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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Dragon Ball Z : The Legend Of The Super Saiyajin

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Game Name : Dragon Ball Z : The Legend Of The Super Saiyajin
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-06-10 17:00:57
Views : 25222

Scouter trick:
Before you fight Dordria use your scouter. After you defeat Dordoria you will go to Goku's Training and get the machine's HP, Bp, Ki. When you are on training with Piccolo you will see the planets power level Ki and BP, and you will get Ratiz and Napa's power level.

Super Fight for Gokou with Vegeta:
Before fighting Radditz, train Gokou and Piccolo to level 3. When they are level 3, buy at least 5 Kami cards. Enter the cave and get to the real Radditz. Before you fight him, pick the Gohon card and select Gokou to fight with a weak defense card. After that round, use Gokou to grab Radditz and Piccolo to attack with an OK card. Keep hitting Radditz, then damage also goes to Gokou. When Gokou's HP is about 1 to 4, . Heal him with a Kami. If he has 5 to 12, heal him with a Bulma. Keep repeating this until you run out of Kami, or Radditz died. Finish Radditz, then when Gokou reaches King Kai's planet, you will have easy training -- you should have Gokou about level 10. After Gohon gets the guys and fights Nappa, Gokou should arrive when fighting Vegeta. Use Kaoken. Use the Monkey and go where they went. Finish Vegeta off and the rest of the game should be easy.

Fight as Super Goku:
Intentionally allow one of your members to die at the final battle. For example, if you allow Kulilin to die (as in the story) Goku will get angry. He will flash, then turn into a Super Saiyan (BP: 4999999). If you give him a BP increase-card, Saityouruu worth 30 pt, his BP will reach 7999999). Goku cannot use his kaikouken. Note: Do not allow Vegeta to die, you will fight him after you defeated. Freeza may also become Super.

Fight Super Saiyajin Vegeta:
Train all your characters to level 45 to 47. After that, fight Freeza he is in the fourth stage. When Gokou arrives, make him fight Freeza and someone else to fight him with a weak defense. Keep doing this till that character dies and Gokou turns Super Saiyajin. After killing Freeza, wait for the credits to end. Then, Vegeta will stop you from leaving and turn Super Saiyian as well. His battle power will be 6,000,000 and Gokou's will be 4,999,999. Remember to save the eldest Namek card. He will be 7,999,999 and it will not be not a difficult fight. After defeating Vegeta, you will have a different ending.

Easy level-up for Gohan:
There will be a place in the first cave on the alien planet where a big ball rolls towards you. Allow it to hit your character; you will not die. If you have 6 HP, fight monsters and let them hit Gohan for at least 1 HP and do not die. If you have 5 or less HP, use a HP MAX card to get a level-up. Note: Your BP, HP and KI will increase but not your Exp. level.

This also may be done with Dende, Goku, and Vegeta. You can use it any time when they are under 10. Use a Kami card or something that heals completely.

Easy fights:
Once you get to Namek, just fly around and level up. Get you BP to at least 10,000 to 17,000 with Gohan. Once your BP is that high, fight Kui . He should be very easy to defeat. A good place to level up, is near the cave where you find your first DB. After you defeat Kui, go through the rest of the game, and it should be easier.

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