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Game Name : Halo
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2001-12-21 14:24:17
Views : 31731

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete the game in campaign mode on the legendary difficulty setting to view a different and longer ending sequence.

Faster reloading
To reload most weapons faster, press X, then shortly after that press B to melee. Note: For the shotgun this will cause you to stop reloading all together.

Extra shotgun ammunition
Take a shotgun that has 12 shots and 0 clips. After you shoot it a few times, you should be able to reload manually. You can do this about ten to twenty times.

Secret Cave:
There is a secret cave in level 5 and it is located at the button of the map entrance. Use it to make an ambush on the enemy.

Create more profiles:
Press Y at the campaign select screen to create a new profile.

3 gun cheat:
On the first level, play either heroic or legendary. Play the game as usual until you meet with the captain. Then go to the area with covenent and pick up two guns (any guns except for the pistol.) Now go back to the bridge until it says checkpoint. Now go back out and you should see three covenent standing just outside the bridge. From here on, you should have three guns. It can only be used on this stage.

You can make your own fireworks in Halo. All you need to have is 2 plasma grenades. Make sure you outdoors, I find the cartografer a good lvl to do this or you can just do multi-player. Simply throw one plasma grenade and then throw the 2nd on the same spot. The first will explode sending the second up in the air and then the second one explodes a few seconds later. This doesnt really effect the game in any way its just kinda fun to watch.

On the snow level (forward one), I noticed that you need two people to do this, when after killing the lot of guys before you would run towards the generator which would decrese your shield, if you have two people one can hit the generator, then as quick as possible the other person would teleport the person that which had just generated the blue thingy. If you do this right, all the guys should freeze and you'll end up behind them watching them frozen. You have two choices, you can throw grenades onto the guys or shoot them or whatever. Unexpectedly, they will stay frozen and so will your grenades. You can leave the exit behind you and the guys will stay frozen. This cheat does not work throughout the whole level.

Wanna see a warthog fly high up into the sky?
Go to the silent cartographer, level four. Play co op, beat the level without ever using grenades, but dont get into the pelican just yet. Drive on down to the beach, somewhere near the bravo 22 crashsite. Find two warthogs, stop near your marines, and drive two down to the bravo crashsite. Get out and kill your marines. Repeat this process until all marines are dead. Now have one player stand and let the other melee him in the back of the head, this will leave his body and grenades. then the killer should run away so that the dead can spawn. Now the killed should be the killer and repeat the process. After two deaths go back into the level, and find more grenades. Look at your pile of marines for frags and go back into the facility for plasmas. Once you have a large pile of your dead bodies and plenty of grenades, drive a warthog over the body pile, get out carefully, wouldn't want to pick up any grenades. Now go and get the rocket launcher, fire a shot under the warthog (this will set off the grenades) and watch the car and your pile of bodies fly for miles. If you want to try more tricks (getting in the warthog while your friend sets them off doing multiple warthogs, etc.) simply click start and then choose revert to saved. This will get you back to your last checkpoint where you should still have the pile of bodies and grenades.

Deadly as a sidewinder:
Goal: Be an invinceable sniper
Only in multiplayer on sidewinder with all vehicles and normal weapons:
First you need to get a sniper rifle fully loaded. Then you'll need a ghost and a warthog. Go up the slope with the small bridge and rocket launcher. Take the warthog up near the boulder. Get to where you are directly to the right and you're facing the level. Then back up at full spead, go up as far as you can and jump out. Now go out to get your ghost. Get it facing the warthog on the bridge. Go at it full spead. Now here is the tricky part. Right before you hit the hood you need to slam on the breaks but keep moving forward. This will push the front of the ghost up. If you are successful you will be in a bunch of nothingness and be on top of the world. Keep in mind that you'll have to grt close to the edge to kill anyone or else the bullets will just disapear.

No covenant in Level 5 and finding banshees to fly:
This may take time to do, but is WELL worth it. First of all, this will only work on Co-op, but does not necessarily require two people. On Level 5, Assualt on the Control Room, choose any difficulty (i found it rather simple on easy, but this code will also make beating legendary a breeze). Proceed through the level as normal until you reach the beginning of the very first bridge. Go down the ramp which leads to the platform under the bridge (keep your partner at side). When on the platform go to the edge and look for the side of the mountain. Jump and slide against the mountain a few times until you find a spot to land. After finding a spot (even if you died finding it), you are probably dead. So have your partner hit that same spot AS YOU ARE DEAD so that you will respawn there when your partner hits it. He will die but respawn next to you.

The point is to keep finding edges on the way down to support you until you are at a low enough height to land on the bottom. A team of marines wait at the bottom. You now have access to a jeep which can take you through the rest of the level without a SINGLE covenant in sight. You will also find A LOT of ghosts, a couple of banshees (one you find after an underground tunnel which you have to fly on to a ridge back towards where the tank is to find the other), the Scorpion, and even the covenant tanks which are empty and in perfect condition, but you obviously cannot operate it. If playing to win on legendary, the level is a peice of cake (you won't get as much glory, however).

The fun part is getting EVERY single ghost, and the banshees with the jeep and scorpion all together on one spot of land and make a little parking lot. Fun for a little combat with your friend, also fun to see all the marines jump in the ghosts and fly around in them.

Plasma Grenade:
If your going to use a plasma grenade, throw it at the alien so it sticks to them. It will surely kill the alien. The aliens however can do this to you to, if you don't move quickly enough.

Faster Warthog weapon use
This trick works best in multi-player mode. Drive the warthog in a straight line. When you see an enemy, jump out of the Warthog. Tap X repeatedly and sidestep to the right. If you are quick enough, you will exit the Warthog and jump on the LAAG gun without stopping, while the Warthog slows down. This also works well on ice, because you keep sliding.

Defeating Covenants
When Covenant dropship is getting ready to unload a group of Covenants, throw a grenade into the door as it opens. The blast will kill several of the enemies since they are all in one area. There are places (especially in the first level) where a groups of Covenants are, waiting for you to barge in and start shooting. If you can, sneak to the aliens and throw a grenade into their midst. It is best when a plasma grenade sticks to a Grunt, because he will run behind the rest of his companions. One simple grenade can take out five Covenants.

Defeating Flood types
Do not try to take out any Flood types with a sniper rifle. It will simply go through their bodies without killing them. The weapon of choice is the shotgun. You can take them down with one shot. Remember, the closer they are, the faster they fall. On the small crawling Flood, use your assault rifle in short controlled bursts. Once one pops, it will also pop the ones nearby. Save shotgun and pistol ammunition for the working class Flood to drop them fast. It is also a good idea to hit them with your gun after they fall to make sure they are dead. On the fat Flood, use the shotgun to pop them, then clean up with rifle. When you first meet the Flood, they will outnumber you in groups. For the large Flood, use a shotgun, rocket launcher, or most importantly, a fragmentation grenade. Do not use a plasma grenade because they will run towards you and kill you. When you get attacked by the Flood, after you make them fall down the first time, shoot their head off while they are on the ground. They will not get back up.

Defeating Flugs
In the later levels of the game you will encounter new enemies called Flugs. These enemies will be small at first, but they will attack and control anything alive. Use a shotgun on these baby Flug as they tend to group in large numbers. By using the shotgun it will send a storm of bullets and kill most of them that are around. Use a shotgun on the possessed Flug, and it will kill most of them in one shot. This is made easier by the fact that most of them carry shotguns.

Defeating Grunts
When the Grunts are sleeping you can beat them to death with the butt of your gun without waking up any of the other Grunts. You can usually kill a four to seven of them before an alien spots you. They start sleeping in level 5, Assault on the Control Room. Just remember not to shoot or they will wake up.

Defeating Hunters
Normally Hunters are the hardest Covenant to kill, due to their powerful armor and shields. However, even the strongest armor has weak spots. If you look at their necks or backs, you can see an orange spot. Aim for it. One shot with any gun will kill them if you hit them there. The best way to kill a hunter is to use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the orange spot. If you are being chased by a Hunter or an alien with a sword, run backwards while facing the alien. Jump when they try to slash you. Throw a plasma grenade at the alien and it will stick to him. Turn around and run in a zig-zag pattern to make sure he does not catch you in the explosion. If you are playing cooperative multi-player mode, have player two run in front of the Hunter until his back is turned to player one. While the Hunter is trying to turn player two into mush, have player one run up to the Hunter's back and melee attack the orange spot. The Hunter should die with one hit. You can kill the Hunters in a head-on assault. Get in close and use the pistol or shotgun. Aim for the head holding down the trigger. Your first shot(s) will knock back the head, exposing the unarmored neck. One shot in the neck and they will die.

Defeating Jackals
Use a photon weapon to destroy a Jackal's shield quickly. When you encounter a Jackal, run up and hit it with your weapon or get out a gun that uses bullets, not energy. When you are a far way away from Jackals and have a sniper, they will sit in the defense position and leave very little uncovered. You will notice that on the right or left is a small notch in the shield. Aim for it and the Jackal population will be severely decreased.

How to get a banshee that goes super fast and goes though walls at the end of the 9th level "Keyes."
Submitted By : Adarsh

At the end of the 9th level "Keyes" you'll see two banshees enter the level. You're supposed to enter one of the banshees annd leave to beat the level. Well to get an odd banshee get down there before the banshees arive.(to get down there you jump on this one platform and then down to where the banshees land on your right) Go to where the left banshee is going to land and the elite in that banshee gets out when the banshee is about as high as your head while he is getting out press X till you get in the banshee make sure you are in the banshee befor it touches the ground and start flying to your leftyou will go super fast and out of the level. You will only be able to fly it for about 5 seconds before you beat the level and the cutscene comes.

How to get on top of the multi-player level blood gulch
Submitted By : Adarsh

This trick is easier to do while playing on teams because your partner can make sure you don't get killed while doing this. First get a sniper rifle and a pistol or rocket launcher. Those are just goog weapons to use on top of the level. Behing the red base ( in the center of the bases underground they'll have colors) theres a small sniping spot. Its a rock on a hill. Take a gohst and go to that spot. Lets say you are facing at the rest of the level while in the spot. Look to your right and then up. You will see that there is a slope and then a less steep slope at the top, and more right to that spot it is a slope and then more of a slope. go to the right most edge of the slope what gets less steep. Now look strait ahead at the cliff.line up your right wing to the closest line on the cliff and go foward and hold A at the same time. If done right you will go up to the non-steep part. Then go a little to the left where there is a angle and go up out of the level only there because if you don't and go to the wrong place there is an invisible wall blocking you. after you go up there go up and right out of the level then when kind of high in the gohst press X to exit. You will be floating in mid air up there. Heres a little extra. Now face the level and go left and only left till u land on part of the rock in the level it is flat there. Now you can snipe from there and if anybody is trying to snipe you from the blu base than you just have to move back and crouch (click left joystick)If people are sniping you from the red base than you have no cover and you better snipe them out first before you die. If you fall off or die your gohst is stuck up there unless you used you rocket launcher to get it down. (before you start the game make sure you go to edit game type and make a type of game with all vehecals. It might take some time on your first tries but its worth it.

Submitted By : Adarsh
On the level The Silent Cartogerpher you can get your wart hog past the tree that you have to get out of in order to beat it. To do this you just drive your wart hog up to the crack between the tree and the rock. If your wart hog flips this is ok. Then you get 2 plasma gernades and throw one at the end of the wart hog and the other near the front. After they both explode then you can drive your wart hog through the rest. But it is a little tricky at first.

Submitted By : Haloplayer
To throw grenades farther you must first get 2 plasma grenades (1: This works best in multiplayer) (2: Frag. grenades dont work because they explode too fast). Next throw down one plasma grenade far enough away that you don't get hit by the explosion. Finally, Throw another plasma grenade slightly ahead of it and when the first grenade explodes, the other one will be sent flying.( I have launched them as far as half-way across Blood Gulch traveling from base to base)

Submitted By : scott7
In The Level Entitled: "343 Guilty Spark", you will be transported into the level via a Pelican (Aircraft), DO NOT GET OUT!, insteadm throw all of your grenades, away from you so you dont get killed, once you have thrown them all, then the Pelican will lift off and take you to the edge of the map and land (Press X to get out), where the trees are Two(2) Dimensional, You can get to the playable part of the map from here, and have a good sniping position, but...BETTER YET!, once you get out of the Pelican, there is a sort of cliff, or very steep hill a little to the left of you, and lots of Two(2) Dimensional trees, keep going and you will find a marine who just stands there, feel free to hack, shoot or slash the poor marine....Then you can play the game normally, but have a sniper's advantage.

Submitted By : Kevin Alegre
This should be easy to do and easier with a partner. on the stage "assault on the control room" you first get to the part in the level were you work your way up to the brigde. You will have two chances to do this. first you try getting to the banshee(dont worry about getting hurt because it will pay off)and if you don't get to the first banshee in time then run forward towards the other. tell your partner to take care of the covenent on the brigde and have your self take care of the other banshee flying, the ghosts on the ground, and the enemy war tank. Once you took care of everyone you go to were you see a crack on the ground(where the long building begins or ends) you simply land your ship and enter. if you lucky no one will be there if you took care of everyone but if not there will be one elite(easy). from there you will find a pistol, assault rifle, sniper, and a rocket all with full ammunition. after you get what you want you go to were your facing the long building and try to jump on the building and walk up you will get to the point were it will get thiner(walk way)stop right before it gets thiner and try to slide down either left or right but try to stick to the steep building so you wont die. when you get to the bottem you will be fully prepared for a massive attck by the covenent.

Submitted By : Mike
Defeating Hunters More Easily
Ok first you come up on a Hunter. Get close enough for him to slash you, then while he is trying to slash at you try to side step left or right whatever way is more convenient for you. While he is slashing the air for the second time simultaniously to the first slash, spin around and try to shoot him in the back with a Human Pistol. In all difficulties 1 shot to the back is an instant kill. Be sure to have a Human pistol or it will not work. Or you could also have a Sniper Rifle at a long distanse and try to shoot him in the back, but that is for Sniper Rifle lovers.

Submitted By : Evan Prevost
Wanna see a warthog or ghost keep flipping in the air?
Keep throwing Plasma Grenades at a Ghost or Warthog.When the vehicle is in the air(cause you threw grenades at it) Try to throw more grenades at it. If you really, REALLY want the vehicle to flip in the air then throw one Plasma grenade at it. next throw a fragmentation grenade at it. Last throw a plasma grenade it.Watch It FLY!

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