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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Donkey Kong Country 2 : Diddy's Kong Quest

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Game Name : Donkey Kong Country 2 : Diddy's Kong Quest
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-06-16 07:14:20
Views : 26696

Gangplank Galley: Shortcut:
At the start of the level, go to the top of the barrel stack and use one character to jump up and throw the other up and to the right of the bonus barrel.

Mainbrace Mayhem shortcut:
Begin game play in Mainbrace Mayhem as Dixie Kong. In the beginning of the first level, as you start to walk forward, go until you reach the edge. You should now see an arrow of bananas. Collect all of them and hang on to the ropes. You have to hold Y to jump far enough. Jump off the edge of the ropes to the left and hold Y button to just miss the edge and go over to the pole. A barrel will shoot you upwards. This will not work if there are mice above you. Collect everything and go all the way to the right to reach the very end of the board. Collect every thing on the ledge, then find the row of bananas going down. Jump down to land right on the ending target.

At the start of the level, using Dixie, jump off to the right towards the arrow. Then, helicopter spin to the left under the mast into the shortcut barrel.

Avoid getting lost:
If you get lost, follow the bananas -- they will usually lead you to safety.

Hot-Head Hop: Shortcut:
At start of the level, use one character to throw other up and to the left to land on ledge. There is a chest with a green balloon in it. Throw your partner up again from the ledge to find a shortcut barrel.

Sound test:
Select an empty save game slot at the select game screen. Highlight the "Two Player Contest" option at the player selection screen and quickly press Down(5).

Lava Lagoon: Shortcut:
At the start of the level, go past the first seal. Do not go in the water. You will see a Klaptrap. Kill it and get as close to the right edge as you can. Jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel.

Haunted Haul: DK Coin:
At the end target, go under the place. Come out and walk left.

Krem Quay: Easy lives:
The first level, in Krem Quay, you must first get to the "No Rambi" sign. Shortly after that you will encounter two Kloaks throwing Klick-Klacks (beetles) Wait for the second one to finish throwing its second Klick-Klack -- he will attempt to leave. Follow him to the end, almost right next to you, to the platform. He will stop and throw a treasure chest. Do not break it open on the Kloak itself -- if you have not already killed all the beetles, use one of them. Do not kill the Kloak, because he will return to repeat the process. You can continue to kill one of the beetles or you can pile more and more chests on top of each other. The chests contain green baloons.

Gangplank Galleon: DK Coin:
Use Dixie's helicopter spin and jump off of the top barrel at the beginning, then grab onto a hook.

More lives:
Go to a level with a Gray Klobber. Keep getting hit by it and get the extra lives back from him. It should take a while, but sooner or later your life total with go up. You must be very fast or it will not work.

Double animals on screen:
You can get two animals on the same screen at once. For example, get Ramby in Pirate Panic. Enter a bonus stage while still keeping him. Then, return to where you got Ramby and hit the crate. You may have to chase after him to catch him, but that should not be too difficult.

High jumps:
Note: Both Diddy and Dixie are required for this trick. Press A to have one character carry the other. Press Y to throw upwards to somewhere where there is some thing to stand, hold on, or enter. The character that threw the other should follow. If you just throw one of them across the screen or off the edge, they will return. If you throw one of them by pressing only Y and they hit the ground, they will stay until passed by or hit by an enemy. If they are hit by the enemy while down, you will lose them.

75 Kremcoins:
Begin game play in Pirate Panic and enter K. Rool's cabin. Leave the cabin, jump over the two bananas, take the bunch that are on top of the barrels, and return to the cabin. Take the balloon, leave the cabin, jump over the same two bananas, grab the same bunch that were on the barrels, and return to the cabin. A token worth 75 Kremcoins should be inside.

Rickety Race: Shortcut:
At the beginning of the level, when you jump on the skull cart, instead of pressing Right to go forward, press Left. This will take you into the shaft. Inside is a + Barrel that will launch you twice as fast as you would normally go. With the extra speed, you can take out the first three Klanks (Kremlings on carts) by simply running them over. After that you will still have a high amount of speed to get through the rest of the level.

Pirate Panic: Shortcut:
Team throw upwards from the first barrel on the first four barrel set

Pirate Panic: Shortcut:
On the first row of barrels you reach, stand on the first barrel and have one character jump up and throw the other straight up into the short cut barrel.

Walk across honey:
You can walk across honey by pressing A to team up -- just walk and jump as needed.

Bramble Scramble: DK Coin:
After the first Squawks, jump down the hole with Diddy and hold Right. You will pass the barrel with Dixie. Get the barrel and get Squitter. You can go through the bramble with a banana in it.

Topsail Trouble: Shortcut:
At the start of the level (just under the box with the snake in it), cartwheel jump or helicopter spin to the right into the shortcut barrel. At the end, jump over the target and go all the way to the right. Then throw your partner straight up to get a blue balloon. Do this quickly, or it will float away.

There are three ways to get to this shortcut. Use Dixie's helicopter spin and spin under the plat form you start on; use Diddy's cartwheel jump; or step off with Rattly and press B.

Get animal by sign:
Note: This can only be done in levels when you are going up, for example, Topsail Trouble. Try to jump up by using the special where you found the muscle man. You will be ahead of the sign and you will not lose him until later.

Cheat mode:
Enable the "Sound test" code and continue to press Down(5). A "Cheat Mode" option will appear.

99 banana coins:
In the first level of the game, play until you get Rambi. Backtrack a short distance to find a crack in the floor (left of the N). Fall through and go right to reach a bonus stage. Run right to get the banana coin, then climb and get the other coin. When you come out of the stage, go left, down the crack again, and get the banana coin in the bonus stage again. Repeat this as needed. Rambi makes it easier.


Pirate Panic: Finish with 100%, all bonuses:
On the first stage of the game, Pirate Panic, go into the room at the start, then exit. Go over the two bananas and get the bunch that is nearby. Go back into the room, jumping over the two bananas again. When you are in the room get the balloon. Exit the room. Jump over the same two bananas and get the same bunch. Go back into the room again and a token worth 75 Kremkions will be inside. Get it. Complete the stages without the need for special bonuses, since you have all the Kremkoins. Complete the game both ways, through the plane at the top of the island and the Lost World. Use the Kremkoins to get into the Lost World via Klubba and finish inside the volcano. To defeat Kaptain K.Rool, be careful and rapidly jump. If you keep avoiding the objects such as clouds and balls, he will eventually shoot a barrel. Jump on it and break it open. Get the barrel and throw it directly into his gun. He will explode and the last DK Coin will appear. If you finish the game both ways and get every DK Coin, you will end up with a 100% rating.

Red Hot Ride: Shortcut:
Go to second balloon. Ride it to steam wisp just after the "K". While it is floating on steam wisp, jump up and throw your partner straight up into shortcut barrel.

Fifty lives:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A, Down.

Extra difficult game:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Highlight the "Cheat Mode" option and press B, A, Right(2), A, Left, A, X. No DK barrels will appear in the game.

Squawk's Shaft: Shortcut:
Walk to edge of platform. You will see a banana coin to the right. The shortcut barrel is to the far right of the coin. It is a long spin, so get a good head start.

View Kremcoin total:
Repeatedly press L, R at the map screen until a screen with Cranky's score and coin total appears.

Gangplank Galleon: Shortcut:
Go to where the four barrels are. Kill whoever is on them. Stand on the first barrel from the left and when you are on it (you need both Diddy and his girlfriend) press A. If you have Diddy playing and his girlfriend following, Diddy's girlfriend will hop onto Diddy's back. If you have Diddy's girlfriend playing and Diddy following her, Diddy will hop onto his girlfriend. Then, press B and quickly press Up + Y. You will go to a totally different place and find bananas. You can take them if desired. Go through the hole in the right side to reach the end of the level. Jump on the target to complete the level.

Team throw upwards above the first bonus room, which is on top of the first set of barrels

Notice the barrels stacked up on each other. At the top, you will see a bonus barrel. Have Dixie and Diddy stand on top of each other. Throw the top monkey up to the right of the bonus barrel. This is a shortcut to the end of the level.

Bonus scene:
Successfully complete the game by defeating K.Rool. Leave the game at "The End" screen until a bonus scene with Cranky starts.

Lockjaw's Locker: Shortcut:
Go to just past the "K" until the water rises, then swim back to where you fell down at. You will see a banana coin and a banana bunch. Directly to the right is a space. Swim into it, and it will take you to the end of the level. At the end, you can use your partner and jump high to the left and throw him/her straight up and to the left to get your DK coin.

Proceed as usual at the start of the level to get the water to rise. Then, back track to the beginning where you will see a small pocket opening, about two crates long, at the ceiling. It is recognizable as an area where there would be a K or a Banana Coin, but there is nothing there. Proceed and you will get in an invisible barrel. This will launch you to a small room with banana-shaped exclamation marks. From there you will go to the end of the level.

Wait until the water goes up and go back into that opening where it appears like a barrel will fit.

Kannon's Klaim: Shortcut:
At the start of the level, use Dixie to helicopter spin off the edge to the right (you will see arrow). It is the first bonus game. In bonus game, spin off the edge again to the right to find a DK coin. After leaving the bonus game, use the barrel launchers to go up until you see two TNT barrels side by side. Kill the two rats and the Kremling to get them out of the way. Then, using Dixie, jump off the ledge to the left then spin to the right (under the ledge) to find shortcut barrel.

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