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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Driver Demo

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Game Name : Driver Demo
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-03-12 19:12:30
Views : 20917

Bonus city
Successfully complete the game once to unlock a hidden city. Go into your Driver Demo Directory, and then go into the scripts/missions/
There should be a file by the name of:
Mission661.dms NOTE: Always make a backup of this file before making changes. Edit that file. Inside you'll find when cops appear, your damage, the time, and you can also change how your car looks. To get unlimited damage, take out the lines: EnablePlayerDamage
MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file://( 0 ->4096*6 is range) For unlimited time, take out the lines: DebugInfo 1
Countdown 70 file://UK 60 seconds USA 70 seconds To change the weather, add any combination of these in a space following the "FelonyBarId 195" line: Night
Lightning In place of "Night" you can put "Dusk", and witness a rather -spectacular- sunset (and watch the cars all turn their lights on as it gets dark). Also, "Snowing" seems to be a valid argument (the level loads with it in place, so it is recognized), but it doesn't seem to make any changes to the gameplay like "Raining" does. To change your car, replace the "0" (zero) in "PlayerCarType 0" to one of the following numbers: 0 - Original Car
1 - Crew Cab Pickup
2 - "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe
3 - Sports Coupe
4 - Camaro? (Fast)
5 - Toronado
6 - Nova?
7 - Cadillac Sedan
8 - Bonneville?
9 - Chevelle?
10 - L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser (Horn activates lights and siren)
11 - Cadillac? Coupe
12 - Firebird/Camaro Z28
13 - Taxi
14 - Cadillac Sedan
15 - Error - Do not use
16 - Jaguar (CrazyFast: 170+)
17 - '55 Thunderbird (CrazyFast) To disable the "Lose The Tail" mission, which will allow you to play until your car is destroyed, delete or comment out the following lines: (Note: These are scattered throughout the file, with important stuff in-between, so don't just delete everything!) #######################################
SetMaximumCops 0
Cop_Respawn 65000 Cops_Immortal 0 //SpawnCops 1, 3067, 45609, 441019
AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019 ForceFelonyRating 1 InformPlayerById 5,103 Set Objective 2 MustBeHidden 1 //Must arrive at drop off point without a tail
NeedToLoseTail 1
OuterRadius 1000000 WaitForObjectiveComplete Cops_off
InformPlayerById 5,3
wait 2
################################## Disabling the Lose The Tail will enable "prowling" cops.
Set the number of cops you wish to have chasing you by changing the number in the line "SetMaximumCops 1" (I find three is a pretty good number), or disable cops by changing "Cops_on" to "Cops_off". You can also add the line: "CopWipeOutDamage 7000" to set the amount of damage it takes to destroy a Cop Cruiser (If this line is not present, it takes about one solid head-on crash to destroy a cop). Finally, it is possible to place a "trigger cop" who will allow you to drive freely without -any- cop intervention until activated. To enable this, do -not- delete the line: "AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019" This will cause an unactive police cruiser to be placed directly behind your starting position, who will remain inactive unless provoked, thereby activating -all- of the cops. Reach 204mph
First of all select the Jaguar (Car type 16). Start game as normal, find a nice long road, build up speed to around 100-110mph. Release the accelrator (And Burn Out if you're using it). Hold down the cruise control key (C I think is the default). Instead of slowing down to cruise speed (30-40mph), your car will carry on speeding up, past its usual 178mph or so, we hit 204mph, but we ran out of road (Ouch that wall hurt), maybe you can get more out of it!

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