawn indicated item - player.additem [item code] 1
Add 100 lockpicks - player.additem 0000000a "100"
Add 100 skeleton keys - player.additem 0000000b "100"
Add 100 repair hammers - player.additem 0000000c "100"
Add 100 gold - player.additem 0000000f "100"
Teleport - player.coc [destination name]
Set player level - player.setlevel [1-255]
Give all spells to player - psb
Quit game immediately - qqq
Save game - savegame [filename]
Set fog start and end depths - setfog [start] [end]
Change your gender - sexchange
Change your birthsign - showbirthsignmenu
Show sign selection screen - showbirthsignmenu
Change your class - showclassmenu
Show class selection screen - showclassmenu
Show quest log - showquestlog
Show current quest log - showquestlog 0
Show completed quest log - showquestlog 1
Show current quest targets - showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen - showracemenu
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles - showsubtitle
Window with the full game scene graph - ssg
Toggle AI - tai
Toggle combat AI - tcai
Toggle no clipping - tcl
Toggle AI detection - tdetect
Toggle debug display - tdt
Free camera movement - tfc
Toggle full help - tfh
Toggle grass - tg
God mode, if nothing is targeted - tgm
Toggle land - tll
Toggle leaves - tlv
Toggle menus - tm
Toggle fog of war - togglefogofwar
All map locations shown - togglemapmarkers
Toggle sky - ts
Toggle trees - tt
Toggle wireframe - twf
Toggle water - tws
Unlock selected locked door or container - unlock

Infinite Money
In the early stages of the main quest, go on horse to the female Orc waiting ouside Kvatch. Try and sell her your equipped weapon and it will say "Cannot Unequip this weapon." However, you will be given the gold as if you sold it. You can constantly do this for unlimited gold.

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