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You are viewing Cheat Codes for The World is Not Enough

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Game Name : The World is Not Enough
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2005-02-13 06:23:15
Views : 24130

King's Ransom: More ammunition:
While going through the building, you will see guards wearing blue vests. Take out your watch stunner and keep zapping them until they drop their gun. You will not fail the mission by doing this.

Golden gun mode:
Successfully complete the game under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting to unlock the Golden Gun Scenario under the multi-player option. In this scenario, you must collect the three parts of the golden gun and kill all of your opponents with it to win.


Castle scenario:
Successfully complete the Subway single player level under the "Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:15 to unlock the Castle multi-player scenario. This is the largest map in the game.

Courier: Sparks:
There should be two alarm buttons on the bottom floor. Walk over to them and take out your stunner. Press B + Z to switch it to laser. Shoot the alarm and non-stop sparks will appear.

Capture The Briefcase scenario:
Successfully complete the Turncoat single player level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:20 to unlock the Capture the Briefcase multi-player scenario.

Covert Skins:
Beat the level "City Of Walkways" Secret Agent mode under the specified time of 3:45.

Underground Uprising: Stun Grenades:
There are many hostage situations in this level. To avoid having the hostages hit by the gunmen, throw Stun Grenades around corners, down escalators, etc. This will put hostages and gunmen to sleep for approximately fifteen seconds. Shoot the gunmen and leave the hostages. Later, the hostages will wake up and be free.

Weapon information:
Wolfram P2K
Capacity: 16 rounds
Damage: Low
Range: Low
Ammo: 9mm
Zoom: None
Soviet KA-57
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammo: 7.62
Zoom: None
Mustang .44
Capacity: 6 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Ammo: .44 mag
Zoom: Up to 2.5
Meyer TMP
Capacity: 25 rounds
Damage: Low
Range: Medium
Ammo: 9mm
Zoom: None
Watch: Stunner
Capacity: 100 rounds
Damage: stun
Range: Low
Ammo: Recharges
Zoom: None
Deutche M45
Capacity: 25 rounds
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium
Ammo: 45 ACP
Zoom: None
Frinesi Special 12
Capacity: 8 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammo: 12 gauge
Zoom: None
Raptor Magnum
Capacity: 8 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammo: .44 mag
Zoom: None
Deutche SA90
Capacity: 20 rounds
Damage: High
Range: very High
Ammo: 7.62
Zoom: Up to 5.5
Ignalls Type 20
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: Medium
Range: Medium
Ammo: 45 ACP
Zoom: None
Meyer Bullpup
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammo: 5.56
Zoom: up to 3
Mustang Mar-4
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammo: 5.56
Zoom: up to x2
Deutche M95
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: Low
Range: Medium
Ammo: 9mm
Zoom: Up to x4
Delta 900 Mag
Capacity: 5 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Ammo: Bolts
Zoom: Up to x4
Suisse SSR 4000
Capacity: 5 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Very high
Ammo: 7.62
Zoom: Up to x5
MB Pow 90
Capacity: 50 rounds
Damage: Medium
Range: High
Ammo: 5.7
Zoom: Up to x1.5
GL 40
Capacity: 1 round
Damage: Very high
Range: High
Ammo: 40mm
Zoom: Up to x2
RL 22
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: Very high
Range: Very high
Ammo: Rockets
Zoom: Up to x2
Sea Master Speargun
Capacity: 2 rounds
Damage: High
Range: Low
Ammo: Spears
Zoom: None
Mustang Mar-4GL
Capacity: 30 rounds
Damage: High
Range: High
Ammo: 5.56
Zoom: None
Capacity: 1 round
Damage: Very high
Range: High
Ammo: 40mm
Zoom: None
AT 420 Sentinel
Capacity: 4 rounds
Damage: Very high
Range: Very high
Ammo: Missiles
Zoom: Up to x4

Team King Of The Hill level:
Beat the single player level "King's Ransom" on Agent mode under the specified time of 2:20.

Turncoat: Enemy Back flip:
Run all the way until you get to the part where there is a man with a gun. Take his gun. There will be a man standing next to a car. Start shooting the front of the car -- about four or five shots. This will make the car explode and the man next to the car will do a back flip.

Unlock Castle level:
Beat the single player level "Subway" on Agent mode under the specified time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

King's Ransom: Pen grenade:
At the beginning of the level walk up to Moneypenny, who is standing by the computer in the second room. Talk to her and she will give you a pen grenade. This will become useful when playing under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting.

Turncoat: Hidden P2K:
There is a hidden P2K in the beginning of the level. After you turn the corner, you will see a ladder off to the left. Climb up and follow the platform to find the P2K. This takes time off of the mission, but gives you an extra gun in case you run out of ammunition.

Exotic skins:
Successfully complete the Cold Reception level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:25.

Fallen Angel: Avoid gas:
Before one of Elektra's guards traps you in the room with the poison gas, destroy the video cameras in the corners. He will not see you approaching. Watch out for the men at the top of the stairs. You must then rescue M in the room to the right, in the last cell on the right side. To get out of the poison gas room, take out your grapple and look up at the ceiling. Shoot your grapple up into the hole and climb the rope. Then the gas will not be able to reach you.

Thames Chase: Hidden spears:
Near the beginning, when you pass the small building with the sniper, instead of going down the stairs to the left, go right. There is a narrow space between the building and the adjacent wall. A box of speargun ammunition is in this location.

A Sinking Feeling: Faster completion:
To save time on the level, run straight ahead at the start and go left when you hit the boxes located there. Ignore the enemies because they should not see you. Board the submarine by swimming onto the tail of it and walking on the left side of it to the ladder. This can save a lot of time and health. After you get inside the submarine, you will see a ladder going down. Fall down through the hole and do a jump halfway through the fall, but try to avoid touching the ladder. You will land next to a guard who will surrender and drop his gun. After you find Christmas Jones, let her follow you instead of coming back for her later. You will risk her getting shot, but will save at least two minutes on your time.

It takes a lot of time if you have to open every door until you find Christmas. To save time, hold B and press A to equip the X-ray glasses. You can simply ignore the rooms Christmas is not in and find the correct room very quickly.

Underground Uprising: Killing assassin:
You can kill the assassin at the end of the level. When you are going to climb the rope to finish the mission, shoot her and complete the mission. Even though the "Mission Failed, Abort Mission" appears, you will be taken to the next mission screen.

Underground Uprising: Full health and body armor:
When you diffuse the bomb, under any difficulty setting, wait until the timer is at 0:07. If you disarm the bomb at this exact time, you will get full health and full body armor. Note: For this to work you need to disable the bomb with low health so the health meter is red.

Strange colors:
Find the giant hole in the hidden volcano level. On the main floor with the moving warheads, at each end is a black pit that you can fall into (and die). If you look down you can see strange colors. If you look up you can see a fading light up at least 200 feet above. Also try this using X-ray glasses.

Wildfire mode:
Successfully complete the City Of Walkways 2 level under the "Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:40.

Air Raid: Get on top of plane:
Walk to the very front of the plane and shoot out one of the windows. You can walk out to the nose just enough so that you will not fall. Turn around and walk up the part that is in between the two windows to get on top of the plane. The wind will push you like it does on the wings. Walk towards the back where there is a back wing on the tail. You can get behind there and shoot at people from high up. There is also a little place where you can drop down into and look down where people walk up the ramp into the plane.

King's Ransom: Third floor lockdown:
When activating the third floor lockdown, you do not have to take the long way around to the nurse. As soon as you leave the room where you activated the third floor lockdown, turn to the left. The door will be closing. If you are quick enough run under while the door is closing to have a shorter way to the nurse.

Midnight Departure: Faster completion:
When you talk to the air traffic controller at the end, jump onto his control board and walk out the window towards the runway. The window should break when you walk through it -- do not waste time shooting. Jump halfway through the fall so that you do not die. This will save about 30 seconds from taking the stairs, then running back outside.

At the end of the level when you go up to the plane, as soon as the man starts talking run away from the plane in any direction. This will cut his little speech short and the level will end much quicker.

Multi-player mode: Easy kill:
Pick a weapon with good zoom capability. Find a nice place to play sniper. This works especially well in the Sky Rails level. Wait for an opponent to approach a weapons or ammo crate, but target the box. Shoot the box after they are in position. The box will explode and almost instantly kill them.

On any multi-player arena, shooting ammo boxes will cause them to explode. However, on any outside level, the ammo boxes will come down on parachutes. Shoot these parachutes and the ammo box will fall even faster and explode upon impact with the ground or anything else. Use this trick often with a sniper rifle, and it will count as a suicide for whoever it kills. Also, jump up when shoot someone to hit them in the head, which will kill them much faster.

Start a multi-player match with explosive weapon style. Go face to face with an enemy that has a grenade launcher, unarmed. Start punching him and he will shoot you in the face. However, you will remain alive and the enemy will fall dead. Note: This only works against CPU players, and your health setting must be at 200. When you go into battle against the grenade launching CPU player, you must have a full health and body armor meter. This trick works best if your opponent is Scaramaga after he has been unlocked.

Cold Reception: Faster completion:
Press C-Up button as much as possible to constantly go fast, which will make it easy to get the Sky Rail level and Exotic Skins cheats. Hold C-Down when near the fuel dumps and the barrels at the end of the level to make sure you hit them. Also, always take the left paths when there is a split; these are shorter and lead to Body Armor.

City of Walkways 1: Hidden Body Armor:
There is a secret Body Armor underneath the second ramp you go down after you get outside the building with the conveyor belts. It is almost directly across from the dock with the boat on it (where there is another Body Armor on the Agent difficulty setting).

Alternate multi-player faces:
Highlight a secondary type of character (Kazak Soldier, Market Trader, Runner, etc.) at the multi-player mode character selection screen, then press L or R to cycle through various faces.

Dodge bullets easier:
Press the C-Left or C-Right to dodge bullets easier in one and two player modes.

Operating elevators:
When inside of an elevator (Single Player: Courier, City of Walkways I, Multi-Player: Merchant, Hidden Volcano, Sky Rail) press C-Up to get it to activate while you are still inside instead of running out and then back in. This will make elevators very effective hiding places in multi-player arenas.

Multi-player: Scaramonga:
When Scaramonga is a CPU character in multi-player mode, he is the deadliest of all assassins. When he attacks you from behind, he will kill you with just one shot, or two shots if your lucky. Note: If he is using a Soviet-K7, he will always kill you with just one shot. However, if he hits you with a grenade, it may take him three to four hits depending on how many times he misses, which is not often unless you dodge his grenades.

Forest scenario:
Successfully complete the Night Watch single player level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:20 to unlock the Forest multi-player scenario.

Navy skins:
Successfully complete the A Sinking Feeling level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:55.

Team King Of The Hill scenario:
Successfully complete the King''s Ransom single player level under the "Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:20 to unlock the Team King Of The Hill multi-player scenario.

Air Raid: Easy mission:
First, complete the first level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting without killing anyone. When you are exiting the level, shoot only one English cop. Shoot the other two cops and then the "Abort Mission" message will appear. Do not quit or restart. Instead, just go out the door. "Mission Complete" will still appear at the next screen. If done correctly, "Air Raid" will flash in red instead of yellow.

Recommended controller configuration:
Select "Control Style" at the options screen, then choose "3 Infiltration". Use C-Up and C-Down to walk, C-Left and C-Right to side step, and the Analog-stick to look and turn your body. All the other buttons are the same, but use the D-pad to jump and crouch. It may take some getting used too, but is much easier to operate.

Air Raid: Secret platform:
In the Air Raid multi-player level, head out of one of the windows and go to the top of the plane. There is a hole near the top rear of the plane that you can fall through to land on a secret platform. It overlooks some of the ramp that connects the two planes and the inside rear end of the large white plane.

Thames Chase: Kill the Mystery Killer:
Play through the entire mission. You must have the Deutche SA90 when you get to the last section of the mission with the police cars on the end of the street. Wait for the bus to go by and shoot the windshield to shatter it. You have just killed the Mystery Killer (you must have the bus in the background).

Night Watch: See Davidov's car at the beginning:
Start the level under any difficulty setting, go to the door, and face it. Turn on your X-Ray Glasses and look down. You should see the car (Davidov's) you finish the level in. You cannot bug the phone or photograph the evidence.

Security skins:
Successfully complete the King''s Ransom single player level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:45 to unlock the Security skins.

Midnight Departure: Hitch a ride:
There is a green cargo truck that drives down the road you follow that will give you a free ride all the way to the airport. Simply wait until the truck stops, clear out all the nearby guards, then hop in the back. The truck will drive off, bringing you to the tower past all the guard towers and men unharmed.

Courier: Faster completion:
Go to the safety deposit box room and shoot a dart at the guard. "Mission Failed" will appear, but it really is not. Get the card and the flash bang gun and run out the doors. "Mission Complete" will appear on the briefing screen. Note: This only works under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting. Note: If you get the card and gun first before shooting the guard, you will have to get the money, but you will not be able to do so.

In any difficulty setting, do not kill anyone on the level. Go into the room and pick up the items in the security box. Do not kill the guard. Go over to the alarm on the wall. Leave the bank without killing anyone and the mission will be complete.

Civilian skins:
Successfully complete the City Of Walkways 1 level under the "Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:35.

Multi-player: Bubbles in Forest scenario:
Unlock the Forest scenario, then set the gun mode on explosive. Get the Sticky or Frag grenade and throw it into the river. You will see bubbles come up from the grenade when it is underwater. This works for anything you shoot into the water.

Sky Rail: Cable walk:
In the Sky Rail multi-player level, you can go onto the roof of either building and walk across the cable that the sky carts use. You can also "ride" on the cart from the top; as it goes by it will begin to push you. Simply walk on top of the small platform (the part that connects the sky cart to the cable) to "ride" it. It makes an excellent sniper location and is a good place to attack from when showing off your talent and cunning.

Shortcut on stairs and ladders:
To save time when unlocking a time-based cheat, when you need to go down stairs jump over the railing to land at the bottom. For laddersn jump down but do not jump on the ladder. This can save up to ten seconds. Note: If you jump off the stairs or ladder, the distance from where you jump may be too great and cause you to die. Levels not to jump from the very top include Courier, King's Ransom, and A Sinking Fleet.

Night Watch: Avoiding guards:
The first three guards at the beginning of the level will not see or bother you unless you let them see you.

Air Raid scenario:
Successfully complete the Masquerade level under the "Agent" difficulty" setting with a time less than 3:15 to unlock the Air Raid multi-player scenario.

Multi-player: Weapons appear like single player versions:
When you are at the multi-player menu (with character select), highlight weapon detail and turn it to "High". Start a multi-player game. When you are holding a weapon it will look exactly like it does on single player mode.

King's Ransom: Less enemies:
When playing the level under the 00 Agent difficulty setting, pick up the Pen Grenade from Moneypenny. Throw it out the window where the first terrorist enters (outside M's office). If done correctly, there will be fewer enemies later in the level.

Scientist skins:
Successfully complete the Masquerade level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 4:20.

Contemporary skins:
Successfully complete the game under the "Agent" difficulty setting to unlock Alec Trevlyan (006), Wai Lin, Max Zorin, May Day,and Christmas Jones (dress).

Night Watch: Faster completion:
Do not disable security cameras. Instead, wait until they are looking away from you and pass by underneath them, or stay against walls. However, destroy the last three (one just before the forest path, two at Davidov's Office) so that Davidov does not catch you. Also try to take pictures and plant phone taps from a distance.

Do not use darts on guards. Just punch them and they will be out. Take their gun. Use the Silent Wolfram P2K to shoot the security cameras.

Guided AT 420 Sentinel missiles:
After you have launched a missile from the AT 420 Sentinel, a screen with a view of the missile will appear in the upper right corner. If you stay in sniper mode and you move the aimer, you can turn the missile.

Contemporary Skins:
Beat the game on the Agent mode to unlock more skins.

Create falling bombs:
Shoot a bullet at a parachute holding an item. If timed correctly, you can make it explode.

Covert skins:
Successfully complete the City Of Walkways level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:45.

Courier: Avoid elevator alarm:
Do not smoke in the elevator. It will set off an alarm.

Thames Chase: Familiar tourist:
When in the "Thames Chase" level, go to where the hostages are located and free them. Go to the hostage with the camera (not the construction worker), he resembles the Louisiana sheriff that appears in various Bond movies.

Get two weapons from an enemy:
Sneak up on an enemy and shoot him once to where he drops his weapon. Pick it up, scoot back, and kill him. Then, pick up the other weapon.

Change gun options:
Hold B and press Z to change options on your gun. For example, you can make the Wolfram P2K have a silencer. Note: Every gun does something different.

Underground Uprising: Faster completion time:
When defusing the bomb, after it is a slightly more than half-way defused, let the red defusing line go all the way down then hold Z. The timer will go down to about two seconds or so, but it will not explode and you will defuse it faster.

At the stairwell near the end of the level, instead of going up the stairs and jumping the gap, use your grapple-watch to grapple the target on the ceiling. Climb up the line (facing the same way as when you entered the stairwell). Shoot the enemy ahead and above as you climb up, then jump off and kill the guard in your path to the padlocked door. Then, shoot the padlock and run to the rope hanging from the balloon to end the level.

Sky Rail: Perfect sniper spot:
Enable the "Explosive weapon" cheat and do the rail walk. Get to a spot just above the cave and sit there. You can only take damage from below, and all grenades shot from the buildings will be short and explode on the ground. Note: If the Mustang Grenades are used, they may reach you. The CPU do not use Mustang Grenades. Also, bullets from the Mustang and all other weapons can hit you.

Sky Rail: Boost jump:
When you take the elevator to get onto the tram station, jump at the correct moment when the elevator stops to jump higher.

Sky Rail: Hiding place:
When an enemy is on you tail, jump into a rail car, and press C-Down to duck. The enemy will not be able to see you, and any bullets that they shoot at you will deflect off of the metal body of the car. Note: This only works with CPU characters some of the time. Also, the cars cannot stop explosive weapons.

City of Walkways 2: Defeating the attack chopper:
When you are fighting the attack chopper at the end, pick up the AT-420 Sentinel, then run and stand with your back to the raised drawbridge. From here, the chopper will only shoot bullets at you, and not rockets. When trying to get the time cheat, run away from the attack chopper when you first encounter it, just before the three metallic walkways.

When at the end of the level and are facing the chopper, stand under the bridge, look up, and throw some Sticky Grenades. With luck the chopper will take the pass over the bridge when the grenades explode. Alternately, throw the Sticky Grenade on the plank you used to get where the car is located.

Fall without dying:
Run off a cliff and jump while falling.

Soldier skins:
Successfully complete the Midnight Departure level under the "Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:05.
Suit skins:
Complete the Courier level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:00.

Enter the room to your right where the deposit box is located. Open the deposit box to collect the flash-bang gun and appointment card. Then, take out your watch dart and shoot the policeman that is in the room. When the words "Mission failed" appear on the screen, exit the room and run out the revolving door (located at the beginning of the level). When the debriefing screen appears, the suit skins should be unlocked, even though you failed the mission.

Courier: Different secretary:
When you first start the game, you will be talking to a secretary. Punch her in the face and abort the mission. Return to the same level and there will be someone different there.

Midnight Departure: Disable alarm:
Use your watch laser on the radio/alarm to disable it. This way none of the men can set it off and leave you dead.

King's Ransom: Kill men on ropes:
When you get to the stairway to go downstairs, equip your watch-stunner then turn to face the door opening. "Sweep" by the door by side-stepping (zapping as you sweep by). When you stun the men hanging from the ropes it will kill them (because they fall when they lose consciousness). This can save a good bit of health. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, just ignore the other group of enemies sliding down the ropes. Simply go through the door as quickly as possible.

Sky Rail scenario:
Successfully complete the Cold Reception single player level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 3:15 to unlock the Sky Rail multi-player scenario.

Classic skins:
Successfully complete the game under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting to unlock Tuxedo Bond, Baron Samedi, Oddjob, Scaramanga, and Jaws.

Masquerade: Delayed shooting:
When you walk over to talk to the Colonel (man in green) while he is talking, take out your Wolfram and he will not shoot until he is done talking.

Exotic weapon mode:
Successfully complete the Thames Chase level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 4:25.

Midnight Departure: Wildlife sounds:
Start the "Midnight Departure" single player level and kill Davidov. If you kill him quickly enough (before he gets too far) there will be a path beside him leading into the forest. Avoid the hut that you will see. Instead, look behind you to find another path. Go through that path and you will see a sign that says River Road. Wait around in that area long enough and you will sometimes hear the sound of a wolf howling.

Use gadgets:
Hold B and press A to use certain gadgets, such as nightvision. Note: This only works in certain levels such as Mission 6: Night Watch.

If you are in a hurry in any level, hold A and press B.

Masquerade: Wildlife:
Start the level and after you talk to the Colonel (the one in the green suit), walk forward and stop in front of the green truck. Look straight up into the sky to see three birds flying around in circles.

Multi-player: Hiding in Forest scenario:
Select a dark character and go to where the blue fort is located. Start going towards the river and look to the left. You should see some cliffs. Get on the top cliff -- you may need to go down to the river to do this. Stay close to the rocks and when you come to the end, jump around the corner and you should be on a small shelf. You will see some trees. Walk behind the trees to reach the hiding spot. You can see and shoot people, but they will not be able to see and shoot you unless they use explosives.

Move faster:
Hold Analog-stick Up + C-Left or C-Right to strafe, which can effectively double your speed if used correctly.

King's Ransom: Finish quicker:
In the King's Ransom level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty and above, you do not have to do all of the objectives. When you get to the bottom floor, there is an easy way to get through the rest of the level. After you go through the door immediately after the stairs, there will be a guard who will tell you to turn on the sprinklers. Go around a couple corners, and shoot the guard who tells you to do the lockdown with your stunner watch. This will not kill him, but he will not be able to tell you what your objectives are, so you do not have to do them. Do this same thing when going to the vault to get Sir Robert. Zap the guard who tells you to get the doctor, to also avoid that objective. This is especially useful while doing the time cheat, and it will make for less enemies to kill on "00 Agent".

Air Raid: Easy kill:
On the multi-player Air Raid level, get in the secret platform on top of the plane. Whenever an AI Bot gets under you, they will stop and look for you. Since you are directly above them, they cannot find you, which gives you a chance to shoot them in the head for an easy kill. Note: This does not always work, and only works on AI Bots.

Extra Mustang grenade ammunition:
Play a multi-player match. Collect two boxes of grenade ammunition before collecting a Mustang; or get a box of ammunition, collect a Mustang, then collect another Mustang box. Next, switch to the Mustang. Switch it from the "Auto" function to the "Impact" function. Your ammunition should resemble "2/5". Press B to reload. This should take your ammunition down to "1/6". This will give you beyond the normal amount of grenade reloads. Note: This trick works best on the Sky Rail level.

Midnight Departure: Get run over by plane:
Run all the way to the end of the level. Go into the building in the airport that has the air controller in it. Run up the steps and make the man land the plane. When you hear him shoot the window, run out the window. Do a double jump while in the air, then run onto the landing place and stand in front of the plane.

Hint: Night Watch: Killing enemies:
You can actually kill enemies by punching them, even the game states that you cannot do so.

Hint: Night Watch: Avoiding Davidov:
At the end of the level, there is a car parked in front of a building. Do not go inside the building or Davidov will appear. Instead, break the front window where you see a table. You can then tap the phone, and take the photo without worrying about Davidov. You can also now sneak into the trunk of the car.

At the end of the level under the 00 Agent difficulty setting, when you need to go into the last King building photograph the two documents that are left and plant the last wire tap very quickly. Davidov arrives at that building extremely quickly. He arrive there in about three to five seconds, so be careful.

Fallen Angel: Faster completion:
When fighting Gabor, zap him with your Watch Stunner, pick up his gun, then run away. You do not have to kill him and he will not pursue you, saving time and health.

When going to get the fingerprint on the dock, run backwards because a couple of men will exit from the same door as you, and will seriously deplete your life. After scanning the fingerprint, go into the room, but stop. Shoot the two security cameras. That way the doors will not close and you do not have to bother with the deadly gas. When going to the room to rescue M in the cell, do not pick up the weapons from the enemies there -- you will lose your guns anyway. You can simply pick up the weapons as you run up the stairs. Take out your laser when fighting Gabor, shock him, take his gun and leave. You do not need to kill him. Finally, remember to strafe.

Kill the three enemies outside of the jail cell area where M is being held, but do not pick up all of their weapons. Then, enter M's cell and after the intermission sequence, just run past Gabor. Pick up the weapon you left on the floor and head up the stairs.

Gadget War mode:
Successfully complete the Fallen Angel single player level under the "Secret Agent" difficulty setting with a time less than 2:45 to unlock Gadget War mode

To save about 3 to 5 seconds while playing level to unlock the cheat, take out your wrist watch shocker and run directly up the staircase to the left. Do not run and get Zukovski''s P2K. Instead, run up the stairs and shock Zukovski''s guard to get his weapon. If done correctly, you do not even have to stop.

Go to Fallen Angel level under any difficulty setting. If you are playing Secret Agent or 00 Agent, as soon as the level starts, pull out your watch stunner. Run up the stairs and stun the man. Pick up his Soviet and keep running. Go though the door and pick up the Fingerprint Scanner then turn around and run back. Go outside and shoot the man. Turn around and go straight, not down the path. Jump over the edge and kill the man. Look over the rail and shoot the other man, not Bullion. Run to the corner and then shoot Bullion. Run over so that he is directly beneath you. Look down with the scanner, scan his prints, and finish the level. If you done fast enough you can save 10 or 11 seconds.

You can get the palm print from Bullion from atop the roof. This will save a lot of time and health, plus make the award much easier to earn. After killing the enemy on the roof and the other enemy on the dock (or the nearby boat), run over to next to the square hole in the roof. Kill Bullion and get his palm print from there. It can be a bit tricky to accomplish, but it does work.

City of Walkways 2: Easy kills:
After you destroy the attack chopper, if you are very low on health, go to where Zukovski's car is located and get more Sentinel ammunition. Next, go back up stairs and go to the edge of the platform facing the bridge. Make sure the Sentinel is set on "Guide". Zoom to the sniper point of view and point the guide laser downward to where there are two men are waiting for you. Shoot one shot and control it so that it hits an area close enough so that it kills them.

Night Watch: Gabor:
Gabor will go farther searching, depending on which difficulty setting you are playing .

Multi-player: Double jump:
In multi-player mode, you can jump off high cliffs without dying. You can also jump again while in mid-air. This is useful when escaping enemies on levels such as Sky Rail. Note: This does not work on the Air Raid level, when you jump off the long platform.

Easier time-based cheats:
Before turning on the Nintendo 64, hold Analog-stick Down. Keep it held until the first screen appears, then load your game and start the level. You will not be able to go backwards, and can only stop running when you hold Analog-stick Down. This is will make you go faster, to unlock the time cheats easier.

Better grenades:
If you use a GL40, you will get good grenades. However if you use a Mustang Grenade Launcher, the grenades will shoot farther, have the explosion radius of a AT420-Sentinal Missile, and will reload about 2.5 times as fast as GL40 grenades.

Name censor:
You can not enter the NAZI and most other objectionable words as a name in multi-player mode.

A Sinking Feeling: Complete level even with Mission Failed status:
When you start the level, go straight into the water. Climb out on the tail. When you climb up the ladder, start shooting people. Do not kill the men that trigger the alarm. It is best if you only shoot them once and next to them. You should just be trying to get them to set off the alarm. When they do so, jump in the sub so that you complete objective A. All through the rest of the level "Mission Faild Abort Mission" will appear, then on the debreifing screen it says you completed it. Note: You have to complete the mission previously for this trick to work.

Turncoat: Hidden Stun Grenades:
There is a hidden Stun Grenade in a room on the first roof you land on, with the clothes lines. Watch the two hostages that run past; one will go into a distant wooden door inside a yellow building (do not bother going here), but the other one will go inside a room just next to the clothes lines. Immediately behind her is an ammo box with one Stun Grenade. Use it on any difficult hostage situations you encounter.

When you get out of the building with all the men with magnums, Bullion will run up the stairs. Walk over to the house closest to you and open the door to find a box of Stun Grenades.

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