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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Super Mario All Stars

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Game Name : Super Mario All Stars
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-05-26 13:56:05
Views : 17872

Super Mario Brothers:

Reset high scores
Press A + B + L + R on the title screen.

Expert mode
Defeat Bowser in World 8-4, and the princess will appear and ask you to try a more difficult challenge. Begin the game again to play with several differences. All the Goombas have been replaced by black Koopas, the regular Koopas move much faster, and most of the fireball trails are longer.

Extra points
Defeat Bowser on any castle and jump on the ax when the timer is at 000. You will get 50,000 points. This must be done precisely or you will lose a life or 50 points. Note: Use Fireflower to shoot him, then wait.
orld 1-2 warp
When you are at the part with the floating pieces, jump as high as possible at the second set of pieces to enter a warp zone. There are many warp zones in these types of levels, and they all work in the exact same way.
Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels:
Note: This game is titled as Super Mario Brothers 2 in Japan

Reset high scores
Press A + B + L + R on the title screen.
World 9
Play through worlds 1 through 8 without using a warp zone. Worlds A through D and the end of the game are after world 9.

Grab the flagpole when 2, 5, or 7 appear as the last digit of the time remaining.
Ball of fire from bricks
Get to World 3-4 and advance through the first two parts. Do not go through the third part. Once you complete the second part, a ball of fire will jump out of lava. Go to it again and it will be jumping out of bricks instead of the lava.

Flagpole extra life
Accumulate coins until the total is a multiple of 11. Grab the flag pole when the last digit of the timer matches the multiple.

Multiple extra lives
Begin the game as Mario. Walk towards the first set of bricks that are floating in mid-air with a Koopa Troopa walking inside. Hit the "?" block to release the Mushroom. Bounce the Mushroom over the last block to take it, but do not bounce out the Koopa or scroll the screen past the first few brick columns. Break the second and fourth bricks, leaving the Koopa jumping on the fifth brick. Stand on the empty "?" block. Hop on the Koopa. Mario will begin bouncing on the Koopa shell, eventually collecting a large number of extra lives.

Warp zones
World 1-2: Move right to reach the second pipe. The warp to World 3 is near this location.

World 1-2: Jump over the exit pipe of this stage and walk over the ceiling. Keep moving right to find the Warp Zone to world 2.
World 1-2: Jump over the exit pipe of the stage and go down the next pipe. From here, move all the way to the right. Move over the top of the screen to find a warp to World 4.

World 1-3: At the end of the outside part, there is a vase object. If you carry a red liquid in a bottle and throw it there, you will go down.
World 3-1: Jump on the spring that launches you extremely high in the sky. Go as far as you can and you should be able to go over the flag pole. Keep running as far as possible to find a warp zone to world 1.

World 3-1: After you go into the first door, walk into the hole. There is a piece of land with another door. After you are in the door, go to the end. Then start picking weeds. The red stuff is placed at random but its usually near the back. If you want a lot of coins, just throw it where you found it. If you want to warp, just throw it near the vase object.
World 5-1: Move right until reaching two brick platforms in mid-air (immediately before a large brick wall). The far right brick in the upper platform has a vine. Jump off a flying Koopa Paratroopa to reach it and climb to the warp to World 8.

World 5-2: Move right, past the first two upside-down pipes until another hanging pipe appears. Move right and find a big brick object next to some elevators. Use the elevators to hit the farthest right brick in the stack to release a vine leading to a warp to World 7.

World 8-2: The third upright pipe is a warp to World 5-1.

Unlimited lives
Find any level where there is a 1-Up mushroom that is easy to get. Collect it, and press Start. Then, select "Save" and "Quit". Resume game play and repeat those steps as many times as needed. This will allow any game in The Lost Levels to be played with as many lives as desired.

Quick path to Bowser
In World 8-4 or World D-4, get to the location where there are small moving platforms going up and down. Get on the platform furthest to the right, and jump up onto the "roof" when it gets to its highest point (just as when finding a warp zone in the underground levels). Mario can now run safely past all the other dangers in the castle. However, when facing Bowser, Mario will be completely stuck. Bowser can not hurt Mario and Mario can not escape. The only way to end the game is to quit or run out of time.

Hidden mushroom
In World 8-4 or World D-4, get to the location where there are small moving platforms going up and down. Jump up just after leaving the tunnel. Mario should hit a secret block that contains a mushroom.

Invisible blocks
In World 2-2, if you go down a certain pipe that has all coins and no blocks and go near the left side you can hit an invisible block. Jump up to the right of that one to hit another invisible block. Then, stand as to the left side of the higher block as possible. You should hit the brick farthest to the left. There is a flower there.

Super Mario Brothers 2:

Restart level
Pause the game and press L + R + Select.

Hint: Slot machine bonus
Try to get Cherry, 7, 7 on the slot machine at the end of each level. A bonus life will be awarded from starting with the cherry, and three more coins will also be added to the total.

Hint: Fast ending
On level 4-1, get the princess. Go up the vine, but go left, run, and fly to a secret door. Go through the door and use the bombs to blow up the wall. Then, jump over the top of the screen and run left.

Hint: World 6-3 shortcut
In World 6-3, climb the vine or go through the door to get to the next area. Then instead of going right through the world, go left into the quicksand, holding Left. As soon as you see your character's head disappear start jumping to the left. Keep going until you reach a door. Go through the door. You should then be on a cloud. Keep jumping from cloud to cloud until you see the door go and enter the door.

Easiest Shortcut to Wart
Inside the cave, go all the way to the right and climb the chain. When climbing the next chain, do not go all the way to the top. Just when you reach the end, try to jump off the chain and onto the top platform. At this point, you should be at the top of the screen. Go all the way to the right until you reach the second Birdo. The key should be right there. Throw the key at Birdo and the key will kill Birdo by itself. Go through the locked and battle Hawkmouth. When you are done, enter Wart's room and finish him.

Hint: Defeating Wart
Use Peach for this battle. Get a fruit and avoid the bubbles that appear from his mouth. While he is harmless and motionless, hover over his head behind him. He cannot hurt you from this point. When he opens his mouth to fire bubbles, throw the fruit at him from the back of him. While he is stunned, fly back over to the front of him. Collect another fruit, avoid the bubbles, and repeat the process five more times to defeat him, most likely without being scratched.

Glitch: Living dead
Get to the point where you have one more heart, and if you lose it, you will die. Get hit by an enemy and get a heart at the same time. Your life meter will have 0 hearts, but you will still be alive when the meter says dead.
Super Mario Brothers 3:

Extra items
Go to a mushroom house and choose a treasure box. Press Start, save the game, and quit. Repeat everything again to get a number of extra items, depending on how many times this is repeated.
In World 1-3, you can get a flute by standing on the last white block in the level. Keep pressing Down until you fall through the block, then hold X to run fast to the end. You will get the flute instead of the card.
In World 2, the Sand World, there are two Hammer Bros. right before the "castle". Defeat the Hammer Bro. that gives you the hammer at the end. Then, take it to the upper right-hand corner, face to the right, and break the block. Enter the passage that leads to a Fire Chomp battle. Defeat the two opponents to get a flute.
World 8
To get to World 8, first go to stage 1-3. Near the end of the stage is a silver block. Hold Down until you fall down to the ground. Run across the screen behind the bushes until reaching the end of the level. Run behind the blackness until you enter toad's room. Get the whistle. Next, go to the Mid Castle. Get the first mushroom if you are small, and continue until reaching the door, but do not enter.Get the Leaf and destroy the Bone Koopa. Run back and forth until you reach full speed. Then, fly up next to the lava and over the ceiling. When you can not go any further to the right, press Up and enter the room. Pick up the chest containing a whistle. Now complete World 2 up until the pyramid level. Make sure you have a hammer from the Hammer Bros. and go to the top right side of the screen. Hit the rock next to the palm tree and move right. Defeat the Fire Thieves to get the whistle. Finally, summon three whistles. They will take you to world 8.
To get to World 8, first complete stages 1-1 and 1-2. Then in stage 1-3, stand on the silver block and hold Down until you fall through it. Run to the end of the level and you should go behind the black curtain. Keep going until you stop moving. When this happens, press Up to enter a room where Toad will give you a Warp Whistle. After that, go to the first fortress. Before you enter, get a Raccoon Tail. While in the fortress, go through the level until you see the Skeleton Koopa. Smash it, and run to the dead end with the door. Instead of going into it, run backwards until your P meter is full. Fly up on top of the bricks above where you just were. Then, do the same thing that was done in stage1-3. When you exit the fortress, use a Warp Whistle. While in the Warp Zone use your other one. Select the world 8 portal to advance to that part of the game.

Unlimited P-Wings
Get the P-Wing by collecting all the coins in stage 1-4, complete world 1, and save the game. Quit and repeat to get as many P-Wings as needed.

Easy 5-ups
Run at full power for a few seconds before hitting the box at the end of a regular level to almost always get a star. Do this in three levels in any world to get five extra lives. This is easiest in World 1 (levels 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3). You can use the world select feature (press A at the file selection screen) to go to World 1 to get extra lives.

Turning into a statue
Get Tanooki Mario (anyway you want), then hold Down and press Y. You will be a statue that is invincible. It will last for a few seconds or until you release Down (whichever is fastest). Use this when you are in the air and you will fall and can kill your enemies. This kills turtles in one shot.

Turning into other Mario forms
Press Select in any level to turn into Super Mario. Press Select again to transform into Raccoon Mario. Press Select again to transform into Frog Mario and so on. Note: This does not always work.

Invincibility in statue mode
Turn into squirrel with the squirrel costume or into a statue by pressing Select then holding Down and pressing Y. When you are still in statue mode, hold Down and press Select. Your costume will change to a different color, but it will make you invincible .Do not go back to the squirrel costume or you will not be invincible anymore (unless Down is still held while passing the squirrel).

Battle game invisibility:
Get hit by an opponent in the battle game. Then, do not press anything on the controller.

Glitch: Mario climbs on air:
Go to the two platforms right after the Hammer Bros. in level 3-1 and get on the lowest platform. Jump to make the vine come out on the right side of the platform. Then, drop down and slowly walk off the edge of the cliff you are standing on. You now should be climbing on air. Note: If you run against the bottom stair, press Right when you are in the air to slide across the cliff.

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