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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Custom Robo

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Game Name : Custom Robo
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-06-14 14:33:17
Views : 14592

New stage:
Select versus mode then choose three matches. Finish the three matches and a new stage will be unlocked.

Defeating Sergi:
In the Gold tournament. Sergi is one of the toughest opponents. The Dragon Gun, Vertical Gun and Needle Gun work well. If you use the Needle Gun, just keep firing at him. Get in front of him at all times.

Ray Legend Robo:
In Grand Battle, complete Z Bosses Room with a gold trophy, then talk to Oboro.

In Grand Battle (Episode 2), after winning every tournament in the city you will have access to the Outer World. When there, go to the Z Museum and defeat everyone to be able to go to the Z Boss Room. Once there, get a gold trophy to get the Ray Legend.

When you get to the Z boss room, you will fight (in order), Shiner, Eliza, Izabella, Oboro, then your host, Sensei. Sensei will then introduce your sixth opponent (the special guest), who is a simulation of Hero's father, the first leader and founder of the Z syndicate. He will say that his Robo is obsolete, and the Robo he is using is actually the Ray Legend Robo. It has a much stronger attack and much weaker defense than Ray 01, and will be easy to defeat if you can avoid him and knock him down. Try using all of Rahu 1 but replace his gun with the vertical gun.

To obtain Ray Legand (the Ray from the original Japanese version of Custom Robo for the Nintendo 64), win all five Z tournaments in Grand Battle mode.

Crystal Strike:
Defeat the fourth CPU in in the Test Center, then keep talking to it until you get the Crystal Strike gun.

Crystal Strike
Grand Battle - Test Center - Enter tournament and upon beating computer #04 press A several times and scroll through the dialog until it givers you the Crystal Strike.

Rahu parts:
To get the first set of parts, go to the Z Headquarters, talk to Oboro, and select Eliza's Mansion. Go in between the glass and the wall, go all the way to the left, then up, then right. You will be in the glass case. Press A to find Rahu 1's parts and the Rahu 1 chip.

Do the Bronze handicap match. When Lucy appears to fight, talk to her until you get Rahu 2's parts.

To get Rahu 3's parts, go the Amusement Park. Do the Silver free for all battle. Go down and into the carriage near the merry-go-round. Press A to find Rahu 3's parts.

Alternate stage:
Select versus mode, then highlight Basic Arena or No Man's Land and press Z to change their appearance.

Juggle your opponent:
Every Robo has a dash attack that they can perform with . Some Robos have a straight-forward dash. If you are using one of those Robos, keep pressing X and you will juggle your opponent and do a good amount of damage. This is very useful if you have low health.

Illegal parts:
To get illegal parts, complete the first seventeen tournaments in the Grand Battle section of story mode. In the Other World, when you complete the first three Z tournaments, you will receive no parts. However, all the battles in Z headquarters after those will reward you with illegal parts, such as the Wyrm, Wolf Spider, Orca, Cheetah, Swallow, Raven, and Eclipse. Note:The first parts you will receive are legs, but you will soon get the Wyrm, which is the advanced version of the Dragon (very powerful).

Defeating Harry:
Choose either the V-Laser or any powerful gun and any bomb/pod remaining. Equip Formula Legs and run into him. Charge him, then fire away with the gun.

Defeating Earnest I:
Use a Striker Vanisher model with a good Downing Gun and keep dodging the sniper shots. Use far range as timing to dodge the gunfire.

Arcade Mode
Beat a new journey in story mode.

To get "Can Robo" Can Bomb, Can Pods, Can Boots, and Can Gun, win the Tournament in your house. You can now enter Lucy's room. In there you will see lots of people talking about what they did for the game (similar to "talking" credits). Go through the second door and you will see more people. In the second room there is a robot (not a Custom Robo). Talk to him after he is done talking. The game will save. Go to the nearest parts generator and get ready to laugh at what you just unlocked.

Defeating Marcia:
Use Drill, Ray 01 and Formula Legs. Stay close to Marcia, but not too close or her charge does damage. Try circling her while firing at close range. Most, if not all, of her shoots should miss.

Defeating Rahu III:
To defeat Rahu III, the final Boss of A New Journey, customize your Robo's legs, gun, and body as follows. For the body, choose something that is heavily resistant. Suggestions include any of the Funky Big Head and Metal Animal Series. For the gun, select something with homing capabilities, range, and perhaps power. The Dragon gun is a good idea. For the legs, choose one that allow good jumping. In the battle, try to hide behind one of the giant circles. Keep a low profile and let your partners do a lot of the work. As often as possible, jump in the air and fire your gun. When Rahu III attacks you, walk away towards the next nearest circle by jumping backwards, firing your gun, pod, and bombs, until your partners come to rescue. When Rahu III has killed your partners, keep firing. When he gets close, hit him with X. When he is in the air or backwards, hit him with your gun. He rarely gets a rebirth, and you will have lots of time. However after the shot, walk backwards firing the gun, pod, and bomb until you reach the next circle; then repeat.

After completing the Bronze Handicap Match and getting all the silver trophies, not including the bronze handicap match, you will be able to compete in the Silver Battle Royal. You will not get any new parts for any of the matches except for the last one. Once you finish the last battle, you will get the Athena body part (illegal).

X Laser
Grand Battle - Bogey's Cafe - Walk behind the counter and press A in the center of the long eastern wall.

Ray Warrior:
Win all the cups in the Amusement Park tournaments with a gold trophy, then talk to the policeman at the front gate.

Defeating large enemies:
To defeat enemies such as the Metal Bear, Tank Head, etc., use the Peregrine with Formula Legs and either the Shotgun or the Knuckle. You must get close to your enemies to use these weapons, but the Peregrine is incredibly fast, and the Knuckle and The Shotgun are two of the game's most powerful guns.

Defeating Linda:
In the Gold Cup finals, to defeat Linda use a Raider type model, Flame Gun, Can Bomb, Can Pod and Formula Legs. Do not forget to go into Lucy's room after winning the House Tournament with a "Gold" rank and talk to the training robot to get these important wastable parts.

Defeating most most Lightning Sky opponents:
Use the Phoenix Gun and keep firing from the ground. keep your distance from them, and keep pods and bombs around him.

Defeating Chief:
Use Criminal, Gattling Gun, Standard Pod, Bomb, and Formula Legs. Shoot him with the gun until you are at either ends of the stage. As long as you keep firing from there, he will keep jumping and be down before he gets too close and fires on you.

Defeating your father:
To defeat your father in Grand Battle mode, choose a high defensive Robo (for example, Ray 01) , Needle, favorite bombs and pod, and Formula Legs. Keep shooting him with Needle and he may hit you a few times for an auto down. However, get up fast. You should be able to get 25,000 points if you do not use illegal parts and you get good at Rebirth and shooting the gun.

Parts Index
Beat a new journey in story mode.

Defeating Roy:
To defeat Roy, use Hornet, Freeze Bomb, Land Freeze, Metal Ox and Formula Legs. Keep both Freeze Pods near you and fire the gun if Roy is too far. If things get desperate, hit him with the bomb. Then if Roy is close and is frozen, charge him to send him flying far with a lot of damage. However, keep your distance as his Magnum still hurts and he will hit you when you are down.

Win all the Amusement Park Tournaments with bronze trophies.

X Laser:
When you first enter Bogey's, look behind the counter facing the wall.

To find the X Laser (illegal part), in a Grand Battle mode, go to Bogey's Café. Walk behind the counter and select the shelf. You will now have an illegal part.

Versus battle CPUs:
Successfully complete the game in story mode.

Single use tournaments:
To get gold in a single use tournament, do not use Illegal parts as they cut your points in half. Use the following combination, or something of the sort. In the first two to three battles use Metal Ape, Metal Bear, Metal Ox, with these guns: Afterburner (stand back and fire for an easy perfect), Blade (stand back, fire your opponent into a wall, and keep firing for an easy perfect), Halo (stand on ground and fire repeatedly for an perfect). Note: These guns do not too well in Ice Holloseums, In the case of Ice Holloseums, use a Javelin or Halberd type. In battles four through six, use the Peregrine and either Shotgun or Knuckle. Note: If there are more battles than six, use Peregrine and Knuckle, Swift and Shotgun, And Shrike and Flame. For the last battle, use your preferred Robo (for example, Ray 01) and your favorite weapon (probably the Dragon).

First person view:
Defeat Rahu 3 at the end of the game to unlock first person view. You can keep this off, however turning it on does not automatically make you see in first person view. When you get into battle with this option on, you can switch in-between the two views by pressing C-stick Up or switch back to third-person view by pressing C-stick Down.

Rahu III
Grand Battle - Silver Battle Royale - Press A standing near the cart south of the Holosseum.

First Person Mode
Beat a new journey in story Mode

Dark Star versus mode stage:
Play versus mode 50 times with any one Robo. For example, play vs. mode 50 times with Ray01.

Wave Laser:
Go to the Lab Handicap battle, then press A against the books. You will get the Wave Laser gun illegal part.

Go to the Lab Single battle and go to the lower-right corner of the room. Face right, and press A.

In the Z Boss battle, look on the north side of the west pillar.

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