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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Sentinel

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Game Name : Sentinel
System : Atari 2600
Date Added : 2006-08-09 16:30:31
Views : 40920

Play as the Alien Brigade and the Omega Fortress
During any of the levels listed below, fire a charge shot after you take at least 1 point of damage. While the charge shot is on-screen, press Start and press the Up directional button twice, then press the Right directional button once. After that, complete the level with the proper requirements listed below, and a menu will come up with the ships you have already unlocked. You can access it from the Start menu at any time.

Attack Patroler - Get over 200 kills on Bonus Stage 1
Lord Vlad - Get over 1000 kills on Level 20
Patrol Cruiser - Get over 500 kills on Level 1
Psywave Cruiser - Get over 800 kills on Level 7
The Omega Fortress Leader, Omegaman - Get over 5000 kills on all levels combined

Easy way to defeat the Omega Fortress
When you are fighting the Omega Fortress, fire a grenade at its Omega symbol or it's windshield. It will stick for some reason, and drain energy until either the Fortress is destroyed or you shoot the grenade, which would explode and do the same amount of damage it would do if it exploded on contact.

Fight the Omega Fortress
In level 2, after the second heavy cruiser appears, fly to the left, and hold the left directional button, even though you can't continue to go left. The screen will flash and take you to a new area, where a large ship will be. This is the Omega Fortress, and its primary attacks are guns, grenade shots, and a nova cannon. Once you defeat it, a special credit roll will come on screen, followed by a level warp menu.

Turn into a goose
In Level 6, after the fourth wave of Patrol Scouts flies by, wait for a Heavy Cruiser to appear. Fire a Charge Shot at it, and wait for it to shoot back. Fire 2 normal shots at it, then another Charge Shot. If you did this correctly, the Heavy Cruiser will blow up, and a feather will fly out of it. Shoot the feather until it explodes, and press Start. While paused, press Fire twice, then press Start again. Now you should look like a goose, and you can turn it off and on by pressing Start and then pressing Fire twice, during any level.

Get the Omega Power
After you defeat the Omega Fortress, fire at the explosion of it before it clears away. The Omega Power will drop down in the form of an Omega symbol, and when you get it, it gives you a PERMANENT 30% attack boost!

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