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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Earthworm Jim Str

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Game Name : Earthworm Jim Str
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-05-28 23:57:48
Views : 5840

Max Worms: 9
Max Ammo Rounds: 5000 rounds

I'll tell this to you in the beginning. Try pausing the game and putting in these letters Y, A, B, B, A, Y, A, B. You can see the Programming Director. I was told this halfway though the game and tried it out, and what happened? Don't Ask, just try it!

The Debug code
First you must start level 1 'New Junk City'. Then you want to pause the game. Then hold down Left on the D-pad, and press the A. Release and press B, X, A, A, B, X, A. This should put you in a screen with all the Shiny players. Press return and return again. You should now be in the Debug screen. You can have a cheat mode, and level select. There is also a way to pick where you want to start in the level. When I tried starting at the last level, I did not see the ending. So you might want to start at the 'Use your head level'. I think it was called Helicopter in the cheater. Kind of cool, it gives you unlimited health and lives. Now you ALL should have no problem finishing this game. Level 1: New Junk City
If you look down when you first enter the level, you will see an extra 1-up right under you. Right after you launch that cow you will be standing on the edge of the rock ground. Further is the tires that you have to jump on. Kill the pesky crow. Then jump high into the air. Then start to helicopter down. Try to get as close to the rock level as you can without touching it. There is a space between the rock and the tires that you can fly through diagonally down to the left. With a little practice you can make it very quickly. If you hit a tire, try it again. You will end up on a rock level. Just walk across the chain. You will see the extra worm.

There are many different short cuts in the first level. If you jump up from the beginning you will see a white toilet. That is a warp zone. To get there, all you need to do is ride the first rail device. This is just above the cow that was launched. You will see two wires. Ride the first rail device. Just before it falls, jump to the left, then right at the top of you jump, whip. You will see a moose head. You should be able to swing on the moose antler. This will put you on a chain wire you can cross. Just fallow the rail devices up and to the left. That will take you to the toilet. You will find about 7 mega plasma blasters, and an extra worm. After you warp, it might seem you are trapped in that room. Just walk through the wall to the left. Then clime up to get out. There you find the sub-boss.

Hold down B. You will be able to jump higher on the tires.

The other short cut comes in the middle of the level. There you will find another moose with antlers on a plaque. Just swing on the antler and fallow where that leads you. You will end up where the first warp does, with the sub-boss 'Tireman'.

This may be confusing but here is a way to get an extra guy. Right after you launch a cow, try riding the two rail devices down. When you are on the second wire, jump off in the circle of tires that have that plasma gun. The circle dips in two places. try jumping in the dip to the right. You will see a spinning star. This means the extra guy is now visible. Now, go to the wide moving belt that you must climb. There are objects that come down that try to stop you. When you get to the top look up. You should see a wire up to the left. This is how you get to that wire. Run to the right. You will see a level that you have to jump up to. Once up there jump back to the left and whip your body. There is a hook that is barely on the screen. You will be able to hook and swing across. There is another hook that you must swing on. Then you will be on the chain. Just get the extra worm.

To kill the sub-boss, shoot him until he comes toward you in tank mode. Jump over him and quickly turn around. To kill him shoot the light above his head. Try killing Tireman in the Difficult setting! :)

Right after the sub-boss you must jump to a higher level. Kill the pesky crow then walk to the right a little. There a sparkly whirly thing will spin around you. It just means that some items have appeared. Go back to find them if you need them. This will happen throughout the game. So make sure you investigate what has appeared.

If you are low on ammo or energy when Fighting the Boss Chuck. While he is NOT above the spring. Try holding B and jumping on the spring. See where that takes you. What is this? (tip from NJ)

With the Andy Asteroid levels. Just remember to get 50 fuel pods to get an extra can-o-worms (continue). When you do pick up those atomic accelerators, you will NOT get touched by those asteroids. So for a few seconds you are protected from getting hurt. And all this time I thought it was my quick reflexes! :/

If you do end up losing to Psycrow in the warp race you will have to fight him on level ground. Just remember you must shoot him first, then whip him. Repeat this tell he flies away. Level 2: What the Heck?
The Green rolling gem: If its rolling that you must run on top the opposite direction. This should make the gem rise or either warp you. If it is rotating back and forth. That means jump on it and let it take you up. You might have to jump back and forth because of the flames.

The first extra worm comes up as you are walking the first emerald gem up. You might of seen it as you where walking by it earlier. Just jump toward the extra guy. There will be a fake wall for you, so just jump to get the 1-up. Then quickly jump down on the gem and proceed on with the level.

To kill a Lawyer, whip him then quickly shoot him. He should blowup and a mega plasma shot and energy should remain.

Just after defeating the snowman and warping on the emerald, walk to the right to the wall. Don't worry about the spikes. Jump up and look to the left. There you will see a hook. Swing to the left, then turn around and swing to the right on the same hook. You will be thrown through the wall and find 4 mega blasters and an extra guy. After, walk through the wall and proceed in the game.

Oh, there is a way to avoid fighting the Snowman sub-boss. After fighting the first Lawyer, you will have to open the gate to get to the warp gem to the snowman. Don't open the gate. Stand in front of the wheel that opens the gate. Turn to the right, and duck. Then whip and hold down the Whip button. You will be in the same place you would of if you had defeated the Snowman. On that same hook that you where one. Swing on it again to the right. You will find the above extra worm. (tip from NJ)

If you don't want to have the falling Stalactites, then don't pick up that 100% energy refiller. That triggers the stalactites to fall.

Next extra worm is easy to get. You might of seen it as you are riding those two emeralds up. The extra guy is to the left. All you have to do is to jump from the ledge over the spikes and toward the extra worm. Then ride the gems up again. When you get to the first black apparitions with fierce incisors. Kill them and jump down to the left. There is a continue marker right under you. If you do die, just go back and get that extra worm again.

Quick tip about the boss: When you are just Jimmy the worm. Stand as close to the wall to the right as you can. There just jump straight up when flames come. Wait for the wall to melt away. Then jump into the super powered suit. When finishing off that evil cat look at the center of the screen. You will see Evil the Cat faster, faster to react and shoot him and his nine lives. Jump toward the first flame. If they come at the same time, jump straight up. NOTE: If you don't want to jump over the flames when Heck the Cat is shooting the flames. Just walk as far as you can to the left and duck. You will not get hit until the end. You will get hit once, but it beats having to jump, right? Level 3: Down the Tubes
There is a nice little bug/glitch at the beginning of the level. You MUST start pressing B before the level starts (at the title screen for the level), you also need to be pushing to the right before the level actually starts. If it works then you should be moving to the right, not down the tube. Keep Helicoptering until you either enter the pod or a tube. It will cut you game time by a couple minutes (wow!:) NOTE: You must die in that level without continuing for this bug to work.

OK, YES there IS a hidden airpump in the 99sec pod race. This is going to be a bit of an explanation on getting there. OK, if you are having problems with this level. The hidden airpump is about 60 seconds into your run (30 seconds left). Now as you are driving that pod you pass guard rails. Those criss crossing bars that are really part of the background. They will not touch you. You will pass through 5 sets of these. If you reach the 5th one, you have gone too far. Its halfway between the 4th and 5th set. There is a section that goes straight down. Right at the bottom there will be two circular lights right next to each other on the left side. That is where the secret air pump is. It looks kind of like this:


There is a sharp turn to the right. You see you have hit the bottom of the level. You can go no further down. Just fly through the two lights. Then you time will be reset to 80.

After the second race of the time pod run. You will end up in a room where the only way out is through one of the little orange tough guys. You can kill the Orange tough guys with a Mega blaster. BUT! Let him pound you into the ground a couple times. Where he throws you is where the hidden secret is. Jump straight up. There you will be sucked up a hidden tube. To the left is an extra guy. Then fallow the tube up the end of that round.

Tube Race: When you are running along the tube race level and you are low on energy. There is a secret room JUST above the Hamster. It will refresh you 100%.

Like I posted before, if you are having trouble with the 99second pod race. Try turning on the slow-mo switch on your controller. It might make things a bit easier. If you want to finish it the right way. Keep your cool, don't hold down the Thrust button. Have it on-off-on-off. Once you get to the part with the lights your almost there.

After the 99second pod race. There is a last part of this level with three rooms. The second room is larger than the 1st and the 3rd. Jump in the middle of the second room. There you will find some hidden specials. Mostly more ammo. Now its time to fight a very tough looking goldfish (Bob). He might be hard to kill at first, but he is actually very easy to kill. Try doing a spiral twisting double ninja whoop upside the gill kick to the bowl. Works every time! :)

There are two extra worms that you may find along the third pod run (99sec). If you pass a place where there is a small crack in the wall. Its not even big enough for EWJ, but there is a section where there is a fake wall. It is on the left side, just after the inlet that has a mega blaster. There is a crack in the wall, not big enough for EWJ. The fake wall is above the crack. You might see a bit of the tube if you are close to the wall. Quickly go through the fake wall to get the 1-up.

The other extra worm is VERY close to the beginning of the level. They are on the other side of the first guard rails (bars that criss-cross between the two walls that). They are on the start of a curve around a turn. On the other side of the curve you might see a room. Go straight left to enter that room. Level 4: Snot a problem: Part 3!
ONLY HIT MAJOR MUCUS ON THE RIGHT HAND WALL!!!! That is the easy way to make him fall. Here is the rhythm. Go down on the left hand side. THEN halfway down or before you stop at the bottom. Move over to the right hand side. When you have stopped for a second at the bottom. You can tap EWJ as close to the wall as you can. This means EWJ is behind the protruding rocks. It might not matter, but you want to be close to the wall. Then when you are slung upward. Major Mucus will fallow RIGHT behind you. As close to the wall is, he will be the same. Perfect for bashing. Just as he is about to catch up to you. Move to the left 1/2 body length. This will make him hit the wall. Then on your way down, bash Mucus into the wall as many times as you can. Remember you must be at the left hand side by halfway down. So you can repeat the process. Level 5: Level 5
If you are having trouble getting up the section that should have stairs. You try to walk up it and you just slip and slide right down. Try jumping onto those energy charger thing-a-ma-jiggy (Objects that shoot energy from one metal ball to another vertically). If you keep going right, you should find a target. Whip that bullseye (ping). Now you will find that stairs have popped up. Because of all that work you did. You don't even need to walk up them. They will do all the work.

The metal cage: There is a sequence that the cytoplasm creatures come. With the first group you must remember. The way the cyto creatures may come:

2 3
1 4

First batch 3-1-2-1-2-3-1-2-3
Second batch 1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2-4-3 (see the pattern?)

There is a secret level within 'Level 5'. Its a level that is totally dark. The way to get there is through a warp. It is located right after that sequence with Professor Monkey-for-a-head tries to turn those blue wheels. If he open up those spheres, he let those eye creatures out. So shoot him before he has a chance to. You will have to hit him on 3 different occasions. Once you get to the top (on the left), you will be standing under two sets of 5 red dots lined vertically. In the center is one BIG red dot. Jump in and warp to the hidden level.

Hidden level: Who Turned Out the Lights? Room one: Try to make it up to the top of this room. From the door Jump to the light above you. From there jump to the left and make your way to the top of the screen. You should be able to walk straight across the screen. Fall down on the extra worm. Then walk through the exit.

Room two: Jump from light to light. You might say each light is a platform. So you might want to jump for the edge of the light if you want to climb up.

Room three: To get to the extra worm. Jump over the exit. Walk to the right and see how far you can go. Jump high and to the right. You should fall down two levels. If not move to the left a little and repeat. If you do it right, just walk to the left and pick up the 1-up.

Room Four: Remember what sparkles? Hooks right?

Room five: Remember to kill all the little roaming eyes. You may come to some eyes that you cant kill. Run! Right when you see them big eyes run to the left as fast as you can. There will be a point where you cant run any further. In that case turn around and start running to the right. This will have given you enough room to JUMP over those big eyes. Then continue running to the right. You just *might* make it. :)

You will encounter Professor Monkey-for-a-head three more times. He will be running along a wire. QUICKLY jump onto the horizontal wire that you can use your arms to walk across. Then just fire. The way to make him go away is by hitting him in the back.

You will come across a RED wheel. Try whipping it and see what you get. I just got 2 extra guys. Sometimes energy comes out, sometimes ammo. Little green blobs also come out. When that happens, this means there are no more goodies for you to get.

To Kill the Robot Chicken. Use the whip and hit the red target on the top of the screen in the center. Make sure when you do that, the chicken is in the middle. A cytoplasm creature will fall out. Make sure it touches the Robot Chicken. I believe you have to hit him 6 times.

While you are falling. You are going to have to shoot the chicken. One shot will do. What will happen is the chicken will split into pieces and come back together. If you look behind the chicken you might catch a glimpse of a bomb in the background. If you shoot the chicken again, he will stay in one place and get hit by the bomb blast. So start in the middle of the screen and shoot the chicken. Then move down a fraction and shoot again. Repeat this until you can no longer go down. Then do a half circle above the chicken and repeat the process. When you see those broken eggs this means he is about the die. Level 6: For Pete's Sake!
This level is very straight forward. There is not a lot you can look for secret wise. There is an extra guy, but you probably have someone to look after that is more important. That Pete can get pretty angry if he falls. You can stop him by shooting him. This will give you needed time. Shoot all UFO's. When you come across those asteroids. I suggest standing there and just blasting them until they go away. When you come across those tentacle creatures that grab Pete. It might be better if you let them grab Pete. Saves you some time, and it also might save a life. You don't loose that much when Pete gets angry.

When you come across these objects:


Land on the top end and the smaller end will go up. This might launch Pete into the abyss. You want to make sure that if you whip Pete onto one of those contraptions. You want to jump in the CENTER. this will not launch Pete. Then quickly whip Pete again to level ground.

To get to the Advanced level of 'for Pete's Sake', just whip him over his home. Is it really that Advanced? Difficult? Hard? Impossible? YES!!!!!!!!!

There is no way I can really HELP you on this level without maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, and Quicklime movies. You are just going to have to keep working at it. Little Pete just has to get home! :( Level 7: Use your head!
'Use your head' may be a very tricky level. Why? Well the walls are rather pointy. The space does get quite cramped. There are two paths that you may take. I suggest going to the left. You will get an extra guy, and some blasters. Stay to the left, and you should be able to land on solid ground. There is another extra guy after you land. Level 8: ButtVille
(The last level) OK, you made it this far. You can do it! You can actually finish EWJ! This level is not that difficult. You just have to take it S-L-O-W!

You will come across some creatures that are really quite dangerous. They start as little eyes in the wall. Then as you get near the pop out with 2 big choppers. If you are in his way, you get chopped in half. There is timing involved here as well. He will go away. Why wait though? Why not whip 'em? They will explode into lots-a-little green pieces. This will make it easier for you later on in this level if you remember you can kill these guys.

You will have to do the dreaded whip the hook, in mid-air turn around and whip back the way you came. You must climb up a ladder of hooks to get to an upper level. It may be hard at first, but you will get use to it. Try practicing in the first set of hooks. The second set, you will be bothered by some nasty bugs. When you are attacked by bugs, don't worry about them. You are more concerned with getting up.

You will end up on the back of The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug for a butt. Thankfully there is a continue marker there. Now comes the part where you must whip those choppers that come out of the wall. But this time you must also worry about slipping off those balls that you are standing on. Just make little jumps. Then when those chopper creatures come out. Whip them. Then move to the other ball. You will come to a point where you must make a leap of faith to the right. Do it! You will land on a moving belt of rocks. Look up and you will see one UGLY butt!

How to get past the Queens butt... If you just stand there you will end up in the spikes. So this is the rhythm that you must get into to destroy that nasty butt. Start all the way to the right. The stand there firing up. You will hit the butt a couple times. When just past the butt, quickly jump all the way to the right again. Repeat the process. Soon there will be spikes that will come as one of the platforms. Just jump over those spikes. The platforms will also start moving faster. Don't worry. If you use my technique. You should kill the butt in no time.

You will see another spiraling stars. Walk back the way you came and pick up 4 of those plasma blasters that just appeared. Don't worry about the green spittle that falls from the ceiling. It will not hurt you.

You should have at least 2000 shots. That would be enough to kill the Queen. Here is what you do. You will spin counter clockwise. If you don't shoot the queen, she will summon creatures that will kill you instantly. You must shoot the queen at 12 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock. Shoot in VERY SHORT BURSTS. 3 shots at the most will do. You just need to keep the queen off guard. This will not allow here to summon those creatures. Just keep that up, and you will beat that queen. You have now won the game!!!! Killer what happens to the queen, eh?!

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