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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Cybernator

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Game Name : Cybernator
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-01-26 09:47:10
Views : 25666

Free Napalm
To get the Napalm,work your way to the boss without shooting.When you reach the boss, destroy it but don't shoot the cannons that comes down either side of the boss.If your score is 2800, you will recieve the Napalm in stage 2. If you survive in stage 2 without dying,you will keep the napalm for the rest of the game.

Description Level Boss 7 The Big Nasty Cyber-Boss
Use your laser. Start from the bottom and work your way up, avoid the laser fire and his arm. Shoot the laser cannons first.

Description Boss 3: Power Generators and guard
To finish this level go up as far as you can, then go left. Avoid the arm of the guard ship and shoot the first power generator. The next three generators will be up and to the left. Destroy all four generators and the level will be completed.

Description Boss 4: Beldark
To defeat him stay on the ground and shoot him while avoiding the bombs he drops. After a while he will run away.

Description Boss 1: The Power unit
To destroy this boss drop to the ground level and start shooting at the bottom section first. Then jump up on to the platforms, while concentrating your fire on the remaining top portion. Don't be distracted by the blue guns. Direct all your fire onto the power unit.

Bonus Credits
On the Title screen, hold the L Button, R Button and Up, then press Start. When you get defeated, you will notice that you now have six continues.

Description Level 7
You are now in the city, activate your laser. Use the rollerdash move and go right. Pass the big blue ship, and continue right. Be sure to shoot and use your shield on this level. To avoid excessive damage. Walk up the stairs; now you will fight Beldark for the second time. Dodge his bombs, and blast him with your laser. When he is defeated walk through the door. You will now be in a tunnel. Stay low and shoot the enemies with your laser. Collect health icons on the way, jump up when the floor begins to explode, and enter the tunnel on the right, in order to destroy the ship that is chasing you. Continue right and you will meet the final boss.

Description Level 5
On this level you begin by air flying. Stay at the lower right hand corner to enemy fire. When you land, use the rollerdash move, and go right. Shoot the gray box and collect the laser, before entering the sky deck. At the sky deck go up, right, then straight up, then left for a weapon power up. Go right for the next weapon power up. Then shoot the cannons at an angle, and continue right. Collect the weapon power up in the gray box then jump down to the right. Shoot the gray box for a health icon. Go right, when you see the mid-level Boss, shoot him with your laser, avoid the bombs he drops. When he is defeated, continue to the right. When you can't go any further go down and to the right until you see the shuttle.

Description Boss 2: Cyber-lobster
To destroy this boss, hide behind the rock on the ground. Shoot at the dark spot on the rock. This will cause your shots to hit the boss from a forty-five degree angle. He will soon be destroyed with no harm coming to you.

Description Level 3
At the beginning of this level move all the way to the right and collect a Weapon power up on the rock. Then go down and left. When fighting the laser cannons use the following technique: shield, fire, shield, fire, until they are destroyed. Next hit the pause button and look at the map. You will need to go to the southeast corner. When you get there shoot the door open. Upon entering you will be greeted by a spider droid, destroy it, then continue to the right. Next you will meet a mid level boss, when the two spheres line up shoot the lower one. Then float and avoid the laser shots. Continue this pattern to destroy them. Now you will drop through a corridor. Go left, drop down, go right, shoot humans, and collect the health icon. Now go all the way to the left, go down, go right, shoot the doors, go down, and avoid floating bombs. When you reach the bottom go left. Now you will see orange boxes on the ceiling, use the rollerdash move to get past them. Jump down, shoot the box at bottom and collect the health icon. Go right and use the rollerdash move again. Shoot a few doors and you will see the boss for this level.

Description Level 2
While in the asteroid field, if you run into the red cybernators, you will not be hurt. Avoid the laser fire, missiles, and the asteroids. When the action slows down, stay near the top and work your way to the right. Be sure to collect the missile launcher power-up by shooting the gray box, continue to the right until the boss awakens.

Description Level 1
On level one you can find weapon power-ups inside three gray boxes which must be shot to release the power-ups. Another two power-ups can be found by blasting enemies. Use these power-ups to increase the power of your vulcan cannon. Other than the laser the vulcan will be your most useful weapon.

Description Boss 5: The Shuttle
Destroy the two circular cannons first. When they are destroyed collect health icons. Next shoot the lower part of the shuttle with your laser. Once the lower section is $l see two droids, a waterfall, and one droid. Go down, then right, and you will see a bridge. Go down to collect a power up, Then go up, go right, go down, go left, go down, go right, and a drill will chase you. To get away use the rollerdash move, and go right. Now use your thrusters to go up, land on the ledge. The drill will run into the wall and explode. Go left and collect power-ups, go up and to the right, then go down, right, down, right. Now you will see some gray guns, so go up and to the right. You will see the outside now and it will be snowing.

Description Level 4
As you reenter Earth's atmosphere shoot the silver cybernators for weapon power-ups. When you see the mountains, land on the red ship. After the ship lands you will fight Beldark.

Description Level Boss 6: Enemy Artillery and Ship
Use the laser and shoot the cannons; then concentrate on the ship. When the ship is destroyed, level six is completed.

Go through the first level not shooting anything, at the end shoot the boss,not the side guns. Then at the begining of the second level, cycle through your wepons,you'll see a new one, Nalpum!

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