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You are viewing Cheat Codes for SpongeBob Squarepants : The Flying Dutchman

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Game Name : SpongeBob Squarepants : The Flying Dutchman
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2004-12-26 04:04:06
Views : 18456

Midway games Finding Plankton:
Before you can get Plankton, you have to complete the Bikini Bottom, Down Town, Tree Dome, Jelly Fish Fields, and Goo Lagoon levels; and have to get all the other letter tiles at Chum World. Go to the area where the back entrance of the "Big Top" is located. You will see a black speck holding up a letter tile. That little black speck is Plankton. You will have to chase him. The best strategy for this is rolling. When you are directly behind him, jump. If you get him, you will get the letter tile . If you lose, he will yell and jump into a vent . You will then have to go back to where you started and try again. Do not try sneaking up on him from behind -- it does not work. Then, you get to go treasure hunting.

The Dutchman's Graveyard Extra lives:
When you are getting "booty", look around where you find the booty. Whenever there is booty, there are some lives.

Downtown Letter tile:
In the Downtown section, there is a specific letter tile that must be obtained by "shooting the bolts to cross the chasm". To get this, go to the construction site and to the area past the drills to where the water and barrels are located. Make sure you are in the Mermaid Man costume. The area is just after you get past the drills, not the location where you delivered the Krabby Patties to the foreman. Instead, run to the right where there is another man. Look to the left and you will see a glowing red object on the wall. Use your water balls to hit it. It will drop a platform. Jump to this and repeat until you get the tile.

Reep blower costume:
In Jelly Fish Fields, win the 100 jelly fishing contest. Your prize will be the Reep Blower costume.

Downtown Helping Sandy clean up trash:
To get this letter tile, you must wear your Reef Blower costume. Sandy then appears somewhere on Shell Street in the Business District. Then, simply blow the trash into the sewer holes.

Tree Dome Running on the Hamster Wheel:
Before you jump on the Hamster Wheel, change into your "Fishing Gear" costume. Then, jump on the wheel and keep jumping until the timer reaches zero.

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