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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Super Smash Brothers : Melee

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Game Name : Super Smash Brothers : Melee
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-07-14 00:59:41
Views : 31204

Play the first level of Adventure Mode and get a "2" in the second's place. Next, a cutscene will appear of Mario jumping, and Luigi jumping on him, pummeling him off the castle, leaving you to fight him, and Peach. Beat Adventure Mode, and he will challenge you again. Beat him, and he's earned.

Gannondorf: Defeating Mewtwo:
When you face Mewtwo (after the message "Challenger Approaching" appears), kick him three times then punch him three times. Both the Warlock Punch and the Volcan Kick are extremely effective.

Fox: Do a split:
Press Down + B to have Fox do a split.

Captain Falcon: Second hit:
Captain Falcon cannot charge his smashes when he is using an item. However, if you hold A, he will hit a second time with it.

Captain Falcon, Falco, Fox, Link, Young Link, Pikachu, Pichu: Super combos:
With one of those characters, go to Peach's Castle and move to the middle of the tower (just below the top). Pin someone such as Samus against the wall with their rapid strikes. It is possible to get more than 800 hits with certain characters before Bullet Bill interferes.

Falco Lombardi:
Beat the 100 man spar.

Dr. Mario: Instant kill:
After your opponent returns with their third jump, stand on the edge and smack them the other way with Dr. Mario's cape. This works most of the time.

Pikmin Trophy:
Insert a memory card with a saved game from Pikmin. Begin the game and a Pikmin trophy will be available

Fight against Giga Bowser:
Complete adventure mode in under eighteen minutes with any stocks, no continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. When you defeat Bowser, Giga Bowser will appear.

Alternate Music:
Hold L or R and select a stage in multi-player mode. Keep the button held until the match begins.
Note: Only certain stages have new music.

Daisy costume:
When playing as Peach, press X or Y to change your costume. One of the costumes (brown hair and a yellow dress) is that of Luigi's girlfriend, Daisy.

Brinstar Depths Stage:
Fight over 50 multi-player matches.

Battle Crazy Hand in Classic Mode
To battle Crazy Hand and Master Hand in Classic Mode you will have to put Normal any lives with Link.Use his Up+A attack until Master Hands damage is around 150%.Crazy Hand will appear and you will have to beat them both.If you beat them both,you will get a new character. Onli Link.He takes over Links spot.
(send by:Gamecube Man)

Falco or Fox: Double image:
Press Forward + B to do the dash attack and pause game play. Move the camera around for one or two images of them to appear.

Bowser: Crawl on all fours:
Bowser must get knocked down on his back. Have Bowser move towards his tail with the Analog-stick. He will crawl on all fours for a small period of time.

Congo Jungle Stage:
Beat the game in 15 Minute Spar mode.

Battlefield Stage:
Beat the game in All-Star mode.

Final Destination Stage:
Beat Event 51.

Bowser: Japanese name:
Set the language to Japanese and choose Bowser. The name will be Koopa.

Falco or Fox: Secret taunts:
Go to the Corneria Stage (Great Fox). Go to either edge of the level, (the jets in the back or the cockpit side) and quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right. After awhile, he will pound his fists into the ground for about ten seconds. When he lifts his hand up, Slippy, Peppy and Falco (or Fox)will start talking during game play.

Free New Character:
Play 100 versus rounds (Easy way: set it to 1 life and fall of the edge every time)

Fight against Falco:
First, successfully complete 100 man melee mode. When you fight Fox in adventure mode, defeat him in 30 seconds or less. After you defeat him, instead of fighting Fox again you will fight Falco.

Fourside Stage:
Fight over 100 multi-player matches.

More Characters:

Fox: Summon wingmen:
Use Fox and play on either of the Star Fox levels. Repeatedly press Left and Right to see Fox summon his wingmen. They say something different each time.

Falco or Fox: Easy kills:
Get near the edge of the stage and do not fall off. Have Falco or Fox sway on the edge. Lure your opponent to you. Grab them (Z or L or R + A) and press Down to throw them down, then shoot them with the blaster. If done correctly, your opponent should shoot down, depending on the level, until they die. If it is high up, they may be able to jump up but not quite make it. Note: This trick is difficult until mastered. Until then, it requires a few attempts rarely works every time.

Successfully complete the game as Prince Marth in classic mode.

Alternately, play over 900 versus mode matches.

Fox: Defeating Bowser (adventure mode Boss):
Continue doing your B attack (recommended from a distance). Most of the time he will hold his shield up and it will break. This may not work on harder difficulties, but also may work when playing as Falco.

Dream Land Stage:
Beat the game in Break The Targets mode with all fighters.

Mr. Game & Watch:
Beat Adventure Mode with all 24 characters.

Beat Event 29 and Ganondorf will again challenge you. Beat him, and he's earned.

How to get the Giga Bowser Trophy
To get the Giga Bowser trophy simply beat Adventure Mode on normal or higher with any character without continueing.
(send by:Doug Hagstrom)

Have a combined total time of 20 hours, or you can play 700 Vs. matches.

Falco or Fox: Save yourself from falling:
If you fall off the stage and are going down, have Fox or Falco use the Reflector, then use the Recovery technique.

Bowser: Combos:
Press Towards + B to grab your opponent. While you are holding on to your opponent press B(4) to bite them then press Towards + A to throw them.

Prince Marth:
Play with all 14 default characters in classic mode without continuing. Alternately, play vs. mode more than 400 times.

Alternately, play versus mode with all of the default characters. Marth will challenge the last character you played as (if you won the match). If you lose against him, then he will reappear to challenge the winner of the next versus match.

Alternately, successfully complete the single player game in classic mode with Ness under very easy difficulty setting without continuing.

Ice Climbers: Guaranteed freeze:
Try to touch an enemy with your body when using Blizzard (like Jigglypuff's Rest). If done correctly, you will instantly freeze opponents.

Fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand:
Complete classic mode in less than fifteen minutes without using any continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. You will battle both Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the end.

To battle Crazy Hand, complete classic mode in less than twelve minutes with any stocks, no continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. When Master Hand's stamina gets to half his points, Crazy Hand will appear.

Big Blue Stage:
Fight over 150 multi-player matches.

After earning Marth, beat Adventure Mode (Use Marth.) Roy will challenge you after you are finished, beat him, and he's playable.

Pichu:Accomplish one of the following
Unlock both Luigi and Falco to unlock event mode #37 (Legendary Pokemon). Complete event mode #37. After winning, Pichu will become playable.
Complete adventure mode as Mewtwo.
Play 200 matches in versus mode.

Ice Climbers: Double blizzard:
When in the air, using Blizzard (Down + B) will make both Ice Climbers cast Blizzard in the same direction. This also increases the chance of freezing an opponent.

Yoshi's Island Stage:
Hit over 400m in Home-Run Contest mode as Yoshi.

Sound Test:
Beat all 51 Events.

Nana costume:
Choose Ice Climbers and press X or Y at the character selection screen until Nana (the one with the mouth open) is in front of Popo (the one with the mouth closed). If Popo is hit too far, Nana will still be left (no lives will be taken away). If Nana is hit too far, Popo is unable to move and they will both lose (one life is lost).

Falco or Fox: Long distance quadruple jump:
Do a double jump, and then quickly press Analog-stick Right or C-stick Left + B. You will do the move and fall a short distance. Then, press C-stick Up + B to fly upwards. Note: This trick is dangerous and sometimes will not work. You can also do it to get a combo. Press C-stick Right or C-stick Left + B then C-stick Up + B and quickly switch to the direction of the enemy to hit them again.

Classic Yoshi's Island:
Get over 1300 feet in the Home Run Derby.

Mario USA Stage:
Beat the game as Princess Peach in classic mode without losing a life. A level based on the Mario USA level from Super Mario Brothers. 2 will now be unlocked.

Wario costume:
When playing as Mario, press X or Y to change your costume until it matches Wario.

To get Marth, you only need to play V.S. mode once with all origional characters (Having one life and dieing does count). After playing with all characters, Marth challenges you. Or... Clear 70 VS. Matches. Marth will challenge you after you are finished. Beat him, and he's playable.

All-Star Mode
Unlock all 25 characters. When you accomplish this feat, All-Star mode will be unlocked. This mode is alot like the Colleseum mode from Kirby: Super Star, in that you must beat all the characters using limited hearts that you can use between matches in a nice park area. Use them well, because continuing after your character dies costs 10 coins, and I bet you don't want to spend THAT much on continuing.
(send by:Mario)

Ice Climbers: Use multiple weapons:
Get a beam sword, fan, home-run bat, lipstick, star rod, or parasol. You will only need one of these items. Do a Smash Attack and Popo will use two items (one of those listed previously and his hammer).

Have Nana and Popo each pick up different items. They will both use their items at once (for example, beam sword and star rod). You can also use two of the same items at once (for example, two super scopes or fire flowers).

Beat Adventure Mode or Classic Mode with any character. JigglyPuff will challenge you at the end of the credits, beat her, and she's yours.

Pokemon Floats Stage:
Fight over 200 multi-player matches.

Play as Sonic or Tails
Sonic teams two stars make cameos as warriors. heres how you get e'm: achieve a high score of 20 ko's with anyone character in cruel melee. then sonic and tails will then both challenge you beat'em and get them. Finish classic mode with either for special suprise.

The easiest way to get Pichu is to clear Event 37, or you could also play 200 VS. matches.

Alternate Music:
Hold the L and R buttons at the stage select screen in multiplayer mode to start a stage with an alternate theme. This works in the following stages: Great Bay
Icicle Mountain
Yoster Island
Pokemon Stadium
Classic Kingdoms 1 & 2
Big Blue
End of the LineMore

Falco or Fox: Reflecting Pokeballs:
When Falco or Fox use their Reflect move on a tossed Pokeball, the Pokemon that appears will attack the person that threw the Pokeball.

Young Link:
Beat Classic Mode with 10 characters. Young Link will challenge you after you are done. He will be playable if you beat him.

Dr. Mario: Defeating Kirbys:
With any other character it seems impossible to defeat all the Kirbys before you are pummeled to death and knocked off. Even though Dr.Mario is the equivalent to Mario his third jump attack (B + Up) is much more powerful. Use this attack and you will instantly send the Kirbys flying off the stage.

Captain Falcon's alternate costumes:
Press X or Y at the character selection screen until Captain Falcon's shirt is magenta. Position him so that his back is facing you and pause the game. Zoom in and you will see a different logo than his usual Falcon logo. The word is "Bloodhawk" and it features a skull with wings.

Random character:
To randomly select a character for battle, have all characters unlocked. Press A in the space below Falco and to the left of Pichu at the character selection screen. Your hand should throw the token at random to any character.

In a Winner Out or Loser Out tournament, you can select a random character. When you are on the five by five character selection menu, hold L + R and press A. A picture of a Ditto that says random will appear. You will now play in the tournament as a random character, from out of all of the characters available on your game.

Dr. Mario: Change pill colors:
Press Up to do his pose. He will toss a pill into the air and catch it. Every time you do the pose, the pill color will change.

Subcon (Mushroom Kingdom 2):
Earn the Birdo and Pidgit trophies.

Flatzone Stage:
Beat the game as Mr. Game & Watch in classic mode without losing a life.

Dr. Mario:
Beat Classic Mode with Mario or play Adventure Mode without losing a life, you can even play on Very Easy mode. Dr. Mario will challenge you at the end of the credits, beat him, and he's earned.

All-Star Mode:
Unlock all bonus fighters to unlock the single player All-Star mode. This mode allows you to fight all game characters, but with less health items.

Inside an NES Stage:
Unlock Mr. Game & Watch, then beat his event.

Ice Climbers: Avoid falling when alone:
When there is only one of the Ice Climbers duo in the fray, you cannot use belay to return to the arena once knocked off. Instead, press Toward and rapidly tap B to spin toward the arena with a helicopter like effect.

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