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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Realsports Boxing

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Game Name : Realsports Boxing
System : Atari 2600
Date Added : 2005-01-30 15:40:35
Views : 14376

The game keeps track of each blow you and your opponent make on each other. If you hit in the head, that is. If you reach 100 the other opponent is KO'ed. If neither of you reach 100 then the person with the highest score wins. And if it is a tie then... it is a tie.

The timer is set for two minutes. Once the time is up the opponent with the most points wins.

Four Corners
The four corners of the ring. Good for trapping the opponent.

In this game, you have to punch your opponent like in real boxing. What you do is press the fire button and your players arm will extend. This is how he punches. You then have to get close to the enemy without getting hit. Then press fire and you will hit your opponent. You might miss his face (which is the only target that does damage) or hit his hands (like a block). So, you need to aim well and at the same time, dodge your opponents attacks.

Another good tactic in this game is cornering. What you do is fight off the opponent to his side of the ring. Then you keep pressing punch why the opponent tries to get out of the corner you got him in. If you are experienced you can find the opponents pattern and right left him. Just don't be to obvious or the opponent will fight back at you!

Another aspect of this game is aiming for the opponents head which is the only damaging spot to hit the opponent at. Line up your fists with the opponents head and press the fire button. You will hit the opponent with luck.

Block A Punch
What you need to do is block and let the opponent hit at your blocks. Then, punch him and start a pattern.

Starting A Pattern
So you have the opponent in a lock or want to start off good, right? Well, patterns are the best way to go. Patterns mean like getting a punching pattern going like hit, fall back, block, & punch. This is actually a pretty good pattern all in itself.

Pattern 1
This is one of the easiest patterns. It is like a hit and run. What you need to do is punch the player then run around and dodge his attacks. After you should do the same. It seems cheap and it actually is. But it works fine and it very easy to pull off.

Pattern 2
This is another good pattern. What you need to do is damage the opponent heavily with a good pattern. Then, run around the ring and avoid punched your enemy might do. If you last long enough you will get a TKO which is good. Another cheap way that works!

Pattern 3
Block one of the opponents punches then punch back at him. Very simple strategy yet very effective. It should be used as a primary attack.

Pattern 4
This pattern is another good one. It is to walk around and wait for the opponent to get tired. Then, go in and punch the hell out of him. Wait again and repeat the pattern. If you get hit while you are going in then regroup and walk around until you find another good spot.

Pattern 5
This is a more challenging pattern for people who have mastered the last patterns. What you need to do is wait for the opponent to punch you. When he does move back to avoid the punch. Then move back in and punch him back. You have to be very quick and it is a very risky pattern but it works, nonetheless. If the opponent hits you then you should try the first pattern to tire the opponent then get back to #5.

Pattern 6
What you need to do is walk around and intimidate the opponent to come after you. Try to be near the end of the ring so that when he comes at you you can switch sides so he is cornered. Then whack away like you would normally do.

Pattern 7
This is not really a pattern but a pre-emptive strike. Merely what you do is get the first punch in. I think that this will give you more luck and allow you to win the fight so try to get the first punch. After you get it block and string a pattern in to kill the opponent! Well, not exactly kill but knock out so you can win the fight!

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