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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Chrono Trigger

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Game Name : Chrono Trigger
System : SNES
Date Added : 2005-01-25 17:11:00
Views : 15006

Defeating Son of Sun
When you confront Son of Sun, make sure you pick your best fighter for attack. Make sure you equip your Red Mail before confronting it! Just attack the flames until you defeat it. The flames should counterattack, giving HP's instead of losing HP's. His purple laser attack should not do any real damage to you at all during the fight. Just keep on attacking flames until you defeat it!

Skip Guard Fights
When you are in the prison for kidnapping Marel, if you break out before Lucca saves you you can avoid the fights that have Guards in them; if you sneak up behind them, and push A Crono pulls out his sword and knocks them out. When they are passed out if you push A next to them you get a Mid Tonic.

Hidden Room In Yakra's Place
In Yakra's Place in the room with the fake queen, king and soldier go in and kill the fakes, then run against the right and you should find a room with monsters singing to a magus statue. Right next to the statue there are two treasure chests. Also you can talk to a monster after getting the chests. Talk to a monster and you will fight them.

Hidden Room In Ozzie's Fort
At Ozzie's Fort in the room where Ozzie tries to get you to get the chest, keep against the walls and you should find a hidden small, thin hallway (its covered in black until you discover it.) The chests there have some of Magus's best armor and also his best weapon.

Get The Mop
To get the mop, simply Charm (yes, the spell) the NU at the hunting grounds in 65,000,000 B.C. Unless you get it when you're still early in the game, it will be weak, and worthless.

Free Armor And Helms
At Different times in the game if you go back to Lucca's house in 1000 a.d. Taban(her father) will have made items her to wear, and usually they will be stronger that what she has equiped and always will have other positive affects. Here is a list of the items Taban makes:

Taban Vest
Taban Helm
Taban Armor

Note: These items may be neither sold nor equipped by any other party member.

Find Magus' Best Equipment
To find Magus' best equipment, simply go to ozzie's fort. When you enter a room where he tempts you to take a treasure, ignore him and leave the room from the upper exit. Right when you're about to exit, he gives up and you're free to steal the treasure. Below the upper exit is a hole in the wall that you can't see. Walk all the way down and take a weapon, helm, and armor for magus. There should also be a magic tab in the same area.

Extra Cash And Loda Sword In Prison
When you are a captive after "kidnapping" Marle, wait the three days instead of rushing ahead. From the execution room turn right, go up and keep going until you reach a cell with a hole in the wall, go out this hole and climb down the wall. keep going until you see another entrance. Explore this room until you see a black hole in the floor. Go down by pressing the A button. There will be a lot of prizes for those who had the patience to come here. go back up the same way to get back into the prison.

Extra Tabs
One tab lies hidden behind Toma's grave in 1000 A.D., after you pour the pop on his tombstone. Another tab lies hidden against the lower wall to the right of the door, in the room which is above the spot where the robot player fights his old friend Atropos inside the robot factory in 2300 A.D.

Easy Tech Points
Go to Mt. Woe and fight rubbles. When you get to the second level (with the rubble on the top right corner) fight it, then go back to the previous level. When you go back, the rubble is also be back. You get 1000 exp. and 100 tech points each time you beat it.

Easy Silver Points
If you're going to then fair you're going to need some silver points. They're mostly just for fun right now, but later in the game you'll need them to get the Crono clone. You can sit there and play the bell-ringing game for all eternity and not have enough, since you only get one silver point-per-win that way. Instead, focus on the races. Pay attention to the old man standing behind the fence to the right of the starting point. He will tip you off to the winner the first three times. After that, it's best to just predict the same winner over and over, and you can follow and distract the other racers by trying to talk to them repeatedly.

Double Speed Chrono Theme
This trick will speed up the 2nd Chrono's Theme (When you ram through Lavos with the Epoch) by 2x. This won't affect gameplay, but it is a neat trick to use.

1. First, get in the Epoch and go to 1999 A.D.

2. When you get to the part where you choose whether to fight Lavos or escape, choose to escape.

3. Press B to return to the game, and it will ask you the question again. This time, choose to fight Lavos. When the 2nd Crono theme plays, it will be sped up by 2x.

Not that the music will cut out before the scene ends, but don't worry. Everything will return to normal when Epoch crashes.

Defeating Lavos
First, make sure you have the best (or VERY good) equipment with you, such as elixers, mega elixers, and some other things to heal you, or fill up your magic. Now, the easiest way to kill him is to use the epoch and go to 1999 A.D.

Now you will run into Lavos and you won't have to fight the shell. When you start to fight Lavos, attack him with the Luminaire, or another good spell that hurts. First attack and get rid of the arms. As soon as thats done, attack the body until its gone.

Now, this part, is VERY hard to most players. No matter what you do, you will go to fight the Lavos Core. Attack the middle guy, and kill him. This part it pretty hard, but you should accomplish it. Now, attack the Left guy that is floating. Keep doing it until the 2 guys revive the middle guy. They will do this every time he dies, or until you beat the game. Now, once again, kill the middle, and continue to attack the left bit. Keep attacking, and killing until the left bit dies. As soon as it dies, all three of the guys die!

Crono vs Lavos
To fight against Lavos with just Crono, start a NEW GAME +, then when you first try the telepod, go on the wrong side, and press the A button (making sure you have the best equipment on). This will take you directly to Lavos. The fight is much easier if you have a gold stud equipped.

GameShark Codes
Unlimited Cash:


Power Tabs Galore
In the Black Omen, you will eventually come across a door with two Nu's at each side. Go through this door and continue on the path, making sure that Marle(Princess) and Ayla(Cavewoman) are in your party. If not, at least have Ayla in the group, and have her equipped with the "Charm Top" accessory. Shortly after the door, you will come across a yellow light in a circle on the floor. As you approach it, a Tubster will come out of it to fight you, and you must use the "Twin Charm" double technique(Ayla and Marle's) or just Ayla's regular "Charm" single technique if you have the charm top equipped. By doing this, you'll get a Power Tab! Then just go back through the door, enter again, fight the Tubster again, steal another Power Tab again and again !

Gold Rock
Go to the place in the game where people throw rocks at you(the mountain where Masa and Mune live) Then with Frog in your party he will catch a stone thrown at him. That is the gold rock it teaches Frog a special move.

The luminaire is the best power. It is Crono's best skill. The best ways to get luminaire are: fighting rubbles, lavos spawns and all of the enimies in the sunken desert.

New Game Plus
Simply beat the game through the black omen. New Game Plus appears next to New Game. When you select it, you can start your game with everything from a previous game.

Destroy Son of Sun
Hit the flames around him. You'll be sorry if you hit the wrong one. It will do damage to the Son of Sun if you hit it. If not, it will say miss and he will Counter-Attack.

Moon Stone (Sun Stone)
You need the Epoch and Dalton has to have already fixed up your ship. Go to the future and use the map if you need to. Go South until you see land. (Use The Map !) Go into the Sun Palace and destroy the Son of Sun. Go up and get the Moon Stone.

Unlimited shelters
To get as many shelters as you want or 99. Go to Gardia Forest in year 600. Explore or take the first left turn then go north then turn right. Here you face 2 choices up or across. Go across, you'll see some rustleing bushes. Both have monsters in them, green & white, the white one will drop a shelter,then leave, (or not.) Leave, then go back to the same spot and the monster will drop another shelter, do this as many times as you want.

Unlock the Factory Door
If your having trouble with the door on the very bottom floor try this. Whenever you go to the computer and it asks you to enter the code, press X, A, B, Y.

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