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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Chibi-Robo

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Game Name : Chibi-Robo
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2006-03-22 19:18:31
Views : 26049

Ghost suit
Completely out of battery five times. An easy way to do this without losing Moolah is to dress up in the Medic suit and do your pose by pressing Z. This makes you collapse, but you may not run out of battery. Note: Make sure you have enough battery before pressing Z. It is the classic blanket with two holes ghost, with two sharp teeth, your tongue out, and an open mouthed smile.

Unlimited energy
After you get Giga's leg from the Queen Spydor, the aliens will give Giga unlimited energy. Giga will plug Chibi's cord into himself, giving Chibi unlimited energy also. He cannot lose energy in any way. It will have all infinity symbols instead of numbers. The effect is permanent and unchangable.

Getting to the second floor
You first have to kill some Spydorz and collect their scrap. Next, go to the Chibi-House and buy the ladder Utilibot for the foyer. Note: Before you can get the foyer Utilibot you must buy the one in the living room. Go to the foyer and raise the ladder a bit. Make sure you have a lot of extra energy. Then, start to push it towards the stairs and stop. Raise it the rest of the way. If you are running out of energy, you can stop and recharge. Climb it to get to the second floor.

Give Mrs. Sanderson a small handkerchief, old boxers, or an outdated scarf. From left to right it is reddish with a pink bear, blue with white clouds, or pink and white.

Trauma suit
Run out of battery once. You will wake up in your house with a sling and lots of bandages. You will have bandages on the entire body and partially on the head, arm and leg cast.

Drake Redcrest suit
Talk with Drake Redcrest at night. Pose with him. It is a star wars fighter, that is red, white and blue with a fist-like helmet with side skirts.

Entering the backyard
Buy the Chibi-Blaster. Go to the big window. All the way to the right of the window is a bear sticker. Shoot it with Chibi-Blaster and enter the crack. Make sure to have full energy when going outside. There do not appear to be any plugs out there.

Unlock Trauma Suit
Let Chibi Robo completely run out of energy at least once. Telly Vision will rescue you and you will receive the "Trauma Suit" which consists mainly of bandages and a very funny pose animation. After this, you can equip and unequip the Trauma Suit anytime from your items page.

Unlock Frog Suit
Get the squirter on the table in Jenny's room and fill it. Hose the frog in the backyard several times and it will award you with this suit.

Chibi doors
To open a Chibi Door, pick up your plug and press A when the investigate bubble pops up near the plug. You will enter it, and there will be Moolah.

After you get the treasure maps, go to Jenny's room at night. Walk around the piano keys until a doll pops out. You will see a short intermission sequence, then you can pick it up. It is called Primopuel. Its description reads "A popular toy".

Avoiding the Freedom Fighters
Use the following trick to get around the Freedom Fighters (egg army men) shooting at you. Go into the kitchen and walk all the way over to Mrs. Sanderson. To her left is a group of cabinets. Climb the handles until you reach the top of the counter. You should see a flashing cup. Walk up to it and press A to get it. You will see a short intermission sequence about it. Try to fall onto the cabinet handles. This is very difficult, and you may die by falling off. Go to the foyer and use the cup; it is in your "X" menu. They now cannot hurt you and you can cross to the basement. Once you reach the basement, the Egg Soldiers will leave you alone for good.

Mr. Prongs and Mr. Prong's sticker
Get the Chibi Radar and use it in the living room. Find a certain place on the floor and tap it with your spoon. A blue man who dances may appear if you tap your spoon quickly and rapidly. He is wearing only red underwear and has a plug for a head. If you tap enough, he will be an adult. He will give you his sticker and a lot of happy points.

Alien puzzle
When you are very far in the game, you can get a Chibi-Radar. Pull two weeds outside and use it in the middle. Aliens will appear and ask you something that you cannot hear. It does not matter how you respond. Then, buy an about 2000 Moolah chip so that you can hear them. Call them again. After an intermission sequence, they will follow you to the door. Drake will try to stop you, but fail. Bring them to Gigabot. They will get sad and leave. Get the Tao Suit from sarge and call them one more time. They are now sick and depressed. Wear the Tao Suit, then one will fall in front of Tao. Talk to Tao, then lead that alien to the UFO. You will go inside. Get the Chibi Blaster out and shoot all the beds. They will slowly crawl inside. You can cool them off if your squirter is empty. Next, go out to one of the panels. The one you chose will light up. Jump on the center platform and get off when it lands on the one you chose. Do that with them all to go back in time.

Great Peekoe
Go to the basement at night and you'll see a four armed toy. Talk to her say yes when you do she will ask for moolah. Give her $900 and you will get $1800. You have to say no, no, yes, yes, yes.

Utilibot Sticker
Build all the the Utilibots.

Entering the kitchen
To get into the kitchen, it must first be at night. Also, you must get the Drake Redcrest suit. If it suddenly says that the T.V. turns on, run into the glow of television on the floor. There should be an intermission sequence about an action figure named Drake Redcrest. Once he starts to patrol the ground, talk to him. Answer his questions to get his suit. He will tell you to speak to him again to get hero training. Talk to him again to get the pose for the Drake Redcrest suit. Walk around a bit, and you will soon see a big colorful worm wedged between a door writing in a diary. Hop into the Redcrest suit and talk to the worm. Hide around the corner until she cannot see you and talk to her. She will ask if you are really Drake Redcrest. Say "Yes". Walk in front of her and strike a pose using Z. Note: This will result in high battery consumption. She will get scared and wiggle away.

Tao suit
Complete all free ranger training courses. It is a miniature Tao (the Sanderson;s dog), with a black and white bottom half.

Unlock Tao Suit
Clear Free Ranger 6 training course to unlock the Tao/dog suit.

Super Chibi suit
Get a #1 ranking. It has a large "S" pendant on the chest, and is shinier.

Frog suit
Rehydrate the frog outside with the squirter. It has a hat like Jenny's with a light green body, arms, legs, feet, and hands.

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