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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Dark Arms : Beast Busters 1999

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Game Name : Dark Arms : Beast Busters 1999
System : Neo*Geo Pocket
Date Added : 2005-02-01 17:05:42
Views : 39148

Open the door with the Man Shaped Key
The "Man Shaped Key" is really the dummy gun. If you go up to the door with the "Man Shaped Key" in Fate Tower, bring your dummy gun. Shoot the dummy gun at the door. The door should open and will take you to the final room in Fate Tower. Note: You must repeat this every time you leave Fate Tower and re-enter it. If you have already completed Fate Tower you do not need to do this. This will lead to the same room where you fought the final Boss.

Lose a catch
Go to any level and kill an enemy with the Catcher. Run out of the level before the catch comes to you, and you will not get credit for your catch.

Mansion ghosts
When you go to the large mansion in Rest Hamlet to fight the ghosts in the room, move to the top of the screen between the bookcases. The furniture cannot hurt you from here (on either side). Use the Mano weapon to knock the ghosts out of the furniture as they come by, and hit them again. If the Mano has an ice force equipped with it, it should only take one or two hits to defeat them easily.

Gun trick
When going to evolve your weapon, do not worry about leveling up the unevolved weapon. The next form has the same attack power as if it were level 50 before evolving. For example, the Swingt at level 2 will evolve to a Shell 15 attack, but a level 1 will also evolve to an attack of 15.

Easy experience
Go to rest Hamlett and go into the town. Near the top there is a blue door which you can shoot. Inside are two fat men, each with 30 evp. They are not that hard to defeat even at low levels -- just shoot them a few times with the shotgun.

Easy catches
Go to Dark Grab and enter the room with the two knights. Use your catcher and shoot them five times. They are worth 6 points each. Continue this to get a lot of points. Once you have about 30-40 of them, leave Dark Grab and go to the master's house. Develop one of your weapons and use all of the knights. This should give you a lot of points on that weapon and should be almost enough to evolve it.

Master's Closet bonus
After you complete the Wandering Town, the credits will appear. After the game restarts in the Master's house, talk to Raison. Answer "Yes" and she will open up the closet which leads to the monster that you can catch. It is listed on page 10/10.

Alternate game version
To play the Japanese version of the game, including the original title screen, turn on the system without a cartridge. Select "Setup" at the main menu and choose Japanese as the menu language. Turn off the system, and insert the game cartridge. When the title screen appears, it will be in Japanese, and the rest of the game will also be the Japanese version.

Automatically turn around
When near the walls or if you are cornered in, walk towards the wall. Hold the button and keep walking into the wall, after a short amount of time you will automatically turn around.

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