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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Ultima False Prophet Str

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Game Name : Ultima False Prophet Str
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-04-07 11:59:51
Views : 22152

Ultima: the false prophet- item locations

Ring 2: Buccaneer's Cave, level 2, southwest area.
Ring 4 (Invisibility): Steal from Penumbra's locked room; Cyclops or Spider Cave; steal from Xiao north of Lycaeum; in the mouse hole with the rune of valor; steal from Nicodemus (secret door next to fireplace); north room, level 4 of crypts; west room, level 4 of crypts; steal from house in New Magincia(42S 56E); steal from locked room in Trinsic( 47S,12E): blow door with powder keg.
Energy wand: Lord British's castle; steal from Xiao; in Buccaneer's Cave, level 3 SW; steal from Nicodemus (secret door); in the Dragon's Den, level 4 of Dungeon Destard,13N 16W; steal from house in New Magincia (42S 56E).
Fire wand: East room, level 4 of crypts.
Inns: Minoc, $5; Britain, $48; Paws, $30.
Magic armor: Buy in Trinsic; Dragon's Den in Dungeon Destard.
Magic shield: Steal from under plant on New Magincia at 44S 55E; have corona make one for you.
Triple crossbow: Ask Gwenneth at Iolo's bows about 'crossbow'; first you must speak to someone in Minoc about crossbows.
Sextant: Buy at the observatory northeast of the Lycaeum, across the bridge, at 7S, 80E, from Ephemerides; in Pirate's Cave, 1st level; steal from locked room in Trinsic.
Magic bow: Shame, north end of level 3, 42N 11E; buy in Britain.
Glass sword: Dragon's Den in Destard; pirate's basement on Dagger Isle.
Directions to Pirate's Cave: Go to island at 59S 49E, almost due south of New Magincia. Find the 3 stones and stand in the center. Then walk 3 paces due south, 9 paces west, then 12 paces south. You should be next to an old dead tree, at 59S 50E. Dig in the patch of dirt just south of you.

Red Cure poison
Green Poison
White X-ray vision
Yellow Restores hit points
Black Invisibility
Violet Temp. Raises armor points
Orange Sleep
Blue Wakes you up

First and foremost: read the manual!!! If you will take the time to read through the manual, from cover to cover, you will find the answers to many of your questions! This is a very involved game, and we've done our best to explain as much as possible in the manual. Now, on to the hints. Section 1 hints will give you some general hints. Section 2 hints will tell you everything about a particular puzzle or item location. Therefore, we suggest you try everything you can think of before referring to section 2, and that you read only that particular hint that you need, so as not to spoil the game for yourself.

End game
Use human lens on left, gargish lens on right. Use the move command to place the 8 moonstones in the vortex cube, then place the vortex cube on top of the codex.

Locations of the map pieces:

Search the shipwrecks on the islands west of serpent's hold, at 71S, 15E.
In the dungeon shame, near Britain, at 6S, 8W, go to the 4th level and find the pirate Ybarra. Bring plenty of food with you.
Talk to Heftimus, the one-armed beggar in Jhelom. The map piece is on the 3rd level of the dungeon he tells you about. Look for the dungeon near 34N, 24E.
Talk to Arturos, one of the gypsies outside of Trinsic. You don't have to pay more than 50 gold pieces- haggle with him. The gypsies move around, but look near 41S, 12E- if they're not there right away, you may have to hang around Trinsic awhile . . . Use it as an opportunity to talk to Sandy and do whatever else you need to do in town.
Morchella in Serpent's Hold has a piece. The item she wants can be found in the Dungeon Destard, or by telling Corona you want to join the order of the Silver Serpent.
Look in the basement of the Pirate's House on Dagger Isle at 18N, 79E.
Mention 'pirates' and 'Sandy' to the mayor of Trinsic, after you've done what Sandy (the cook in Trinsic) asks you to do.
Look on the 4th level of the ant mounds south of the Shrine Of Sacrifice. The map is at 25N, 86E.
Next, go back to Homer for instructions. Be sure to give him the item he asks for!! It's of no use to you, and will have an adverse effect on your spell casting while you have it in your inventory- plus you'll lose lots of karma if you don't give it to him.

Locations of the runes:

Compassion: In the town of Britain, talk to the little girl Ariana in the Conservatory. You will then need to get permission from her parents at the Blue Boar Tavern, which is just to the right of the Conservatory, across the road.
Honesty: The rune is in Beyvin's Tomb. Manrel, his brother, has the key. Look for Manrel at the Blue Bottle Tavern in moonglow. To find the entrance to the crypts, look at the wall to the right of the pail of milk in the small room at the upper right of the Blue Bottle Tavern.
Honor: on the pedestal in the center of trinsic.
Humility: Talk to the mayor in New Magincia. William is in the fields to the north. Conor Starfalcon is on the dock at the south end of the island.
Justice: Talk to the prisoner in the jail in Yew: Once you have the key, go through the door on the east wall. Use the unlock spell on the south door. The place the prisoner mentions is in Yew.
Sacrifice: Talk to Selganor in Minoc. Ben in the forest outside of Yew has a log. Take it to the sawmill outside of Minoc and have them make it into a board. Julia in Minoc will make it into a set of panpipes. Gwenno can teach you "stones".
Spirituality: Talk to Marney, the little girl in Skara Brae.
Valor: Talk to Andy (Lyssandra) in the tavern in Jhelom.

Locations of the balloon parts:

Balloon plans: On the 4th level of Sutek's Castle, go to 65S 52E- search the man lying on the ground.
Silk: Bring 40 pieces of spider silk to the thread maker in Paws.
Cloth: bring the thread to Charlotte in New Magincia.
Balloon bag: Bring the cloth to the clothes maker in Paws and she'll sew it into a bag.
Rope: Buy from the rope maker in Paws.
Basket: Michelle in Minoc will weave it.
Caldron: In the first level of the sewers under Lord British's castle.
Use the plans and you'll have the balloon.

Section 1 hints
Q: How do I get out of Lord British's castle?
A: Go all the way south from Lord British, until you see the portcullis (it looks like a door made of steel bars). To the left and right are two small rooms with locked metal doors. Go into your inventory and use key B, which you got from Lord British, on one of the doors. Inside, you will find a lever. Look at it, then move it. The portcullis will be open, and you can walk out through it!

Q: What do I do next?
A: The first step in completing the game is to free the shrines. First, you will need the corresponding rune for each shrine. These runes are usually found in one of the towns near each shrine-talk to the leader of the town and he will tell you how to obtain the rune. In section 2 of this hint sheet, we will list the exact location of each rune. Don't peek unless you're really stuck! You may free the shrines all at once, or one at a time, in any order you wish. *Don't worry about the shrines of diligence, passion, or control at this time!* They must be left for later in the game.

Q: How do I meditate? How do I go up levels?
A: To meditate, stand next to the shrine and talk to it. Meditating raises your levels. *note*: see page 28 & 29 in the manual for important information before meditating!!

Q: How do I free the shrines? I've defeated the gargoyles, but I can't touch the moonstone on the shrine, and I can't meditate.
A: You must stand next to the shrine, go into your inventory, and use the corresponding rune on the shrine. *don't use the moonstones you get from the shrines! You'll need them later!!* Use the moonorb Lord British gave you for teleporting (the one that produces a red moongate- see page 27 in the manual for locations.

Q: How do I use the chart on page 27 ?
A: 'Avatar', at the center of the chart, means you. The locations listed on the chart represent where you will go if you place the moonorb in that space. For example, to teleport to Britain, use the moonorb, then when the white box appears, use the directional pad to move it until it's 2 spaces above you. The chart tells you where to place the moonorb to go to each of the other locations listed. ***Where you are standing and which direction you face do not matter. What matters is where you place the orb in relation to yourself.*** You cannot place the moonorb on top of an object such as a tree, bush, rock, etc., And you cannot use it indoors.

Q: What are the best weapons to use?
A: We suggest using weapons that allow you to attack from a distance, such as the triple crossbow or magic bow. Remember to keep plenty of arrows, or bolts for the crossbow, in each character's inventory. The halberd is another weapon that can hit several spaces away.

Q: Where do I get a triple crossbow?
A: Ask Gwenneth at Iolo's bows about 'crossbow'; first you must speak to someone in Minoc about crossbows.

Q: What do I use Sherry for? How do I use her? Where can I find her?
A: Sherry can be used to scout around corners, or to go into spaces too small for the rest of the party to enter- *hint hint*! The manual explains how to use Sherry on page 26. You will find her in Lord British's castle, in one of the hallway passages. Make sure you give her some cheese, from the dining room, or she won't join!

Q: I had sherry, or I had a moonstone, and now it's gone!! What happened?
A: Relax! She's in one of your characters' bags! Go into your inventory and put the cursor on the bag. Press the 'X' button, not the 'B' button!

Q: O.K., I've freed all the shrines. Now what?
A: Well, the gargoyles are still around, right? Remember that book of prophecies that Iolo grabbed just before you escaped the stone slab? Try taking that to Mariah at the Lycaeum. Perhaps she can translate it for you!

Q: Now what?
A: Obviously you must find the second half of the tome. See below.

Q: How do I find the other half of the tome?
A: First, you'll need to find the gypsies. There are 2 sets of gypsies. For the ones you want, look in Trinsic. You may have to stay around town awhile before they show up. Then, when you get their information, look for Homer at the tavern.

Q: Where is Buccaneer's Den?
A: You'll need a boat or a skiff, which can be purchased in Minoc. Sail north from Serpent's Hold to get to Buccaneer's Den Island, at 33S 34E.

Q: Where are the rest of the pieces of the map?
A: First, find the ones Homer told you about. Then, talk to Sandy the cook in Trinsic.

Q: Where is Mariah's Study?
A: It's the room in the northeast corner of the Lycaeum building. The silver tablet is on the desk- it says 'piece of silver' when you pick it up.

Q: How do I get to the Gargoyles' Kingdom? What do I do first there?
A: Go through the Dungeon Hythloth- the entrance is on the Isle Of The Avatar: Use your moonorb to go to the shrine of humility, then look in the northeast corner of the shrine area. Look for Captain John in the dungeon- he has a scroll that will teach you the gargoyles' language. Use it immediately! Make sure you talk to the young gargoyle Beh Lem first- he shows up right at the exit from Hythloth, but only at noon. Listen to what he says, then add him to the party. You must have him in your party, and do what he says, to avoid being attacked by the whole gargoyle race!

Q: Where is Stonegate?
A: Head south from Minoc in a skiff or a balloon. Stonegate is at 10N, 37E. **Don't attack the Cyclops!!** Talk to him!

Q: How do I get a fish for the Cyclops in Stonegate?
A: Take the fishing rod from Stonegate, go outside, and use it in the nearby river.

Q: Why can't I open the doors on the first level down in Stonegate?
A: Go back upstairs, walk south from the outside door until you hit the wall, and look for a secret door.

Q: Where in Stonegate is the vortex cube?
A: Go to level 2, then go to the southwest room. Go down 2 levels, then look for a secret door in the north wall of the northwest room.

Q: How do I get to the Temple Of Singularity?
A: You'll need the balloon. Talk to Lady Isabella in Minoc. Once you've got the balloon, go to the slab using your moonorb, then sail north over the mountains using the balloon.

Q: How do I get into Sutek's Castle?
A: First, you'll need to blow up the door with a powder keg. Then, look everywhere for secret doors.

Q: I'm on level 2 of Sutek's Castle, but can't go any further. Why?
A: In the room at the NW corner, you'll need to throw the wall switch on the right- not the floor lever. When you get to the horse, turn right. On the next level down, head south then take the second passage heading east. Take the ladder down. The plans are on level 4- search the balloonist lying on the ground at 65S 52E.

Q: Why can't I get anywhere in dungeon wrong?
A: First, go one room to the right and take the ladder. Now, go straight north and throw the lever at 11:00, the one below the top left lever. Now, go two rooms to the left and throw the left lever. Go to the room all the way on the right, in the middle row of the 3 rows of rooms. Throw the lever. Go to the room all the way on the left, in the middle row. Take the ladder to level 3, and look in all the rooms on level 3 for a secret door.

Section 2 hints
This section contains exact locations of items and complete solutions of puzzles!! We suggest that you only refer to this section after trying everything you can think of- when you are truly stumped!

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