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You are viewing Cheat Codes for NBA Courtside

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Game Name : NBA Courtside
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2005-03-30 15:41:29
Views : 24621

Extra Timeouts If you run out of time-outs or the game won't allow you to call one. Press "Pause" and go to Control Options and switch to the opposing team. Then call a time-out for that team. Then go to Control Options and switch back to your team and you'll be able to substitute a player for your team. NOTE: This trick only works if the opposing can call a time-out!! Fake Out the Computer When you are playing, get to a point, where you are standing still, but still dribbling the ball, press C-Down 4 or 5 times, this will cause you to dribble the ball between your legs. Most of the time the Computer will go haywire and keep moving away from you, then you'll have an open lane, or shot. This trick works most of the time on Pro and Rookie difficulty levels. Big Head Mode Start a game in any mode. Press start to pause the game, then press the following buttons in this order: Right on the Control Pad (not the analog stick), Right on the Control Pad, Left on the Control Pad, R, Z, Start, A, Start, A, Start, Z. Don't worry about what happens as you enter the code, just keep pressing the buttons until the entire sequence is complete. Tip: More Fouls, Less Blocks If you are sick and tired of getting blocked by the computer under the basket all the time, use this method. You shot for three, missed the shot, but got the rebound under the basket. Right away you thought, the DUNK, the DUNK! And they blocked you silly, two or three times in a row. Well, if it happens again, remember this. Wait a second after you have gotten the rebound. If you are right under the basket, tap B for the fake shot, then when they are on the way down, DUNK IT! If you are right by the little circle that indicates where you can't draw a charge any more, then just dunk it, even if there are two guys under the net. Most likely, what will happen is they will block your elbow, you will get the foul and the basket! Now go and get 'em kiddo! Alley Oop Tip If you call for a pick while in the lane it will put the man that set your pick in the perfect spot for an Alley Oop Increase Dunking Ability If you use your special dribble twice in a row it will dramaticly increase the drunking ability of your player. Better Dunks Tired of those boring dunks where you hit the goal straight with two hands and all you can do is hang? Well if you press your special dribble button while going up for a jam you will do a variety of other amazing dunks. Disco Floor Code Start a game, then press pause (Start) and enter the following button combination: A, C-Up, Control Pad Down, Control Pad Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right, C-Right, Z Ready for a funky surprise? Force replay
By:Scott Johnsen After making a basket, tap B and Z at the same time to force a replay. Create Jordan No, there is no Michael Jordan code -- but for those of you who are sick of that stupid roster player on the Bulls, here is how to create your very own Michael Jordan. Go to create player Enter his name and everything else is as follows: First: Michael Last: Jordan Age: 35 Years pro: 13 Jersey Number: 23 Height: 6'6 Weight: 215 Position: Guard Head: 7 And put his abilities all the way up. Now, save and release the roster player from the Bulls, and sign Michael. You will now have Michael Jordan on the Bulls -- the only down to this is that the announcer will say, "Number 23" instead of "Michael Jordan," but hey, he's there, right? Wrong Player in Replay I have a pretty interesting glitch for NBA Courtside. Get into any type of game -- it doesn't matter. Do anything in the game, with anybody, and then get it so that you can substitute players into the game. After you substitute the players in, go to replay mode and go back to any point in the game where you had the original players in. Say you had Shaq in, and he did a monster dunk, and then you substituted Dickey Simpkins (bad player) in for Shaq. In replay mode, Dickey would be doing the monster dunk Shaq had been doing, even though he hadn't been in the game! Special Teams To get the 3 Special Teams (N64, Nintendo, and Left Field), you have to hold L from the time you turn it on, to the time you press "A" for preseason. When selecting teams, scroll to the right, and bingo...
There are 3 Special Teams
1.Left Field logo 2.N64 logo 3.Nintendo logo
You don't have to hold it the whole time, after you select pre-season, then you can let go
Note: The division these teams are in is called "Special" Moves Move Press
Shoot B (wBall)
Pass A (wBall)
Behind The Back Dribble Left C (wBall)
Throw To Player Closest To Basket Up C (wBall)
Walk Backwards Hold R
Dunk With ball hold turbo run towards the baskett when you are close press B
Turbo Z (doesnt matter)
Steal A (woBall)
Jump B (woBall)
Key: (wball) = With Ball (woball) = Without Ball Hang on the Rim When you dunk the ball, keep holding the B button after the dunk. You will hang on the rim. Don't hang too long or you will get called for a technical foul.

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