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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Sonic 2

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Game Name : Sonic 2
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 13:41:52
Views : 27833

Emerald Hill Shortcut
To breeze through Emerald Hill 1 and 2, connect Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic 2 and play as Knuckles. Climb as high as you can and glide to the right. You'll reach the end of the level in seconds!

Bonus Points
For extra points, pass any zone in a certain amount of time. For the best bonus, enter the Debug Mode code. The clock will freeze and you'll always score a 50,000 bonus!

Time Points

0:30 50,000
0:45 10,000
1:00 5,000
1:30 4,000
2:00 3,000
3:00 2,000
4:00 1,000
5:00 500

Super Spinning Sonic
You simply press down on controll stick, when your laying on the ground, Hold A and sonic will get ready to blast like a rocket, now just let go of the A button and sonic will go flying!

Flaming Sonic
First put on the debug and level select codes on. Then go to the final level (against Metal Sonic) and beat him. After you "START" running out the door way turn into a ring or something else. Fly back into the room with Metal Sonic and you should see the fire running behind sonic. Note: This can also be done in Sonic 3.

Get Over 100 lives
First do the Debug code and go to any stage and turn Tails into Super tails. Now press B and press A until you become an enemy. Keep on making enemies on Super Tails. You'll start to get lots of lives while Super Tails destroys the enemies you create.

Note: If you have a controller that can either let you have things go slow, turbo and normal, you can change it to turbo and hold on to C and you won't have to keep on pressing the C button.

Hyper Sonic
Go to Oil Ocean Zone. Go to the part where they shoot you up into the air. Before you hit the transport move over to the right and allow yourself to be stuck between the shooter and a wall. When you jump out you will jump twice as high and run twice as fast as Super Sonic.

Unlimited 2 player vs. lives
To do this code, go to 2 player vs. and select Mystic Cave. Go and die on the spikes and a "Y" will appear next to your lives. Keep on hitting the spikes. There will be an -> next to your lives and you will have 9 lives. Now you can beat the other player because you can die and various signs appear! Note: This is a glitch that does not work on all games and this only works on Tails.

Play at Night
To play at night, enter the debug code, then hold C and press Start to begin a level.

Change Tails' Name Back To Miles
At the title screen, press up, up, up, down, down, down, up or up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up. a bell will ring and tails will be called Miles. to change it back, just do it again.

To get Ashura, you must enter the level select and debug code. Then you must choose one of the emerald hill zone levels because the code only works in emerald hill zone (1 or 2.) When you start the level press B, you will be a ring,then press a four times,you will be four rings in a row going up or down,you then hold c and right for about 5 seconds,then you go back to the begining, keep pressing a until your the top of a waterfall. You may not see yourself but you're there. Now do the same thing as before, hold c and right for about five seconds. Then press b and you'll be Ashrua, or, green Sonic.

Level select
From the main menu go to options highlight the sound test and play the following sounds:19, 65, 9, 17, then press start to go back to main menu when sonic and tails show up hold A an press start.

Debug Mode
At the start,vs.and option go to option and at the sound test press a on all the numbers I put down 19,65,09,17 and you will hear a ring sound then go back to the main screen and hold a and c and press start.This will take you to the level select screen.Then go to the sound test on the level select screen and press a on theses numbers 4,1,2,6 this code will get you all the jewels and an the access to super sonic and the press a on the numbers 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4 this is the debug mode this will enable you to transform into any thing in the stage after the code is enter highlight the stage you want to enter while holding a and c and press start hold them until the stage appears

Note 1:The super Sonic Code Will Work If You Get 50 rings or more and jump into the air to change
the ring will countdown as a timer to 0 and when it do you will change back to the old sonic so make sure you get a lot of rings

Note 2:The debug mode is cool here are the button to use it B is to change and press A to pick the item you want to make a copy of and press c to make a copy

Hint 1:Debug mode can keep you from dying if you fall off a cliff press b and you will stop in mid air just pull yourself back up

Note 3: you will know the code is enter right because you will see a lot of 0 on the score board

Super Sonic
Enter Level Select code (19,b,65,b9,b,17, then a+start at title. Then enter the debug code( 1,b,9,b,9,b,2,b,1,b,1,b,2,b,4,b) now sonic can change into many different things and duplicate them(be to change from sonic to object & again to change back, a to cycle through objects, and c to duplicate them.
If you use the super sonic code + the debug code together, you must hold a until the zone title, sonic and tails or not with tails appear for the super sonic code to work.

More continues
Go to the sound test play 1,1,2,4, then go to player select and press start.

Level Select From menu screen, go to options. Go to sound test and go to 19, B, 65, B, 9, B, 17, B. when the sega logo comes up (sonic and tails), hold A and press start. You should see a screen that has all the boards on it. Super Sonic Do the Level Select. On level select screen, go to the sound test and press 6, B, 4, B, 1, B, 2, B, 6, B. Go to any board you want, get 50 rings with Sonic, and jump. (I don't think this code works with Tails).

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