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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind

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Game Name : Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2005-09-18 16:53:38
Views : 13578

Ebonheart: Easy money:
Travel to Ebonhart and join the Imperial Cult. Talk to the Almoner, Lulus Truptor, in the Imperial Chapel. He is downstair). Go on a few Almoner missions. You do not have to collect the money if you already have enough to pay him yourself. Eventually, he will send you to Balmora to collect Cyrodillic Brandy. Talk to the owner of the club, Eight Plates and ask her to donate some Cyrodillic Brandy. She will gladly give it to you if her disposition is high enough. Then, try it again. She does not seem to realize that she just donated a bottle, and she will give you more. Keep asking her to donate Cyrodillic Brandy and press A as many times as desired or are over-encumbered. It sells for a decent amount, especially if you take it to the talking Mudcrab Merchant.

Spell costs:
If you are short just a few gold to get a spell, you do not have to resort to stealing or selling your items. Join the Mage Guild and go to the spell you require. If it is just a few gold more than you have, keep asking the man and the price of the spell will fluctuate each time.

Increase weapon skill:
Find a weapon that has bound whatever that weapon is (for example, a katana with bound long sword) and cast the Bound spell. When the weapon appears, hold X + R and your weapons will continuously switch. When the bound weapon wears off, your stat with the weapon should have increased dramatically. For example, it is possible to raise my longs word skill from 50 to over 2000 in about five minutes.

Unlimited Fatigue
Press Black, Black, White, White, Black, hold A and press B

Balmora: Good armor:
Go to the armorer in Balmora and look behind the counter to find Orcish Cuirass and Orcish Boots. If you take them, use adrenaline rush and jump over the counter. Go out the door and immediately visit the Thieves Guild to get your bounty cleared. Drop gold and it is free. If you get caught, resist arrest. You can then go back and steal more items from him like such as the Dreugh Helm and Shield.

Increase Block skill:
To increase Block, hold Chop while using a shield and get hit by enemies.

Balmora: Get rid of bounty for free:
Go to Balmora and join the Thieves Clan in the Southwall Cornerclub. The man at the counter downstairs can take of your bounty for a price. To get rid of it for free, drop all your money in one of the crates outside the Cornerclub. Go inside and talk to the man downstairs behind the counter. Choose to talk to him about the price on your head. Accept to pay, but since you have no money in your inventory, you will not lose anything and your bounty will be gone. Go back outside and get your money from the crate.

Unlimited Health
Press Black, White, Black, Black, Black, hold A and press B

Caldera: Easy money:
For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage\'s Guild in Caldera. Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class, you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

For some easy money, make sure you do not have Alchemy as one of your major or minor skills when you start the game. Start the game and immediately go about getting about 2000 to 3000 gold. Then, join the Mages Guild (you do not have to be a Mage). Go to the bottom floor and find the cat person who will train you in alchemy. Get enough training to identify the first characteristic of the raw ingredients. Then, use the Mages Guild guide to teleport to Caldera. On the bottom floor of the Mages Guild in Caldera is be a fruity sounding man standing in front of a door. Go through the door and up the stairs to find a full set of alchemy tools of Master quality. Take them and go talk to the man that was standing in front of the door. Using the \"Info\" button find out any two ingredients that will make any potion. Buy all he has, exit the conversation, then talk to him again. He will have more. Continue to do this until you overencumber yourself with the ingredients. Then, go about making all those potions. At first, most will fail but you will get better. Then, take you potions to the manor in town. Inside you will find a talking scamp that will buy most everything at face value. Sell all of your potions, then repeat. If the scamp runs out of money, just rest and his money will return. The more times you do it, the better you will get at making potions. The better you get at making potions, the more your potions will be worth and the more of them you will have. It is a cycle that you can use as many times you desired to get as much money as needed.

Start a character with the ability to summon an Ancestral Ghost and buy Soul Trap from the woman in the Mage\'s Guild (in the bottom in the back). Then, get some about 1000 to 3000 gp. Go to Tel Branora on the east side of the map in the islands. There is a woman in one of the first houses (a trader). Her name is Sylvan or something similar. You can buy common Soul Gems from her. Buy all the ones she has and say \"Offer\". Then, go back to barter and buy them again. They regenerate, and after the first time, she only has three but it stays there. After getting a good amount of them (save money for the trip home), go to Caldera. Go to the hotel next to Ghorak Manner. Stay there and summon a Ghost. Put Soul Trap on it, then kill it (Fire Bite recommended). You can rest in the bed -- do not pay; just go to the back room and do it there. When you filled the gems, you will see that each is now worth 4000 gp. Sell it to the Creeper next door in the upstairs at Ghorak Manor for face value. Do this once then rest for 24 hours because. This will regenerate his money as he only has 5,000 gp. When you sell them all, you can have up to 200,000 gp.

Keep stolen items:
Use the following trick to keep your stolen items if you get caught. Rather than paying someone to relieve the bounty on your head, drop everything in your inventory, except gold, somewhere you will remember. The objects will not be removed from the game. Then, pay a guard. You will not lose your stolen items and the bounty will be gone. As an additional bonus, the person you stole from will not attack you anymore or be sour towards you.

For free items, go to anyplace that has them laying about (guarded or not). Steal a couple, then run to the nearest Thieves Guild and clear your bounty. Drop gold and it is free. Then, go back and steal whatever else is desired.

Change health level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the health bar, press Black, White, Black(3), then hold A to set a new health level. Press B to exit. When you get hit, your health will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.

Ghoastgate: Good armor:
Go to the small town of Ghoastgate, just northeast of Balmora. When you arrive, there will be two doors. Enter the left one, then follow the circular hall all the way around until you see stairs going down. Inside the first door on the left is a blacksmith. Kill him, pay the fee, and you will have the full Glass Armor set, including the sword.

Increase Weapon Stats:
1. Buy a weapon with Bind magic (Spear, Axe, Sword, etc...)
2. Equip that weapons Bind magic to your spells.
3. Cast the Bind Spell. After you,ve cast the spell that weapon will automaticlly be equiped.
4. Hold the Left trigger, Right Trigger, and the X button until the spell wears off. (Make sure the weapon you have bound is the one that is equiped at all times during the spell length)
5. Once the spell is done check your stats on that weapon. You should have around 3000 to 4000 points on that stat.

Stealing items easily:
Get on a counter, aim down at what you want to grab, jump into the air, and at the height of the jump press A. If done correctly, you will grab the item without getting a bounty. To test this, jump up, and at the height of the jump, talk to the merchant. He should say \"Who\'s there?\". You can use this with Telekenesis to get things out of reach from the counter; or with a lock pick or unlock spell to open chests undetected.

Keep health, magicka, and fatigue levels full:
Enable the \"Change health level\", \"Change magicka level\", or \"Change fatigue level\" codes, and before you fill your health/magicka/fatigue up, while holding A and filling it, press B and exit. It will continue to rise and as it goes down, it will raise back up instantly. For example, start filling your health/magicka/fatigue, and press B before it is to the top, While still holding A and filling it, it will keep and always be full until you return to the menu.

Change magicka level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the magicka bar, press Black, White(2), Black, White, then hold A to set a new magicka level. Press B to exit. When you use magicka, it will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.


Gnisis: Amulet:
In the Gnisis region is a woman named Synette Jeline by a pond just southeast of the Dwarven ruin of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz (where you get the Dwemer tube from in the Mage Guild quest from Edwinna Elbert). This woman will ask you to find her lost ring that she has dropped in the pond. She will not get it because she is a \"lady of the evening\" and cannot get dirty or wet. Instead of immediately jumping in and finding the ring, if you are a new player, save your game. Jump in and find her ring, It next to a few reeds and may be difficult to locate. . When you do, she will attack you and another person will appear nearby and start shooting arrows at you. Kill them both by any means. Some high power attack scrolls may be useful. After both are dead, the woman that appeared out of nowhere will have an Amulet on her. This is a magic Amulet that will allow you to have 80% chameleon. With this item, you can kill people 20 levels higher without being seen.

Restore Health
Press Black, White, Black, Black, Black and then press and hold A until your Health is full.

Restore Magicka
Press Black, White, White, Black, White then press and hold A until your Magicka is full.

Increase Magicka skill:
To increase various Magicka skills (Alteration, Destruction, etc.), go to one of the Mages Guilds and look for a person that has the option of Spellmaking. For example, if you want to increase Destruction, go to a spell that is under the Destruction school, such as Fire Bite. Put the spell Firebite under Results and set all of the things such as duration and magnitude to 1. Go around casting the spell at objects (not at people). Every time you cast it, it will go up about 3/100 points.

Vivec: Good armor:
Immediately after you start out, you can ride the Silt Stiders (travel bugs) to Vivec. Go to the Redoran Waistworks. Go to the smith located there and enter the room in the back. Close the door and you can take anything desired. He has good armor, such as the Dreugh Curiass, a medium armor with a good armor rating.

Go to Vivec. Then, go to Redoran part of Vivec. Go to the top where there is a large door. It should be the Redoran Plaza. Find the big house in that section. Enter and go to the top. It should peak up to one room. There should be a woman in there. Get Mysticism up to about 45, then Telekinesis. To the left is a dresser. Step out of the door just enough so you can see the dresser, but are in sneak mode and cannot see the girl. Use Telekinesis, look in the dresser, and get the key. Go outside to the Redoran Plaza. Go to the Redoran Treasury house. Go down the stairs in front of you to the right, and open the Redoran Vault. Go to the very bottom and use the key to open the vault. There should be a guard inside. Leave the door open and wait about an hour (game time), and he will leave. Close the door and start looting. There are two level 90 small chests and four level 50 chests. One of the crates contains glass armor and weapons. There is also some money on the table in there.

If you want the best medium armor, go to Vivec. Walking around the Cantons are Ordinators. They have Indoril armor. Its better than Dreugh, Orcish, and Bonemold armor. Kill an Ordinator and you can get all the armor, except for the greaves (you have to find them). The cheapest piece of armor is 1400 Drakes, and they carry Ebony Maces. Anything containing Ebony is expensive. The Mace is worth 12,000 gp.

To get some good armor for beginners, go to Vivec. Talk to people around town about the latest secrets and rumors. You will eventually hear about seven murders in Vivec. After hearing that, go to the Temple Canton and the Hall Of Justice door. Find the Office Of The Watch and talk to the Captain. After doing that, go to the Foreign Quarter Underworks and find an Orc that is standing around there. Talk to him about the woman with a dagger and he will say he saw someone down in the Underworks. After talking to him, walk around some more and the lady will attack you. Kill her and report back to the Office Of The Watch for a free Ordinator Cuirass and Helm.

After starting the game, go to Vivec. Go to the temple and buy a Rising Force potion. Walk under the big moon and donate the potion. You should now be able to levitate. Fly around until you find a Ordinator. Shoot him with your bow and arrow until he dies. You will be able to take his armor without being touched.

Enter the arena section and go to arena training. Go up the stairs to find a man with all the Ebony armor except for the helmet. Kill him, the three Ordinators, and the clerk to get the Ebony armor set.

Restore Fatigue
Press Black, White, White, Black and then press and hold A until your Fatigue is full.

Dagon Fel: Get map marked:
In the city of Dagon Fel is a shop called \"The End Of The World\". Inside is a Nord standing behind the bar named Sarnir the Clerk. He knows almost everything there is to know about the world and skills. If you talk to him and just questions, he can mark nearly every city on your map, even small villages. He knows about all the five Dunmer Great Houses, skills such as Block, Heavy Armor, and Alchemy. He also knows about all the races, and the list goes on. It is difficult to get to Dagon Fel. The only way besides walking is to go by boat from Tel Mora, Sadrith Mora, Khuul, and Tel Aruhn.

Increase Athletics skill:
To increase Athletics, run (not walk) around until your fatigue bar hits 0. Then, wait for your fatigue bar to raise to full and repeat.

Unlimited arrows:
Equip a bow, then any arrow. Hold Attack to pull the arrow back. Enter the inventory screen with the arrow still pulled back. You may now release Attack. Unequip the arrows and resume the game. It will now continue to shoot the arrow. After it fires, it will not count that arrow to be missing.

Change fatigue level:
Press B during game play to display the options. Press L or R to cycle to the statistics screen. Highlight the fatigue bar, press Black(2), White(2), Black, then hold A to set a new fatigue level. Press B to exit. When your fatigue changes, it will automatically go back up. Note: Only one code can be activated at one time.

To raise all stats, Strength, Endurance, and Luck, all you need is Wraith Guard and Sunder. Equip any weapon, and make sure you have the Wraith Guard on. Hold X + L to switch between the Sunder and the other weapon. This will raise the stats of Strength, Endurance, and Luck by at least 90 points at a time. This also works with Keening, but it raises Speed, Agility, Health, and Willpower.

Increase Mercantile skill:
To increase Mercantile, buy something cheap (10 to 20 gp) and always go down on the price slightly. Then, sell it back for a little more than they desire.

Good Armor:
The place to get some really good armor is at Ghostgate. In one of the rooms, there is glass armor and glass weapons. Find out a way to steal it.

100.000 gold:
Theres 100.000 gold in Dagoth ur\'s Ciridil in a lock 100 and traped chest in the Lorkan Heart Room. It might be hard to find but it will be worth it!

Keep bound weapons:
To keep bound weapons in you inventory, enchant any weapon with a constant effect of Bound Weapon. When you equip the newly enchanted weapon, it will be replaced by the bound weapon. Then, check the menu. You should have both the enchanted weapon and the bound weapon in your inventory. The enchanted weapon can then be dropped, and the bound weapon will remain in your inventory. The weapon is not only powerful, but is weightless and will fortify the skill of the weapon by 10 points. The enchantment can be done for a cost of around 5000 to 10,000 gp, depending on who you have enchant it and how much they like you. Also, the \"Constant effect enchantment\" trick can be used so that a good Soul Gem is not wasted. Note: Save the game before trying this trick, as the game may freeze. Additionally, you cannot get rid of the weapons.

Unlimited Magic
Press Black, Black, White, White, Black, White, hold A and press B

Ebonheart: Good armor:
If you poke around the coast surrounding Ebonheart, you will notice that a door appears on your mini-map just off the shore. Swim down to it and go through. When you surface on the other side, you will be in the Ebonheart Underground Caves. The caves will branch off in three directions. One is a dead end, one takes you to the secret entrance to the Ebonheart Imperial Garrison (you need a key), and the third tunnel leads to a man in shiny armor. He will attack you. If you win, he has the Devil Katana (worth 10,000 gp) and the Lord\'s Mail, On top of being worth 190,000 gp, it has an armor rating of 333, cures poison, and resists magic.

Boost all weapon stats:
Use the following trick to boost all your weapon stats, with the exception of Hand-to-Hand. Note: The boost is the same as previous methods mentioned; the only exception is that you are activating all of the bound spells for each weapon at one time, then pressing the appropriate trigger buttons and holding them throughout. First, acquire all bound \"weapon\" spells that cover the weapon stats. Make sure you have a spell that raises long blade, short blade, blunt weapon, etc. (one of each bound-type in your magic list). Depending on how much magicka you have, you may have to enable the \"Change magicka level\" code to ensure your magicka continues to rise as you cast the spells. Cast all of the bound \"weapon\" spells one after another. Once all of them are active, hold X + L and watch the weapons switch out rapidly. As they switch, the stats associated with each type of weapon will rise tremendously. You can do this as many times as desired until the spell expires. To continue boosting your stats, simply re-do the spells and hold the appropriate buttons your controller.

Increase weapon skills:
To increase any one of your weapon skills, bind that type of weapon and hold X + L +R at the same time. The game will make a switching sound, but it will not actually switch.

Dren: Good armor and weapons:
In order to get the Daedric Katana, go to the Dren Plantation. When you arrive, look for a large building labeled \"Dren\'s Villa\". Enter it, then go all the way down to the last floor. When you get there, look around for a stair that leads to a door downstairs. There should be three guards located there (some are in the second door). All of them are easy to kill if you are a good warrior, but a very strong weapon or high level is recommended. One of the guards has no shirt and a red Daedric Shield. His name is Galos Farethi. He also is carrying the Daedric Katana. The other two just have Glass Daggers and Glass Wild ViperBlade. Also, go to the top of the building to find a man that has a shelf directly behind him, holding some good items such as the Daedric Greaves. He is also fairy easy to kill, but make sure you take out everyone else first, or everyone in that building will attack you.

Go to Dren\'s Villa and kill all the people downstairs. At the top floor is a merchant with lots of good armor. If you kill him, you can get an Ebony Cuirass and an Endoril Helmet.

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